Lispy Lindsey is just so verklempt about Chuck Nagel he can’t grab the lacy hankies fast enough!

Johnny McCrazy has remained somewhat silent on Chuck Hagel, but we all know ole Johnny wants to bomb Iranians into prehistoric times and how his love for Israel overshadows his love of America, so ole Johnny will make sure Hagel gets an earful (those who don’t war-mong get no ‘yea’ vote from the war-mongers!)! And besides, Hagel worked on McCain’s 2000 presidential run and then Hagel joined Obama’s team from 2008 on. See? I’m sure Johnny will pull his skirt up over his head and will spit his pacifier out at Hagel!

Mitch McConnell (not shown in the picture) has his nylons twisted into a pretzel-shape over Chuck Hagel being considered by President Obama! What war did McConnell fight in where he still has shrapnel in his body? Oh wait! NONE!

Phil Graham (pictured at right) has no comment about Chuck Hagel because he’s been busy trying to screw America over financially, so he hasn’t had time!

And then there’s Joe Lieberman (goodbye you fucking asshole!!!!!!) who would have so many tough questions to ask Chuck Hagel if the American people hadn’t found Lieberman so repulsive and he was still in the US Senate! Oh really? What tough questions? You mean, “Hey Chuck. How come to you don’t want to kill & torture all Iranians and start a 20 year war with that country on behalf of Israel????”. Meh. Fuck off Joe!

My oh my, what a bunch of right wing sissies these boys are! Can someone get a douche because the US Senate needs a clean up on Aisle 4!



The Benghazi Befuddling Buffoons….

Wait until these two (and tea tard Kelly Ayotte of NH!) find out it was the intelligence community who edited DOCTOR Susan Rice’s talking points to keep the world from knowing classified information! Oh how their heads will spin! And maybe they’ll get caught up like the rest of us on Benghazi. Wouldn’t that be neat? LOL I’m telling you….it’s embarrassing watching McCrazy, Lindsey-girl, and Ayotte the Tea Tard trying so desperately to appear “tough”, when really, they’re nothing but a bunch of befuddling buffoons hell bent on making asses of themselves!


VIDEO: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman palling around with that terrorist Gadaffi of Libya!

Say wha? Where’s Sarah Palin when we need her! How come she’s not screaming at the top of her lungs, “THEY’RE PALLING AROUND WITH TERRORISTS! GET ‘EM!!!”? A quick check of her Twitter and Facebook page has turned up nothing. NOT. ONE. WORD. ABOUT. THIS. You don’t suppose she and Glenn Beck yell out their crazy accusations against President Obama because they know they’re the ones who are really palling around with terrorists and even ran for office with one and voted for them too, so they’re deflecting blame away from themselves by pointing at Obama and everyone else?

Huh. *scratching head*

And why is Joe Lieberman the Jew hanging around with Gaddafi? You would think he would be against this man considering the threat to Israel that he and others pose? Oh wait! The Israelis LOVE GADAFFI! Nevermind. How many more Muslim dictators are the Israelis helping out while America sends it billions a year? I bet Joe Lieberman knows!


Billions in earmarks are fine for republicans only. Pasty white republican Lindsey Graham explains…

Hat tip to Think Progress for bringing this to our attention:

Lindsey is fine with earmarks coming to his state as long as there is transparency and it makes sense. Huh. So why did the republicans add 40% of the earmarks to the budget bill then? Because they know these earmarks make sense and they know President Obama said the government will oversee where the money is going! Oh, but Lindsey and others continue to point fingers at the Democrats for spending too much. I think if Lindsey and other American Taliban members are truly against spending NOW (they were all for it when George Bush was president! They didn’t care if the money was wasted either!), then they should not accept any money to their states when the budget gets passed and signed into law. I mean, really, we wouldn’t want the American Taliban to look any more hypocritical than they already are, now would we?

Let’s hope Rush Limbaugh on his show today spouts that the republicans should not receive any money for projects in their states! And then suggest a tea party. *patting laugh tears with a very delicate hanky for the continued demise of the republic party*

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