White Noise Insanity LIMO…


*pushing button to roll down the limo window*

You had no idea as you were reading my blog that you were actually in the backseat of the White Noise Insanity limo. That’s right, we ride in style. Sometimes I have to pull over to the side of the road to throw the right wing trolls out, but other than that, we have fun driving down the path of politics trying to make sense of it all!

Thanks for riding with us! Enjoy yourself. ;-)


58 thoughts on “White Noise Insanity LIMO…

  1. I luv that van with the “Goddess of Willendorf” on the door…!
    It definitely looks like the “Purple Haze Express”…:)) You need to have a wacko “Hall of Infamy”, listing the “reichwing trolls and psychos” that have had to have their fannies whipped by good ol’ mom;ie, “KayinMaine” by the side of the road for all to witness… :) )

    Nemo **==

  2. That’s my old bus! Even though somebody painted over the camo paint job I had on it back in the early 70′s. That’s my old bus! I sold it to some young man for $100. I miss my old bus. I have dreams about traveling up endless hills in my old bus.

  3. He was born in Connecticut, NYTexan, so technically he’s from there. With Joe Lieberman being from Connecticut too, it makes sense that these two are the same. :lol:

  4. Do you get a lot of trolls then? It’s 1/3 of the links in your top nav bar. I’ve been going to TA (trolls anonymous) but I couldn’t resist this one. Have fun being a liberal and stuff.

  5. Nice try, Tony. A troll is a non-liberal, you know, a person who drags his or her knuckles across the ground while saying, “I wuuuuv George Boosh. I want a beer with Geooooorge Boosh.”. Liberals/progressives/democrats/rational-republicans (6 left in the country) never say that. See? You’re confused, but you’re going to rehab, so maybe you’ll face reality at some point!

  6. I’ve been going to TA (trolls anonymous)

    So that’s what you clowns call your “secret meetings” in the mensrooms now a days ……..

  7. Actually, KayinMaine, your definition is not on target. Trolls have no monopoly on any political party, religion, creed, gender or race.

    The term derives from “trolling”, a style of fishing which involves trailing bait through a likely spot hoping for a bite. The troll posts a message, often in response to an honest question, that is intended to upset, disrupt or simply insult the group.

    Usually, it will fail, as the troll rarely bothers to match the tone or style of the group, and usually its ignorance shows.

    They’re everywhere, which goes to show how many sad, lonely people are out there.

  8. Kay love what you said to the die
    hards on Americablob. I thank you for fighting the good fight .
    Are you comming to Minnesota for the Repukes convention?

  9. Awwww, how cute. The neocon butt-licking, jackboot licking, trolls are putting me down because of the type of work I do. Well, at least I work for a living instead of living under the front entrance to the RNC like you guys do! How do you survive on slugs, worms, spiders, and scraps thrown to you by your Masters? Must be tough! LOL

    (James, when the neocons and the neo-liberals put me down because of my line of work, it means I’m winning the debate and they have nothing left to defend themselves with. I love it! I welcome this. Believe me. It should be noted too when I had lunch with Ned Lamont (yes, that Ned Lamont who kicked Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party in Connecticut)…he asked what I did for a living and I told him…and he thought it was terrific. So ha ha, losers.)

  10. #25

    “I love it! I welcome this. Believe me.”

    I especially like it when they lose their tempers, like an ape that gets poked with a sharp stick and can’t do fuck all about it!

  11. Why should anyone’s employment be an issue on here? Aren’t we talking politics? If someone wants to hire Kay to do whatever, that is between the two of them. That is how the economy works.

    The main issue here is that Kay apparently lays some claim to being open minded and enlightened, and there is no evidence of either on this board.

    Edited by Kay:

    Uh, excuse me BJ, but if you’re feeling like you don’t fit in here………..LEAVE! Go hang out with the “open-minded” Redstate, Little Green Footballs, and Freepers! They’re waiting for you. Us? We’re glad you’re leaving! You add nothing on here. All you do is bitch and complain like the rest of the trolls & neo-liberals.

  12. do you do any cleaning for people whose political beliefs aren’t exactly like yours?

    if you do, how to justify that? you wouldnt take money from reich wingers would you?

    perhaps your hate needs to be exposed. maybe you will lose a few clients.

  13. Nice site Kay; I hope you expose lots of Repug trolls. In my line of work, construction, I’m surrounded by the oversimplistic, illiterate, rightwing radio robots.

    Did Congressman Tom Allen vote for the impeachment of Cheney & then do an about-face? Is he turning Pelosi on us? I’d “rather stick needles in my eyes” than vote for Collins or any Repug, but somehow Allen needs to get the message – Impeach the Bastards!

  14. Welcome MaineQuaker! :-)

    I’m sure Allen is like many democrats & republicans that impeaching Cheney would result in someone worse as VP. I say, “I don’t care! Bring forth impeachment and see what the light brings!”.

    Don’t give up on Allen, because the alternative is Suzie-Q Jackboot Licker Collins! Yuck. She makes my skin crawl.

    Good for you for doing construction, MaineQuaker. When the recession hits, you and I will still be busy because we work in the service fields. Those with the specialized high paying glorified jobs will be out of work. Ha ha.

  15. You keep throwing me out of the limo, but I’ll always find a way back in if I want to, sweets. You oppose free speech and debate. You are an enemy to very freedom you so emptily espouse. Knucklehead.
    PS. Do you really think that if there is a recession, people will still have the cash on hand to have you come over and clean their toilets?

    Edited by Kay:

    Let me guess….you’re D-Day? Another obsessed one! LOL

    Hey, I’ll be fine if a recession hits. You won’t be however. You’ll be shocked that you’re not protected by Bush & Cheney after all the jackboot licking you did! Ha ha.

  16. Another defender of free speech. SEIG HEIL Herr SS Standartenführer Kay. Shall they be sent to the showers or just lined up by the trench and shot?

    Edited by Kay:

    Have you been over to Sen. Susan Collins’ blogger’s site yet? Lance Dutson bans everyone who asks Collins’ her stance on the Iraq war. He deletes comments. You have to send him an email asking for permission to comment there too. I guess the freedom of speech has always been banned by the reich wingers huh? Funny that you trolls have now decided that freedom of speech is important…because Kay is banning you vile Pigs!

    It’s my blog. I don’t have to read your filthy vile shit if I don’t want to. Get it?

  17. Looks exactly like my fanatic art teachers van. They had the picture of Starry Night on one side of their van that looks exactly like the picture. They always enter the Houston Art Car Parade every year with their van and usually another audition. Don’t get the rest of the content but hope to stay around to be educated. Educate me!!!

  18. The GOP trollsters fantasize about Larry Craig and Mark Foley style discipline.

    Let’s hear if for the boys.


  19. The VW Bus got between 20 to 23 mpg, not exactly a gas guzzler for a vehicle that could haul around so many people and cargo. Wish I had my old 63 Beetle back that averaged around 35 mpg. It was a masochist, the more I abused it the better it ran. Like the Model T, they were simple and easy to repair. They weren’t smog belchers either, but trying to be funny and making analogies may make you trolls laugh but then you think Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are funny.

  20. While living in Moab Utah, my 1970 VW microbus was more like a home in the desert. But now that I live Dallas Tx and george bushler lives here too, maybe I can show him around town in real style. :)

  21. I’d like to do a little experiment: I’d like to drive the White Trash Insanity limo down the dirt roads of eastern Afghanistan, stop in some small village, and watch Kay and her faithful get stoned and beaten by the Taliban just for being women with an opinion — then I’d like to hear their thoughts on U.S. tactics when dealing with these radicals…

  22. Why do that when we have the American Taliban (aka the current republic party) doing it now! You ninnies are the radicals in our country who want to see America fail, who want women/blacks/gays/other-minorities to fail, and who want a religious jihad on America!

    Nice try, troll.

    Have you called my house recently like you did a couple months ago, Lunatic?

  23. This website is ridiculous. Anyone who agrees with someone that
    says that disagreeing with Pres Obama’s policies makes you racist
    is an idiot!

  24. You have Glen Beck with a swastika on his arm but if you actually
    read a book you would find out that Hitler was a socialist. Not
    only in name, he was pro-union, pro-environment, anti-business. He
    nationalized banking and industry, and placed a high priority on
    social programs for the aged. Even though Bush lied, yes your right
    about that. Obama is a socialist, and so are you. Socialism is
    responsible for the murder of more people that any belief system on
    the planet, more than religion and neo-conservatism combined. So I
    guess you can get off your high horse, because your ‘good
    intentions’ are actually destructive to the working people of
    America. I don’t want to hear about the differences between
    socialism and communism because one leads to the other. Socialism
    leads to control and tyranny. This whole site stinks of your lack
    of knowledge and bitterness. Read some books and then redo this
    whole site, maybe this time with a little less bitterness and a bit
    of class wouldn’t hurt either.

  25. Why do liberal women hate Palin so much….Hmm let me guess, they
    are disgruntled in personal relationships, they look like men,
    nobody looks at them or tells them they are pretty, they are
    jealous of her loving family and political power. Every liberal
    woman I have ever met looks like Hitlery or soon will look like
    her. Their bitterness is a window into their own misery. I agree
    she shouldn’t be president but you pushed this affirmative kinda
    garbage down everybody’s throat for so long and now you have
    someone like this in such a powerful position…Surprised?
    Kayinmane, ask yourself why your picture on this site is taken from
    below you so people have to look up at you? Talk about a window in
    how twisted you are. Barack lied, end the war? I don’t think
    so!!!!! Lobbyist in every corner of his administration. The whole
    thing is run by Wall Street….no different than any other
    president…don’t you feel silly???

  26. I have my picture below so people can look up at me? Wow! Talk about a twisted sign! I bet you believe every comment left online is to you directly and believe all the buttons on my sidebars are talking to you too? Wow Daniel. Are you part of Glenn Beck’s right wing Mormon Militia? Seems so! You’re a little scary as BLECK is.

    NAZIS WERE RIGHT WING FASCISTS AND TO GET MEMBERS THEY SOLD THEMSELVES AS SOCIALISTS. Today’s National Socialists are also right wing neo-Nazi, white supremacist, skinheads who adore Adolph Hitler. Stop listening to Beck who sees patterns in the clouds to get his “facts” from!!!!!!

  27. Hitler hated socialists/communists starting out by falsely blaming
    the Reichstag Fire on them (It was his ruse to rally the people
    behind him as also happened here right after 9/11….as the LATE
    Irving Kristol once said, it would take another “Pearl Harbor” to
    fire up Americans to go to war against Iraq). We hear about the
    Jews being killed in the Holocaust but a like number of
    socialists/communists (many of whom were Jews) were also executed
    along with Gypsies, gays, disabled, and dissidents. Hitler’s main
    ally was Benito Mussolini, who first created the name “fascism” for
    their reich-wing movement.

  28. Though they called themselves National Socialists, the Nazis were
    actually on the opposite end of the political spectrum from
    Socialists. Nazis were ultra conservatives. Socialism is the idea
    of a classless society, whereas Nazi society was very
    class-oriented with warriors, industrialists and party leaders as
    the highest class, leaving Jews and workers as the lowest class.
    Socialism dreams of a society without a leader (think of the Amish
    who live a semi-communal life), whereas national “socialism” had
    Hitler, who set himself up as a god, one of the most glorified
    leading figures in history. Socialism dreams about a society where
    there are no national states anymore, and people of all races live
    together peacefully in community. Compare the socialist ideals to
    the Nazis were the most nationalist/jingoistic/ patriotic/racist
    people who sought Aryan racial purity. The Nazi system was financed
    by big industrialists (like Henry Ford), factory owners and bankers
    (like Prescott Bush), and were be the greatest enemies of
    socialists, the labor unions. Nazis did falsely embrace socialist
    symbols and even language to surreptitiously attract the support of
    the German working class votes (note to self, don’t use big words
    the trolls don’t understand). The Nazis raised the living standards
    of the less educated GERMAN working class by diminishing
    unemployment via sending millions of competitive workers to
    concentration camps. Removing workers to prisons helped get back
    full employment for ARYANS along with the new growth of war
    industries ratcheting up for wars. It wasn’t socialism that has
    killed millions, but tyrannical dictatorships. There wasn’t much
    difference between Hitler and Stalin as both committed war crimes.
    However, Hitler was a true right-winger and Stalin was “leftist” in
    name only. Stalin USED communism but the Soviet Union had more in
    common with the right-wing fascists. There have been very few pure
    communistic societies in history save for some religious
    communities like Amish, the Amana Colonies in Iowa, or the original
    kibbutz movement in Israel established by formerly Russian
    communists/socialists. I spent a long weekend in a communist
    kibbutz in Israel and they were some of the most gentle
    peace-loving people I have ever met. They got along with their Arab
    neighbors across the fields and have fought the building of the
    “apartheid wall” being built by the fascist neocons who now control
    the Israeli state politically.

    • Grant, you know damn well the more you explain the truth to the conservatives the more they’re gonna say you’re a liar. See? Conservatives are the uneducated section of our society. All they know how to do is grunt, beat their chests, and shit in the driveway or in the backseat of the WNI Limo for gawd’s sake. They’re low life animals! Stop trying to talk sense to them! LOL

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