The Natives are getting restless: Occupy Wall Street continues!


(image found on Democracy Watchdog Action Network on Facebook)

Where’s the “liberal media”? You would think the liberal media would be down there in NYC making sure every inch and hour of the Occupy Wall Street was recorded for the nation and the world to see, but so far, CRICKETS. You see, there’s a rumor that has gone around for decades now that the media is liberal and we should not trust it. Liberal to me means the media is all about telling the truth, but yet, the natives are getting restless and they’re rising up against Wall Street, because the Wall Street whores have fucked over America and the world (they’ve given America & the world a venereal disease!), and we have to go to Facebook to find out the latest on these protests! Seriously, what is wrong with this picture?????

When liberals protest Wall Street, they get arrested…


…..but when the lame-o tea bags protest anything, they get non-stop 24/7 media coverage and a ton of respect!

Eighty people arrested so far for Occupying Wall Street. Isn’t that great? Oh, but it’s okay for a tea bag to bring a loaded fucking gun to greet President Obama with at a protest rally!

What is going on here? I think we all know the truth: THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA IS RIGHT WING! Always has been. Remember when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were rolling around between the sheets? Non-stop coverage by the media! Remember when George Bush lied America into an illegal war with Iraq based on fake/fraudulent/forged evidence? No investigations done by the media to stop this illegal war!

See the difference? I do.

On my Facebook page I recently asked this, Where’s the tea party? I thought they were all about truth and justice? Ha! You couldn’t find one dried up tea bag at these protests because they side with the Billionaire Koch Brothers and the wealthy hedge fund manager who started the tea party movement. See?….”, and the one and only response I got from one of the teabaggers on my Facebook was, “because it doesn’t matter”. Wha? It doesn’t matter??? IT DOESN’T MATTER??????? WTF! Seriously, the tea bag party is about as useful as a piano is in catching a fish!

What is the lamestream media afraid of? Why aren’t they covering these protests 24/7? Is it because they’re in the fucking bag with the billionaire Nazis of America and don’t want Americans to truly understand of what these assholes have done to our nation and the world? You betcha!

ARREST THE FUCKING HEDGE FUND MANAGERS, THE BANKERS, THE WALL STREET INSIDERS, THE OIL SPECULATORS…………..but don’t arrest the Americans who are trying to bring their crimes to the surface! Oh, and media? START COVERING THE REAL AMERICA PLEASE!

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11 thoughts on “The Natives are getting restless: Occupy Wall Street continues!

  1. If TEN teabaggers show up anywhere in Amerika, the media is all over them printing or broadcasting their every word.

  2. BOYCOTT BURGER KING, because they’re refusing to feed the Occupy Wall Street protestors (BK and Goldman Sachs are in bed with each other!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Wall Street got drunk …. it got drunk and now it’s got a hangover.” – George W. Bush.

    Linh Dinh writes: As usual, Bush got it wrong. Wall Street soberly and cynically got the rest of us drunk on dreams of home-ownership, a robust stock portfolio and a cozy retirement. This slurry bacchanal was fueled by the housing bubble and, when that exploded in our faces, bailouts saved Wall Street from any hangover, so it’s us who will suffer through a torturous, decades-long headache of a ruined economy.”

    The RICH hedge fund managers, CEOs of Wall Street have only become richer while the rest of us became poorer.

  4. Rupert Murdoch’s REICH-wing Wall Street Journal of course makes fun of the protesters. L. Gordon Crovitz
    writes that a few hundred self-described “over-educated and under-employed” young people turned up for several days to camp out and carry cardboard signs. He said, they occupied Zuccotti Park, a few blocks from Wall Street saying New Yorkers mostly rolled their eyes, recognizing that Twitter alone does not make a revolution.

    Crovitz writes that liberal bloggers were briefly scandalized when Yahoo! blocked emails that included “OccupyWallStreet” until it turned out this wasn’t censorship: Yahoo blocked the emails as advertising spam. He says that Wall Street has survived much worse than “some ragged protesters trying to occupy it”. He ends by saying for the demonstrators lured by a Twitter post, maybe they learned something on their disappointing field trip to Wall Street, for instance that some ideas deserve to be sold short.

    So the WSJ thinks they were a big joke!

      • I bet Crovitz didn’t talk to one of them so therefore had no idea of their education or employment status. So they were “ragged”? Maybe, after 10 years of Bush tax cuts and jobs outsourced overseas they all couldn’t afford Saks Fifth Avenue like Wall Street managers or “journalists” at the WSJ.

        Speaking of outsourcing, called today for a refund (they sold me insurance last week for a rental car that wasn’t honored in Mexico). I had to talk to a young lady in the Philippines who had a hard time understanding my English and vice versa. So greedy Expedia fires Americans in customer service here and hires people overseas for probably a buck an hour.

  5. Americans are not going to give up on democracy and freedom. A press release from the October 2011 Coalition has announced that “… the People’s Uprisings seen around the world and in the United States will come to Washington, DC beginning on Thursday, October 6 when thousands will converge to begin a prolonged people’s occupation of Freedom Plaza.”

    The Freedom Plaza Occupation will demand that the government represent the people, not just the top 1%. The pledge, signed by thousands, calls for using our resources on human needs and environmental protection, not for war and exploitation. The October 2011 Coalition stands with the American people on seven key issues:

    Tax the rich and corporations

    End the wars, bring the troops home, cut military spending

    Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and improved Medicare for all

    End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests

    Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation

    Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise wages

    Get money out of politics

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