Guess who the Maine Tea Party has for “Man of the Year 2011″?


Tah dah! One of their right wing terrorist buddies over there in Oslo, Norway!

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6 thoughts on “Guess who the Maine Tea Party has for “Man of the Year 2011″?

  1. Anders gets tagged with “extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalist” all over the media. I bet this really pisses off the “right-wing Christian fundamentalists” who make up our homegrown teabagger movement.

  2. Why if this guy hates Islam and Muslims the way he claimed to;

    Did he shoot children of Christians and Atheists?

    Like America’s own right wing terrorist Timmy McVeigh, who was all angry over children dying, so he goes and kills even more.

    The wingnut right wing mindset still has no relevance or logic.

    Yet in their sick little twisted minds they have all the answers. Too bad most of them just want to shoot people they don’t like cause they are such empty souls, who worship money, and follow the money god Jebus.

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