General McChrystal needs to be fired


(image created by KayInMaine of White Noise Insanity)

If I were President Obama, I would say to Gen. McChrystal after running his mouth along with his staff, “Okay slacker in charge of Afghanistan….you’ve got 2 months to fix the country and get the hell out! A little too much pressure for ya? Good! Now scram and do your job instead of running your mouth, okay Clown?”.

Okay, our President would never say or do such a thing, but I hope when Gen. McChrystal shows up today at the White House that he comes in with some humility, because after listening to the generals on the ground under George W. Bush and now under Obama, I’m getting sick of them. Is there a general out there who knows what the hell he’s doing anymore? Seriously, I swear they’re no different than the CEO’s of Big Business: THERE TO COLLECT A PAYCHECK AND HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OR UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THEIR BUSINESS ACTUALLY DOES!

BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW FROM AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ! There is no winning, so there’s no reason to still be there!

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27 thoughts on “General McChrystal needs to be fired

  1. He should have been fired a long time ago when he leaked the troop estimates to Bob Woodward back in 2009. He just looks like a freakin Republican and now we know it. What a putz.

    • I had to laugh today Jim, because on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, there were many callers who were saying they were veterans and that they were not happy that a General was talking about the Commander-in-Chief like this. Rush would push the call through fast of course!

      McChrystal has given weight to our enemy now by dismissing and mocking his Commander. Nice. Way to go asshole! Seriously, is there a General out there who understands what his or her job truly is? Gees. FIRE THIS ASSHOLE NOW!

  2. I will be very disappointed if the president doesn’t hand him his head on a platter. Of course President Obama is so concerned about being in good with the military that he may not do much but ask for his resignation, blah, blah…..I say firing squad. :) Just kidding of course.

    • I thought traitors were dealt with by hanging? Isn’t that what the right wingers have been telling us liberals for years now that not supporting the president right or wrong means one is a traitor and we must hang because we didn’t support Georgie Wingnut Bush for 8 years? Huh. I wonder if General McChrystal knows this?

  3. Um .. McChrystal actually said he VOTED for Teh One, which is why he was so surprised that Teh One was so .. unprepared for the first meeting.

    Whats the bigger help to the enemy – McChrystal saying what’s widely known – that Obama doesnt care a whole lot about the subject, or the fool who sits in the Oval Office?

    • Does the General have proof of anything he says?

      George Bush is the one who didn’t give a shit about Iraq and Afghanistan and is the same buffoon who told a reporter that future presidents will have to handle these two illegal occupation atrocities. Remember that “Intellectual” Conservative?

    • the fool who sits in the Oval Office?

      Bush got the boot in 2008,

      Do try to keep up, conserv-o-retard.

      Do try to keep up ……………….

  4. Even though he said nothing that was not true, it is against military conduct to bash your boss, he should just resign. BHO is not thick skinned and this had to really piss him off by someone telling the truth about BHO’s lack of leadership.

    • Actually, President Obama is calm, cool, and collective. He is thick skinned, but to make YOURSELF feel better, Ralphie, you’ve decided to label him something he’s not.

      Where is Gen. McChrystal’s leadership? Huh? List them out. By the way, President Obama did NOT undermine McChyrstal when he approved 30,000 troops in stead of 40,000 that McChrystal asked for. Why? BECAUSE BUSH & CHENEY WERE ASKED FOR 40,000 TROOPS FOR ALL OF 2008 AND THEY DIDN’T SEND ONE SOLDIER OVER THERE!

  5. When will we ever evolve beyond the point of needing generals anyway? The MIC has this nation by the nuts; the most efficient upward flow of wealth being through armed conflict. It is instructive to read the thoughts of General Smedley Butler (War is a Racket) and Sun Tsu (The art of War). By their very own rationale, war is only an instrument of destruction.

    There exists no rational argument in favor of wholesale slaughter.

    There is no benefit to mankind.

    There is only death, destruction, and the inevitable afterbirth of re-construction projects, the funding and implementation of which has oft been called into question.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. There is no future for the human race in armed conflict. None. All our grandiose illusions will be washed away in the sands of time. Imperialism has never been a successful strategy throughout the course of human history, yet we dive headlong into failed philosophy.

    The definition of insanity has been quoted as repeating a course of action, and expecting different results. By way of this argument I pose the question:

    Why study history, if we’re incapable of learning anything from it? What happened to the ancient Greek empires? The Mesopotamians? The Persians? The Roman Empire? The Ottomans? The Spanish? The British?

    What will the asterisk denote in the rise and fall of the American Empire?

    I suspect it might be an encyclopedia of a terminally stupid peoples, one incapable of recognizing their aquiescence in their own destruction.

  6. McChrystal is the reason why things aren’t going so well in Afghanistan and he knows it, so he is trying to take a sucker punch on the way out. CYA, cover your ass, but the fact that he is being traitorous….he should be dishonorably discharged. There is a reason why the Commander in Chief is a civilian and Generals don’t get to have their way. He should have been gone a long time ago.

  7. Actually, rather than deny the article, the General stands by the statements, even though he admits to exercising poor judgment in stating such.

    My own personal feeling is that General McChrystal should have resigned – not because of this but because he stated clearly what he needed to win the upcoming battle in Afghanistan. Obama gave him about half of it.


    And ponder this before you state he should be fired right now. We’re on the brink of the battle in Afghanistan that will ultimately decide where things go from here – basically whether we win or lose. Is it REALLY the best idea to fire someone who is probably the best counterinsurgency general we HAVE right now, as General Petraeus is busy with other duties … and replace them with someone who would have to come up to speed at exactly the wrong moment?

    THAT is a recipe for a lot of unnecessary deaths. Ours and theirs. Granted .. he’ll probably submit his resignation in the AM. It’s either that or face a possible Article 88 hearing. (which I DONT put past Obama)

    Ironic that Obama has to look decisive now, of all times.

    And this isn’t about Bush. And you know it.

    • I hope President Obama strips McChrystal of his medals and then fires him. Weenie Boy won’t like that though because he wants his military retirement.

      THIS IS ABOUT GEORGE BUSH BECAUSE THIS IS GEORGE BUSH’S ILLEGAL OCCUPATION STILL! He started both Afghanistan and Iraq. You do remember that, don’t ya “Intellectual” Conservative? Oh wait! You only remember the Democratic presidencies and still to this day I bet you blame Clinton for 9/11/01 just like all the other right wing neck droolers do!

      President Obama is decisive. He’s not like George Bush who would shoot from the hip in every direction in the hopes of hitting something!

    • Is it REALLY the best idea to fire someone who is probably the best counterinsurgency general we HAVE right now, as General Petraeus is busy with other duties … and replace them with someone who would have to come up to speed at exactly the wrong moment?

      THAT is a recipe for a lot of unnecessary deaths. Ours and theirs. Granted .

      Sucks to be so wrong so much of the time doesn’t it conserv-o-retard

      Gen petraeus, should do just fine since he isn’t the clueless fool Mccrystal turned out to be.

      Getting drunk and saying stupid things in front of the press, while riding a bus from Paris France to Germany isn’t something any four star general should ever do especially somebody who has done stupid things ion the past..

      BTW weenie boy next time you wanna cry about not getting the needed recourses, try this one.

      OSAMA BEEN FORGOTTEN: A month prior to 9/11, Bush received a President’s Daily Brief warning, “Bin Ladin determined to strike in US.” But Bush failed to act on the information, acknowledging later that he was “not on point. … I didn’t feel that sense of urgency.” When asked shortly after the 9/11 attacks whether he wanted bin Laden dead, President Bush responded, “I want justice. There’s an old poster out west, as I recall, that said, ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive.’” In early December 2001, Bush was given an opportunity to capture or kill bin Laden when CIA paramilitary officers determined bin Laden was hiding in the mountains of Tora Bora, Afghanistan. Gary Bertsen, the CIA veteran who led the team, requested that 800 U.S. Army Rangers be deployed in the area to prevent bin Laden’s escape. Again, Bush failed to act; bin Laden managed to get away, and he has remained free ever since. By 2002, Bush turned his attention to Iraq and put bin Laden out of his mind, stating, “I just don’t spend that much time on him. … I — I’ll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him.” Since that time, bin Laden’s influence has spread throughout the world; his al Qaeda organization is “now more a brand than a tight-knit group,” encouraging new adherents to act spontaneously in its name.” Vice President Cheney acknowledges, “Even if bin Laden were no longer to be a factor, I still think we would have problems with al Qaeda.”

      or this one;

      Rumsfeld Rejected Bremer’s ’04 Request for More Troops in Iraq

      WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld turned down a request in May 2004 by L. Paul Bremer III, the U.S. diplomat governing Iraq at the time, for hundreds of thousands more American troops during a particularly violent period in the country, the Pentagon acknowledged Monday.

      Bremer, who served as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority for 13 months after Saddam Hussein was toppled, said in an NBC interview that he wrote a memo in May 2004 to Rumsfeld suggesting that about 500,000 U.S. troops were needed, more than three times the 142,000 in Iraq at the time.

      Who can forget the refusal to fully staff the original invasion and the firing of Gen Shinseki for admitting hundreds of thousand of troops would be needed when Bush and Rumsfeld was spreading their lies about not needing troops and the war would be quick and easy(for those two chickenhawks it was.

      So if Bush hadn’t fucked up both wars, Obama would have the fiascoes to deal with would he conserv-o-retard?

      • Thanks Tom for posting this! Funny how the right wingers tell us Bush was a great Commander when really he was an Oil Executive along with his cohorts duping the masses!

  8. President Harry Truman had to fire five-star Gen. MacArthur when he publicly was dissing he COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. So President Obama needs to follow suit. Lincoln had to do the same when he was opposed by his general.

    Makes one wonder IF the General wasn’t working in cahoots with Rupert Murdoch and company since his “news” outlets, like the once formerly respectable Wall Street Journal, are licking their lips seeing this as their chance to put just another problem on Obama’s plate. The show isn’t over until the Foxy Lady Sarah sings! Waiting for her Twitters.

    Bad enough that a judge dissed the drilling moratorium in the same 24 hour news cycle.

    I am in Washington, D.C. today so may amble over to see the media circus there in the 98 degree weather.

  9. Obama TRIPLED the number of troops in Afghanistan over what Bush/Cheney gave to the doomed Afghan “nation-building project” created by Bush. Our troops are being killed there now at record levels. NOBODY has ever conquered the Afghans from ancient times to the British and Russians. But we are USA! USA! USA! and we can do it. Just like the French could not win in Vietnam, we took over and tried to prove that USA! USA! USA! could do it. Time for our nation to tone down our arrogance just because we the largest and most expensive military in the world.

  10. The Democrat mantra
    If you disagree with Obama, you are a racist
    If Obama shows his incompetence, it is Bush’s fault, you really need to find a new speaking point because after 1 1/2 years of Obama rule and 3 1/2 years of democrats rule you would think they would have done something (positive) except blame Bush.

  11. Intellectual Conservative loses again. Patraeus is back in and he is much better than McChrystal.

    Really IC, you think every time the civilian Commander-in-Chief doesn’t do what a general wants, they should quit? Wow, that is some patriotism you got going there, dude. Oh wait, it’s only when it’s a democratic president that you say that, right?

    Isn’t there a Glenn Beck rerun you could be watching?

  12. You really need to see a professional about your Bush fixation.

    And Barry O managed to screw up the decision even worse. Appointing Petraeus to take over, by itself a wise choice, is negated by the fact that he (Petraeus) has to leave his post as CinCCENTCOM .. and theres nobody as qualified to replace him.

    Now, if we fail in Afghanistan, it will be under a General that Obama nominated, who is commanding forces that are insufficient to do the job.

    A wiser choice would have been to chew McChrystal out, and then wait til AFTER THE BATTLE that is upcoming to replace him.

    • We’ll have to see how Petraeus works out. He’s not a favorite of mine either. Are there any other Generals out there? Apparently not! So sick of seeing the same assholes. Anyway, McChrystal was doing great how again “Intellectual” conservative? He wants to stay in Afghanistan well past the May 2011 deadline, but that’s because he’s a Bush Protector. How long before Patraeus betrays us? We shall see. He was another one who worshiped George Bush and his Oil Maggot Middle East Plan.

      BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW! AMERICANS ARE SICK TO DEATH OF THESE TWO ILLEGAL OCCUPATIONS! George Bush started them both and refused to finish both because he wanted future presidents to figure out HIS MESS. An abomination! ARREST BUSH & CHENEY FOR WAR CRIMES!

  13. is negated by the fact that he (Petraeus) has to leave his post as CinCCENTCOM .. and theres nobody as qualified to replace him.

    Um weenie ….. boy;

    Lt. Gen. John Allen USMC;

    “Deputy Commanding General, II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) and Commanding General, 2d Marine Expeditionary Brigade, deploying to Iraq for OIF 06-08, serving as the Deputy Commanding General of Multinational Force – West (MNF-W) and II MEF (Forward) in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.”

    Allen was appointed deputy commander in July 2008 by President George W. Bush.

    Gen. James Mattis, USMC could also be a candidate for CentCom chief. Gen Mattis is currently commander of the U.S. Joint Forces Command. He previously served as Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command and as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation from November 9, 2007 to September 8, 2009. Prior to that, he served as Commanding General, I Marine Expeditionary Force and Commander, U.S. Marine Forces Central Command.

    Mattis had tremendous success as a ground commander in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    General Mattis played a key role in the April 2004 battle of Fallujah, Operation Vigilant Resolve, by negotiating with the insurgent command inside of the city, as well as playing an important part in the November 2004 battle of Fallujah, Operation Phantom Fury.

    He did a masterful job with the Marine brigade that went into Afghanistan. In Iraq, as a division commander, his rapport with the troops was unbelievable. He was an upfront leader.

    Personally I give Mattis the edge here, but in any case;

    It looks like the conserv-o-retard is still stuck on stupid. …….. as usual. ;)

  14. Hey Kay, off subject I know but why did you quit the County Commissioners race? Modeling yourself on that quitter Sarah Palin whom you so admire? LOL, I thought so!

    I know you won’t post this since it hits so close to home and you have to keep up appearances with your fellow left wing losers but I know you will read it.

    PS: Caldwell Jackson will continue to be a fine County Commissioner now that he’s laughed your very clearly insane self off the ballot.

  15. Um …. Mattis got passed over for the post of Commandant of the Marine Corps.

    He doesnt exactly impress me.

    Notice I said Marine Corps and not Marine Corpse unlike your false god.

    • I bet you applauded George Bush when he said he wanted to put food on our families, huh “Intellectual” conservative?

      By the way, can you explain to us what winning in Iraq and Afghanistan looks like? You right wingers believe after 8 years of George Bush and a year and a half of President Obama that you’re the only one with the answers, so please tell us Oh Great Ones! what winning looks like in these two occupations. Thanks pal!

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