Freedom Works president, Matt Kibbe, uses ABC to lie about the crowd size at the 9/12 Project yesterday

SIDEBAR NOTE RIGHT OFF THE BAT: a conservative contender for Virginia’s governor race drops the F-bomb live on the radio! Hey, conservatives are the family values crowd and this kind of behavior is expected! Spit.


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When I first saw a shot of the crowd yesterday at the 9/12 Project in DC on my television, my first thought was it was around 100,000 people or less but thought it was a good turnout nonetheless. We now know the DC fire department has estimated the crowd to be between 60-70,000 people. Still, not a bad turn out considering conservatives have been the ones to sit on their asses for decades while their Masters wreck the country. Now we’re hearing that Freedom Works president, Matt Kibbe, at the protest yesterday got up on the stage and used ABC as the proof that the crowd there yesterday was 1.5 million (Michele Malkin said it was 2 million). The crowd went wild. They believe ABC is a liberal station so hearing that a ‘liberal news outlet’ is reporting the crowd to be 1.5 million had them believe it true. Well, it wasn’t true.

From Raw Story:

ABC News has released a news report saying it was “misquoted” on the size of the Tea Party protest that took place Saturday in Washington, DC.

The network says that, at some point during the protest, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe — the head of the organization that organized the demonstration — stood before the crowd and announced that ABC News had said the crowd at the protest was between one million and 1.5 million people.


All the same, Kibbe’s claim spread like wildfire during the day. From Kibbe’s mic it went to right-wing activist Tabitha Hale’s Twitter account — where, somehow, the number grew again, this time to 2 million — and from there it made it to conservative writer Michelle Malkin’s blog. Once it appeared there, there was no stopping it, and the claim was repeated at numerous –mostly right-wing — blogs.

Ummmmmm, I thought the 9/12 Project was all about truth & honesty?  According to Glenn Beck, here are the 9 Principles all good fascists must adhere to: Honesty, Reverence, Hope, Thrift, Humility, Charity, Sincerity, Moderation, Hard Work, Courage, Personal Responsibility, Gratitude. Honesty is the first principal! Oh boy.

Will Freedom Works president Matt Kibbe take personal responsibility for lying to the crowd? Doubt it. He has no courage and so far he’s given the proverbial finger to ABC for even asking for an apology! What a insincere asshole Kibbe is!

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3 thoughts on “Freedom Works president, Matt Kibbe, uses ABC to lie about the crowd size at the 9/12 Project yesterday

  1. I saw 106,000 on TV last night at the Ohio State/USC game and the
    D.C. crowd wasn’t any bigger from what was visible from the air on
    Fox News. The crowd for the Inauguration of our first black
    president was many times bigger. And if they were
    there to protest government spending, then why so many Confederate
    flags, guns, and posters with Obama wearing a Hitler mustache?

  2. I presume lies don’t matter to this crowd… ABC says they were
    misquoted on this fictitious 1.5million number. They never said it.
    Another right wing wacko lie. Not a misquote. But apparently lots
    of people are not smart enough to understand. ABC says 60-70
    thousand. No where near the million mark.
    I presume the bill clearly stating that no illegal immigrants will
    get healthcare isn’t good enough. Some punk congressman can shout
    liar for speaking the truth to congress. But of course Bush gets a
    pass for lying about Iraq having anything to do with 9/11, for
    having WMD, causing 3000+ of our people to be killed under false
    pretenses. Yet these same people who claim patriotism now want to
    see our country fail, try to destroy our democracy and the
    president elected by the popular vote. They compare him to Hitler,
    murderer of 5 million people because he tries to give healthcare to
    the people who don’t have it. Some really twisted family values
    going on here.

  3. Fred, what the right wing fringe is doing is….they don’t want President Obama to pass one thing in 4 years and when the 2012 election comes, they will be able to say the country is worse with him in charge. Luckily the American people (at least on the liberal/Democrat/Independent side) are not as dumb as they think they are. The Democrats need to smarten up in the Senate and do what the republicans always did:

    PASS A BILL USING ONE VOTE (or 51 votes) JUST LIKE THEY DID WHEN JOE LIBERMAN WAS CONSIDERED THE ONE VOTE OF “BIPARTISAN”. Many bills were passed by the republicans this way when they controlled all 3 branches of government including the White House under Bush.

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