LET’S USE THIS PAGE TO KEEP TABS ON WHAT THE VIOLENT, HATEFUL, BIGOTED, RADICAL RIGHT EXTREMISTS ARE DOING IN AMERICA. Now that we have a black President in the White House, the radical right is losing it’s mind! They were quiet for 8 years under George Bush and now they’ve awoken. It’s time to keep tabs on them. If you come across a story online about a right wing extremist, leave the link in the comments. Thanks.





  1. James W. von Brunn a white supremacist gunned down a black security guard at the Holocaust Museum today. He hates Jews, blacks, the government, taxes, both political parties, was a Ron Paul supporter, and believed 9/11 was an inside job (though this doesn’t mean he’s a lefty because lots of republicans also questioned 9/11 too!):

  2. Female right wing militia extremist from Washington state is now charged with the murder of two in Arizona:

    Now, she finds herself behind bars, the focus of a double murder investigation in Arizona with potential connections to a home invasion robbery in California and other crimes in Washington.

    Pima County, Ariz., detectives on Friday described Forde leading a plot to finance her Minutemen activities by robbing suspected drug traffickers. She and two others are charged with a fatal May 30 home invasion at a suspected drug trafficker’s home in Arivaca, Ariz.

    Raul Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia, 9, were killed when a group of armed people, including a woman, forced their way into the home. The child’s mother traded gunfire with the attackers. She survived but remains hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

    The Arivaca robbery was meant to raise money to fuel Forde’s group, investigators said.

  3. Jim Adkisson killed two liberals in their church, because he lost his job and decided it was the fault of liberals rather than George Bush’s economy…,2933,392081,00.html

    James Cummings was killed by his wife, but before he died, he had planned to kill President Obama using a dirty bomb:

    Richard “Pop” Poplawski kills three police officers and before he did he had made it known that he did not like the fact that President Obama was elected:

    Two officers killed by Joshua Cartwright because Cartwright believes Obama is going to take his guns away (a lie, of course):

  4. Twin white supremacist/neo-Nazi brothers arrested for letter-bombing a black man back in 2004:

    Dennis Mahon, a longtime leader in the national White supremacy movement, and his brother have been arrested by federal agents in connection with the 2004 letter bombing of Don Logan, who is Black and at the time headed Scottsdale’s diversity office.

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