Sandy Hook children and teachers are going back to school today

So proud of them all! In the face of evil, they chose to continue on. BRAVO! I highly doubt any of these teachers want to be armed or to have armed guards everywhere around the school, because honestly, what civilized nation lives like that? That’s not living. That’s living in fear of the unknown constantly and is not healthy. Love is the most powerful energy in the whole entire universe and the following teacher, Mr. Wright, (thanks Clif for the link!) proves this…

I would love it if the Cro Magnon’s of our society would try using some love instead of picking up a semi-authomatic weapon to kill! Time to use words and compassion and this goes for Mr. Pak here in Maine who showed us all that he’s nothing but an evil man and if he didn’t have a gun, two young people would be alive today! Ugh.

TEA TARDS: your 2013 New Year’s resolution is this: USE WORDS! PUT YOUR STUPID GUNS DOWN!

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