President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration is today!

What a thrill! So proud of President Obama and our country!


Today is also Martin Luther King Day! How appropriate it is to have our nation’s first African American president sworn in on a day where our nation has crossed over the mountaintop! RIP, great man.

President Obama, of course, has been in great danger since he was sworn in in January 2009. Even a West Point think-tank is warning our nation of the dangers of violent right wing extremism! Martin Luther King was right: “The nation is sick” and these right wing fools keep lying to themselves to keep their irrational fear against the black man at the surface.

We stand tall with you, President Obama! So proud of you! Your second term will be met again by right wing extremists in the US Congress, but we have your back again. As an American said after your 2012 election win, “In 2008, Obama lifted us up. In 2012, we lifted him up!”. YES WE DID!


You know that photo of President Obama meeting with his “cabinet”…the one the right wing wants you to believe is proof Obama is a woman-hater?

You know the photo of President Obama meeting with his “cabinet”? Here it is…


Well, these men are not his CABINET! They’re the team he has chosen (FEMALE Jarrett is off to the side in this picture!) for the FISCAL CLIFF TALKS!

President Obama is currently picking his new Cabinet staff and if we remember correctly, when Dr. Susan Rice (a woman! an African American woman!) was being considered, oh how the misogynists bigoted pasty white republicans came out of the woodwork to frame her as something she’s not (all so Obama wouldn’t pick another woman to be in his Cabinet!)!

So far, Obama has the most female Cabinet members….



President Obama has not been sworn in for his 2nd Term yet and it’s so funny how the likes of Joe Scarborough (who was being a pasty white republican chauvinist misogynist PIG this morning on MorningJoe!) and all the other right wingers are trying to portray President Obama as forgetting women this time around! Oh please. All you pasty white republican ninnies: GO FUCK YOURSELF AND THEN HANG YOURSELF!



Lispy Lindsey is just so verklempt about Chuck Nagel he can’t grab the lacy hankies fast enough!

Johnny McCrazy has remained somewhat silent on Chuck Hagel, but we all know ole Johnny wants to bomb Iranians into prehistoric times and how his love for Israel overshadows his love of America, so ole Johnny will make sure Hagel gets an earful (those who don’t war-mong get no ‘yea’ vote from the war-mongers!)! And besides, Hagel worked on McCain’s 2000 presidential run and then Hagel joined Obama’s team from 2008 on. See? I’m sure Johnny will pull his skirt up over his head and will spit his pacifier out at Hagel!

Mitch McConnell (not shown in the picture) has his nylons twisted into a pretzel-shape over Chuck Hagel being considered by President Obama! What war did McConnell fight in where he still has shrapnel in his body? Oh wait! NONE!

Phil Graham (pictured at right) has no comment about Chuck Hagel because he’s been busy trying to screw America over financially, so he hasn’t had time!

And then there’s Joe Lieberman (goodbye you fucking asshole!!!!!!) who would have so many tough questions to ask Chuck Hagel if the American people hadn’t found Lieberman so repulsive and he was still in the US Senate! Oh really? What tough questions? You mean, “Hey Chuck. How come to you don’t want to kill & torture all Iranians and start a 20 year war with that country on behalf of Israel????”. Meh. Fuck off Joe!

My oh my, what a bunch of right wing sissies these boys are! Can someone get a douche because the US Senate needs a clean up on Aisle 4!



So what did you think of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney?

President Obama could have been more energetic, but his responses were terrific to what Romney was saying all night. When Romney kept repeating the “$716 billion” meme, President Obama explained how the “cuts” strengthened Medicare and were supported by AARP. Romney couldn’t refute that fact!

We did learn that Romney can lie with gusto! He laid out the same ole tired right wing talking points.

President Obama needs to hammer him next time. He needs to make points using Bain Capital, using the 47% meme, and he needs to make sure he doesn’t allow Romney to lie again without being corrected!