You know that photo of President Obama meeting with his “cabinet”…the one the right wing wants you to believe is proof Obama is a woman-hater?

You know the photo of President Obama meeting with his “cabinet”? Here it is…


Well, these men are not his CABINET! They’re the team he has chosen (FEMALE Jarrett is off to the side in this picture!) for the FISCAL CLIFF TALKS!

President Obama is currently picking his new Cabinet staff and if we remember correctly, when Dr. Susan Rice (a woman! an African American woman!) was being considered, oh how the misogynists bigoted pasty white republicans came out of the woodwork to frame her as something she’s not (all so Obama wouldn’t pick another woman to be in his Cabinet!)!

So far, Obama has the most female Cabinet members….



President Obama has not been sworn in for his 2nd Term yet and it’s so funny how the likes of Joe Scarborough (who was being a pasty white republican chauvinist misogynist PIG this morning on MorningJoe!) and all the other right wingers are trying to portray President Obama as forgetting women this time around! Oh please. All you pasty white republican ninnies: GO FUCK YOURSELF AND THEN HANG YOURSELF!


Joe Scarborough draws a line of “coke” on the air this morning


My, my, my….there’s something about right wing lunatic Joe Scarborough that doesn’t sit well with me. The fact he looks like Beeker on the Muppets isn’t it. Maybe it has something to do with a dead intern in his office years ago  in July of 2001 and him quiting the US Congress pretty quickly? Hey could be! When he took a pack of sugar this morning and drew out a line of “coke” with it and then tasted it, my first thought was: MAFIA.

From Conservative Bablyon (from Extreme Liberal’s link above):

Just the facts: Scarborough got a divorce. Then he suddenly resigned from Congress, just six months after re-election. (Invoked old fallback excuse of wanting to “spend more time” with children.) Then he suddenly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun. Then, just as suddenly, Lori Klausutis, 28-year-old staffer to Scarborough, was found dead in Scarborough’s district office in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Date was July 20, 2001. Cause of death: Blow to the head. Conclusion: Heart condition caused her to collapse, fall, hit head on a desk, and die. Story barely a blip on the radar. Lots of people left with lots of questions.

What the hell has he been doing in Florida all these years? Seriously, he seems to be living a very shady life! Also, does anyone else notice Joe’s face when Mika is calling him out on something? His face changes. It’s as if he becomes Jack in The Shining or something! When he does this, my first thought is…..is he going to strangle her right there on my tv?

He definitely has some issues! And he scares me. Makes you wonder what ole Lori Klausutis knew about Joe back then? Were they having an affair or did ole Joe know 9/11/01 was coming (many of the hijackers lived in Florida) and had pertinent information that Lori learned and she had to go?

We will never know the answers to these questions because those in Joe’s life and Joe himself made sure her name was never mentioned again. It’s like they hated her or something! Seriously, what the hell!

Joe Scarborough drawing a line of “coke” on the air and getting pissed that Mika rubbed the line away….

Ah yes. *sniff sniff* I smell mafia mentality!


Joe Scarborought thinks it was mean of President Obama to lambaste Paul Ryan during his fiscal speech yesterday!

Awwwwww, poor widdle Joe Scarborough. He doesn’t care that the republicans hold press conferences questioning President Obama’s birth place or yelling “You lie!” during one of President Obama’s State of the Union speeches, or when the republicans use every chance they get behind President Obama’s back to insult him. All Joey cares about is the republican’s feelings!

Well guess what, Joey? PHUCK OFF  and STFU!

President Obama had every right yesterday to tell Paul Ryan that his atrocious budget bill that destroys Medicare is unAmerican, because it is!

The End.


Here’s Maine’s US Congressman Mike Michaud’s reaction to President Obama’s speech:

“Maine families and businesses all have bills to pay and budgets to balance and our country is no different. I appreciate that the President is finally speaking out on the need to reduce our debt. He appears sincere, and it’s my hope that his engagement can help forge a bipartisan solution. All sides of this debate need to be open to some compromise, and I think the President understands that.

“After carefully reviewing the House Republican’s budget plan, I’ve concluded that I cannot support it when it comes up for a vote later this week. It’s partisan, and it doesn’t represent a balanced plan. In fact, it would privatize Medicare and increase future health care costs for seniors. It also severely undermines Medicaid, which is a major way seniors receive long-term care. But it does all this while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans and continuing unaffordable subsidies for special interests like major oil companies.

“There is no question that we must rein in our debt, but we must do so in a balanced way that doesn’t threaten our economic recovery. An honest and balanced budget plan to reduce our national debt must look at all government spending, entitlements, and revenues. We are not going to solve these problems overnight. But I remain hopeful that bipartisan negotiations will yield a balanced plan that both parties and the President can embrace.”

Paul Ryan won’t stop until the funds of Medicare are on the stock market so his cronies on Wall Street can cook the books and steal the money!

Here’s the pro-billionaire’s response to President Obama’s speech…

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long before Joe Scarborough chokes Mika Brzezinski to death on the air?


Joe Scarborough wants Mike Brzezinski to blame the Democrats. He’s demanding it!  This morning on his show was no different than any other morning between these two, except today, he had a sinister look on his face that sent a shiver down my spine and prompted me to do this post.

I think he’s gone mad.  It’s so obvious to me that he won’t stop with Mika until she’s on her knees begging for her life and screaming, “Okay Joe! The Unions are bad! Republicans are good! Big Business and their greed is patriotic! Only republicans can filibuster and leave the state to make a point using their First Amendment right! IOKIYAR!!!!!!!”.

Seriously, how long before Joe Scarborough freaks out on the air and Mika ends up like that former Joe Scarborough intern found dead on the floor in his office years ago? I’m starting to think it’s going to happen pretty soon. The looks he was giving her this morning on Morning Joe were eerie and very cold! *cringe*

How many will die in support of the Koch Brothers and their billions?

How many Union members & supporters will die at the hand of Joe Scarborough?


Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe might run for president in 2012?


If you haven’t had a good laugh lately take a minute to think of Joe “Beaker of the Muppets” Scarborough running for president! [pause] See? It’s a knee slappah!

Just now on on Morning Joe, he and Mika were talking about childhood obesity and the article Mika was reading was about how some are thinking of taxing soft drinks to help combat this. Well, Joe didn’t like the idea of being TAXED a nickel (5 cents! 5 whole pennies!) because it’s a tax. See? As president, Doucheborough (as Jon Stewart lovingly calls him) would work against spending a nickel on a can of soda, but would support:




Oh, but “force” the nation’s people to pay an extra $.05 on a can of soda? That’s where he draws the line! He’s just like Sarah Palin. I bet he’ll choose her as his running mate because intellectually they’re on the same level and both believe that it’s the poor of this country who should pay all the taxes to give the rich a break. Oh yeah and…..Drill baby drill! Spit.

By the way, last year here in Maine there was a question on the ballot asking Mainers if they would be willing to pay a soda tax to help support our Anthem BC/BS program. It got shot down! Ya see, there are some who are too stupid and ridiculous to be voting in America. When has paying an extra 5 cents on anything been a public outcry? Oh wait! I know! The fascist capitalists have never liked the idea of paying money to keep local, state, and the federal government afloat. These are the same people who say they love America so much too! See the hypocrisy & irony yet? Well, we will when Joe Scarborough and Sarah Palin run for the White House in 2012!

(hat tip to Nitella who provided the Politico article for us)


Howie Carr of WRKO Boston supports parents keeping their children out of school to boycott President Obama’s speach to kids to stay in school!

A thousand points of light….


(cool photo found HERE)

Well, it’s not surprising Howie Carr feels this way. He also laughs his ass off at the mothers of our nation who call 911 after they find their child hanging by their neck in the shed! Yes, oh yes, Howie is one of those ‘family values conservatives’ who thinks he’s holier than everyone else and believes that no child should be ‘brainwashed’ to stay in school. Say wha?  The horrors!

The funniest part about the whole thing? The voice of reason on this issue is coming from the wingnut Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe on MSNBC! Good gawd the end is near!

From Think Progress:

Earlier today, ThinkProgress noted that conservatives are freaking out over President Obama’s upcoming speech to schoolchildren about “persisting and succeeding in school,” claiming that it is actually aimed at political indoctrination. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, host Joe Scarborough ripped into the hyperventilating conservatives. “Seriously, why don’t we want the president of the United States, any president of the United States, delivering the message to kids: work hard, stay in school, succeed,” said Scarborough, adding, “get your ratings if you want, you’re just screwing your political party.”

The wingnuts believe President Obama is going to brainwash our kids to kill neocons. Hey, not a bad idea but we’re talking about President Obama here! Not George Bush who would have loved the chance to brainwash America’s kids to kill liberals & Muslims. Hell, on the morning of 9/11/01, George Bush was reading the book, “My Pet Goat”, and if Glenn Beck is right when he says we must look at the patterns to figure out someone’s truth, well, “My Pet Goat” could be interpreted as how George views children! See? The real good brainwashing happened after that moment if we’re all remember correctly. *cough*

Can you imagine if George H.W. Bush went to the schools of America to talk about his 1,000 POINTS OF LIGHT? Man! Glenn Beck and Howie Carr would be livid! They would be calling Bush Sr. a ‘scary Commie Socialist Pig’! Oh wait. George H.W. Bush was a republican. Nevermind. Beck & Carr were most likely fine with Bush Sr. trying to get Americans to contribute to society by volunteering and helping others out, you know, forming his own ‘national security army’ to pass the peace for the common good of society. When President Obama wants the same thing for America, he’s committing treason and is a traitor. See? Nevermind! I forgot. Spit.


Joe Scarborough of MSNBC claims Democratic U.S. Senator Dick Durbin would have made Rosa Parks sit at the back of the bus if he was the busdriver that day

Dingbat and Doucheborough of MSNBC Morning Joe…


(picture credit)

What an asshole right winger Joe Douche-borough is! Hey Joe, did you kill your secretary back in 2001 or did you hire a hitman to kill her, huh Murderer? Anyway…

Joe Scarborough is grabbing at straws this morning (video not available yet) to make the right wingers feel better about their racist views (anti-blacks, anti-Latinos, anti-women/Jews/gays etc etc etc) by claiming Senator Dick Durbin would have made Rosa Parks sit at the back of the bus if Durbin had been the bus driver that day. Why did Joe slander Durbin this morning? Oh that’s right….because Joe doesn’t like  the fact that Durbin has been back and forth on newly appointed Illinois Senator Roland Burris!  When Burris’ was first picked by Governor Blagojevich to fill President Obama’s old  Senate seat, Durbin wasn’t for it. But when Burris was eventually seated, Durbin did what all Senators would have done which was to say, (paraphrasing) “He’s seated, now let’s get on with the business of the American people”, but now that the Senate is doing hearings on Burris once again about his ties to Blagojevich (which isn’t much by the way), Durbin is now saying that if Burris is around in 2010 to run for ‘re-election’, he won’t be supporting him!’. See? This back and forth was enough for Joe Scarborough to claim Senator Durbin is a racist Pig just like the right wingers are! Spit.

I think it’s very apparent that the right wingers of America are projecting themselves onto everyone else to make themselves feel better! The republic party is slowly decaying in front of our eyes. They don’t even make sense anymore. I mean, really, if we were to put the right wingers on a game show with Democrats, when the host would ask the republican a question….they would just stare at the camera and claim, “The Democrats are cheating! Look at the birdie! Nice birdie! It’s the Democrats who are the racists ones! We are nice! They’re not! Pretty birdie, nice birdie, *whistling at the imaginary birdie*, lovely birdie!”. They’re completely insane under the weight of their own immorality, values, and other ridiculous beliefs. Making up scandals against the Democrats will backfire on you assholes! So keep doing it. The American people will just laugh and point at you.

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