President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration is today!

What a thrill! So proud of President Obama and our country!


Today is also Martin Luther King Day! How appropriate it is to have our nation’s first African American president sworn in on a day where our nation has crossed over the mountaintop! RIP, great man.

President Obama, of course, has been in great danger since he was sworn in in January 2009. Even a West Point think-tank is warning our nation of the dangers of violent right wing extremism! Martin Luther King was right: “The nation is sick” and these right wing fools keep lying to themselves to keep their irrational fear against the black man at the surface.

We stand tall with you, President Obama! So proud of you! Your second term will be met again by right wing extremists in the US Congress, but we have your back again. As an American said after your 2012 election win, “In 2008, Obama lifted us up. In 2012, we lifted him up!”. YES WE DID!

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