You know that photo of President Obama meeting with his “cabinet”…the one the right wing wants you to believe is proof Obama is a woman-hater?

You know the photo of President Obama meeting with his “cabinet”? Here it is…


Well, these men are not his CABINET! They’re the team he has chosen (FEMALE Jarrett is off to the side in this picture!) for the FISCAL CLIFF TALKS!

President Obama is currently picking his new Cabinet staff and if we remember correctly, when Dr. Susan Rice (a woman! an African American woman!) was being considered, oh how the misogynists bigoted pasty white republicans came out of the woodwork to frame her as something she’s not (all so Obama wouldn’t pick another woman to be in his Cabinet!)!

So far, Obama has the most female Cabinet members….



President Obama has not been sworn in for his 2nd Term yet and it’s so funny how the likes of Joe Scarborough (who was being a pasty white republican chauvinist misogynist PIG this morning on MorningJoe!) and all the other right wingers are trying to portray President Obama as forgetting women this time around! Oh please. All you pasty white republican ninnies: GO FUCK YOURSELF AND THEN HANG YOURSELF!


Sarah Palin has her panties in a wad protecting Mashed Potato Belly Newt Gingrich!


Well, we knew it wouldn’t take long until ole Sarah Palin would be eating her own word salad. Just recently she took to the airwaves to say to the other Mashed Potato Belly Man, Chris Christie, over his comments about Newty. She told Chrissy that he had his panties in a wad and would regret later what he said.

Who has their panties in a wad now? Oh that’s right…..Bible Spice of Alaska does! Man, she doesn’t like anyone making fun of her anti-capitalist, pro-Israel, pro-Nancy-Pelosi-Global-Warming, pro-health-insurance-mandate, $1.6 million dollar Freddie Mac lobbyist, pro-expensive-war-against-Iran, pro-expensive-moon-colony, and philanderer these days!

From Newsmax.com:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says that Newt Gingrich is being “crucified” by the Republican establishment, including allies of Mitt Romney, who are trying to rewrite his record with a barrage of negative attacks.

“Look at Newt Gingrich, what’s going on with him via the establishment’s attacks,” Palin told John Stossel of Fox Business on Thursday.

She added: “They’re trying to crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years.”

Oh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Sarah! How about taking your panties out from your fat butt cheeks for a second to give us all a break from your whining, because your voice is driving us crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anti-choice republican caught drinking & driving with Viagra in his bloodstream and a 26 year old woman with him who is not his wife!


How long will we have to wait for the right wingers of America to demand his resignation? Huh? How long? I’m sure not long because they claim not to be hypocrites. See?

Mecklenborg says the young woman with him outside his marriage is none of our business, because according to him that’s a “personal matter”, but telling a woman what to do with her body is not!….

When asked about his young passenger, Mecklenborg said, “I understand the interest in the DUI part, I guess, but the rest is a personal matter.”

A personal matter?

Perhaps this is Rep. Mecklenborg’s eureka moment.

Pro-choice Americans have always argued that a woman’s sex life is a personal matter, and that any decisions involving her body are her business. We understand only too well why Mecklenborg would rather we stop asking questions about his private life.

Unfortunately for Mecklenborg, he is an elected official who has hinged his political ambitions on making the private lives of women his business. Questions loom.

Why was Robert Mecklenborg with this young woman? How did he meet her? Where did he meet her? Where was he going with her?

Why was he driving a car with Kentucky plates in the state of Indiana?

Why didn’t the news of his arrest come straight from him, and right away, instead of more than two months later?

It’s a personal matter, he said.

We marvel, don’t we?

We marvel at a man willing to pause for a personal exception in his march over the rights of so many other women of reproductive age.


Glenn Beck is worried Oliver Stone will rewrite Nazi history, but has Beck met Scott Lively yet?

Glenn Beck a couple days ago went on a typical conspiratorial tirade where he accuses Oliver Stone of rewriting history in Stone’s newest film. Apparently Beck thinks he’s not a conspirator or is the kind of guy who rewrites history or warps it to his own agenda, but hey, he also said on the same show that President Obama and Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground are part of the same unit who wants to create a revolution to take over the universe. See? Anyway, I wonder if Beck has met one of his own yet….Scott Lively? You know, the anti-gay crusader who believes most of the Nazis were gay because Hitler (who was also gay) knew the gay soldiers would be more savage and would do whatever Hitler wanted. Yeah, that guy who “isn’t rewriting the Nazi history to benefit his own agenda”. I wonder if Lively believes the Nazis were left wingers like Beck does. I don’t dare tell them the Nazis were right wing fascists! Oh boy…..

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Here’s a link describing Oliver Stone’s newest movie. Let’s not forget Glenn Beck writes books, does weird shows, and has a Plan!

By the way, Glenn Beck is a Mormon, but yet, has been pushing his listeners hard to pray to Jesus/G-d on their knees for the next 40 days and 40 nights while at the same time has stated many times that he’s not one of those weird cultist nutjobs who uses religion to rally people to do things. Uh huh. Well, the conspiracy he’s created over the Tides Foundation almost cost some people their lives! Beck is in denial this had anything to do with him. Huh. I bet Hitler said the same thing about the destruction he left behind too just before blowing his head off!


The RNC’s employee health care policy covers abortion services!



Oh man. This is too much! You probably already heard this news yesterday, but I woke up this morning laying in my bed laughing like Snoopy over it and just had to do a post. Seriously, the next time you see or hear a right winger say they’re completely against abortion, please yell out, “You LIE!!!!!!!!!!!” and then remind them that their home base provides abortion coverage to their employees and then remind them during the years of 2000 to 2006 when the republicans controlled the White House, the U.S. House, and the U.S. Senate, the republicans did NOTHING to overturn Roe v. Wade, because we all know the republic party needs abortion coverage. Why? Because just look at the C Street House! These right wing Christians are against abortion, but yet, how do they spend their days? CHEATING ON THEIR WIVES. And what happens when a man and a woman have unprotected sex? They make babies! So, you see, the republic party secretly has no problem with abortion, but they use it as a wedge issue during elections and anytime they feel they’re losing the debate on another issue. See?

Leon Wolf of Redstate thinks someone at the RNC should be fired for hypocrisy (ummmm all republicans would have to be fired Leon including yourself!):

Let’s keep this simple. Word got out today via Politico that the RNC’s health care package for their employees covers abortions. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, if you at any time have donated to the RNC since 1991 (when this policy apparently took place), some incremental portion of your donation went to the administrative costs of running the RNC, including employee salaries and benefits packages. Part of “benefits packages” in this context is apparently a health care package that pays for abortions.

For thirty years, we have fought tooth and nail to prevent our tax money from being used to pay for abortions. Turns out, we were apparently doing it through donating to the political party that was ostensibly on our side. This betrayal is so fundamental to the majority of people who donate to the RNC that it’s almost unspeakable. I have no doubt that many of the staffers there will miss the point, so allow me to make it clearly: you have caused every person who donated to support your livelihood to become involved in what they perceive to be a grave moral evil.


In order for the RNC to regain the trust of their donors, they must disclose the names of all people involved in any way of the selection of their health care plan. And those people must be summarily fired. No severance packages, no golden parachutes; fired. For cause.

No pro-lifer in good conscience can give them a dime until this happens.

Bah hahahahahahahaha! Leon doesn’t want republicans to give any money to the RNC until the abortion part of their health care policy is taken out and the person(s) involved in putting the language in there is fired! Well, Leon, you might want to rethink taking out this language because as we all know there are guys in your party like Gov. Sanford of South Caroline who believes the sanctity of marriage is defined as: ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, A MISTRESS, AND A HANDFUL OF GIRLFRIENDS! (makes you wonder how many abortions Sanford has paid for over the years!) See? Taking out abortion coverage now could make for some embarrassing moments during the 2010 mid-terms because of all those pregnant mistresses coming forward, don’t you think?! See?

Let’s not forget the recent historic vote on health care reform in the U.S. House of Representatives: ALL BUT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED AGAINST THE STUPAK AMENDMENT. The End. They’re on record for supporting federal funding for abortions!


Senator John Ensign has moved out of the C Street House, but where did he move to?



Well, isn’t that just special. Under the cover of darkness, Sen. John Ensign (you know….the right wing hypocrite who is against gay marriage but has no problem cheating on his wife, because he’s all about the sanctity of marriage ya know!) has moved out the Bastion of Right Wing Christian Hypocrisy house (better known as the C Street House in DC!), but is refusing to give his forwarding address of today. Why? Did he move in with a girlfriend? Maybe a man? Or maybe he’s right now giving a blow job to a passed out John Boner in the House of Representatives? I don’t know! But I would like to.

Where do you think Senator Ensign has moved to?


The republicans who hate taxes were upset that Tom Daschle didn’t pay his

Former Senator Tom Daschle declined his nomination for the Health Secretary today after the right wingers of America put their foot down to remind all of us that taxes are good and must be paid….

Is it just me or is the right wing hypocrisy getting deeper by the day? I mean, really, President Obama has been leading our nation for two weeks under mainly George Bush’s policies, and suddenly…..the republicans are the TAX ADVOCATES!

Here’s a couple of neocons trying to figure out how to spell the word ‘taxes’…

Wait a minute. They don’t like taxes nor our tax system nor the idea of shelling out money for something they can hide from the government so they can pay less taxes! Hell, Joe the Plumber has TAX EVASION UNDER HIS BELT, but no word yet from the republicans on this. Oh wait a minute again….THE REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO MAKE OLE JOE THEIR RIGHT WING CONSULTANT FROM NOW ON! Nevermind. I should have known.

Holy hypocritical right wing brain fart!

Of course, these same republicans could have used Daschle’s non-payment of his taxes (he did pay them and had realized his mistake last June) as a way to prove that our tax system is confusing and should be changed, you know, to advocate their position. But nope! They are on a crusade to make sure everyone pays their taxes while telling Americans that they don’t like today’s taxes, yesterday’s taxes, or future taxes!

So, the next time you hear a neocon say they don’t like taxes and don’t want new taxes, you just say back, “How can you say that!!! You demonstrated to all of us the importance of all Americans paying their taxes no matter how ridiculous it may be or not!”. And then remind them of Howie Carr of WRKO Radio who was reminded today on the Chump Line that he got $6,000 worth of eye surgery free from a company and he had better pay the income tax on it! See? We’re going to have fun with this. Bah hahahahahahaha!

And what about Sarah Palin? Remember the $150,000 in clothes and $110,000 in make-up she got from the Republican National Committee? Well, if she hasn’t returned the clothes & the make-up and has kept them, then she best be paying on THIS GIFT she received just like Tom Daschle! See? Again. It’s going to be lots of fun, but hey, THE REPUBLICANS LOVE PAYING THEIR TAXES NOW AND ARE AN ADVOCATE FOR IT TOO!

It’s so nice to see that the republiCONS have come around on this. Thanks republiCONS. Now, can you take a few minutes and tell your two nimrods above how to spell the word ‘taxes’? They’re looking awfully confused but were seen earlier yelling, “Taxes are good! Daschle must pay them! It’s the patriotic thing to do! You’re either with a tax or you’re against them!!!”, because they’re embarrassing themselves since they don’t know how to spell it. Thanks pals.


Rush Limbaugh called General Wesley Clark an “ignoramus moron” today on his radio program

Wow. Apparently, even retired Generals aren’t off-limits for the Fat Bastion of Hate, Rush Limbaugh! Man. Are there any soldiers that Rush Limbaugh likes? Is it only the ones who love him, adore him, and love George Bush’s failed illegal occupation of a sovereign nation in a country that did not attack us on 9/11 and who did not have an Army, Navy, or Air Force to defend itself from us? I think it is.

Poor Fat Bastion of Hate. He doesn’t like the fact that a 4-star General, Wesley Clark, is asking for Armed Forces Radio to take his fat ass off the air in Iraq, so our soldiers won’t have to hear the garbage, lies, deceits, and the other hateful crap that comes out of his mouth 5 days a week (sometimes 3 days because he’s doing drugs and is hungover? Could be. Who knows with this “recovering” drug addict!). So, what does the Fat Bastion say in response to this on his show today? He calls General Clark an ‘ignoramus moron’. Wow!

If you are a soldier and you speak out against Ass Limbo, you get called a ‘suicide bomber’ too. If you speak out against George Bush’s illegal occupation and you join a liberal group to speak truth to power, you’re considered a ‘phony soldier’.

Is there an end to Limbo’s criticism of our soldiers…past and present? Doesn’t appear to be!

I don’t have the audio, because I refuse to join his Hate Site to obtain it. He called Wesley Clark an ‘ignoramus moron’ and if I’m not mistaken, he said this in 2nd hour of his program today on Thursday, October 4, 2007.


Republicans enjoy crapping on “God Bless America” too….

Why isn’t it the Sense of the Senate against this kind of re-writing of our national songs? Is it treasonous to be fouling our national songs? Oh that’s right! Condemning America in “God Bless America” for the republican party is okay, ohhhhhhhhh, but if Moveon.org condemns General Betrayus and is stating the truth, well then, the members of this group shall die a painful death and will not be labeled as a “true” American….a republican.

*rolling eyes & spitting on the republican logo*


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