Glenn Beck wants to be the Animal Farm Community Organizer!


Oh wow, this is hilarious! I thought ole Glenny hated the idea of community organizing or anyone in the US of A working together for the common good in the community! Bah hahahahahaha! Oh jesus.

But he loves Ayn Rand and believes he is doing the work of Randjesus…

You can read all about BeckTopia over at Little Green Footballs (read the comments below the article! They’re hilarious!). My favorite comment is by jdoc1357: “Anyone else think this will end with a lot of dead bodies and empty KoolAid pitchers?”. So true! For this reason alone, I think Beck should be allowed to create his BeckTopia just so we can see them all kill themselves!

Or if you want to, you can CLICK HERE to get the info straight from the Horse’s Ass himself!

By the way, I thought Ayn Rand preferred wealth? And wasn’t she an Atheist?



Mitt Romney is behind the Benghazi, Libya attack

Something stinks and it’s Mitt Romney! Remember that secret video where ole Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts talks down about the 47% of Americans? Well, the secret video was a lot longer than just that part, of course, and on it ole Mitty is asked by a British man about an Iran-Contra-hostage-like attack and ole Mitty said he would use any kind of conspiracy to his advantage to get elected!

Here’s the secret tape:

He would love to duplicate “that scenario” which means he loved what Reagan did with the Iranian hostage situation when Carter was running for reelection!

I’m telling you….Glenn Beck is somehow involved in the Benghazi, Libya attack too. He wants Mitty to win because he’s a Mormon too and would love nothing more than to have Rmoney in the White House! I did this post recently where I’m making this point and I had no idea Mitty was on audio stating that he would love to have the chance to reap the awards of a right wing conspiracy to help him get to the White House! Wowzer.

Where’s the liberal media on this one?????



Glenn Beck admits a couple of his staff members have been to Benghazi, Libya

Say wha? Why would a couple of Glenn Beck’s staff members go to Benghazi, Libya? Seems like an odd place to go on vacation! Or maybe they were there before the attack on the US Consulate that resulted in 4 Americans dying? Hmmmmm….

Beck started his show out yesterday with a conspiracy theory about what he thought was “really” going down in Libya before the attack. He said the two Marines that were killed were not really Marines, but rather, two Navy Seals who were ordered to round up dangerous weapons in Benghazi (sounds a lot like the right wing’s scenario in Fast & Furious!)….

From GlennBeck.com (emphasis mine):

After a break, Glenn tried to tell the story of what happened in Libya from a different perspective.

He started by putting several questions up on the chalkboard:

- How often was the ambassador in Benghazi?
- What was the consulate like?
- Was there any warning?
- If the attack was really about the film – why didn’t the administration issue a warning based on that?
- Was the embassy put on high alert? Or is the report that nothing was done accurate?
- Who was on the protective detail? What were they doing in the area?
- What did the “spontaneous crowds” have RPG’s and laser accurate mortar fire?
- Why was the most important person there, the ambassador, left for dead while many other made it out?
- Who was the ambassador?
- Why didn’t the white house warn about the movie?

Glenn theorized that the two people who were working the two former SEALs working protective duty for the ambassador were actually CIA agents on an intelligence mission to round up dangerous weapons in the war town nation. Before his death, Glen Doherty, one of the former SEALs who was killed alongside Stevens, told ABC News about that he was looking for weapons in Libya. Also, Glenn said that, although it was not explicitly stated, it could be inferred from the interview that they were rounding up weapons supplied by the United States to Libyan rebels during the uprising last year.

Glenn also pointed out that the media’s portrayal of Stevens seems odd as more information about him emerges. He is said to have a huge love for the Libyan people, which is odd considering several leaders of the Libyan revolt against Gadaffi have stated they fought against the United States, and the rebel leader claimed that many Al-Qaida members were working with him on the front lines.

Reports have also surfaced over the past week that Stevens snuck into the war torn country on a cargo ship, and that he travelled to Morocco, Germany and Sweden. Glenn also found it suspicious that he did not travel in the more protected, but more obvious, armored vehicles.

“That doesn’t like your average pencil pusher diplomat. Sounds a little more like CIA to me,” Glenn theorized.

Glenn theorized that Stevens was in fact the CIA operative who was the CIA weapons dealer in the region, and he believed that Stevens was the one who brokered the deal to give Libyan rebels weapons to fight against Gadaffi.

So what does Glenn think really happened?

- The U.S. government is indeed looking for missiles to recover, so that no one finds out that we supplied them to terrorists
- They find a weapons cache of surface to air missles
- Same missiles we supplied during the revolution to take out aircraft.
- The CIA agents were forced to call in Stevens, our CIA weapons dealer.
- He flies in on short notice and takes an unmarked car to avoid suspicion to meet them
- The meeting goes south, he is taken to the closest safe house, which is why he ends up at the poorly secured consulate building.
- The message Sean Smith sent to the gaming community was really a message to the CIA telling them they needed help.

Glenn asked which scenario was more plausible: 1) The attacks were a result of a protest spurned by a YouTube video or 2) The bad guys in Benghazi staged the protests to cover for the attack.

“I don’t know if this is the case,” Glenn said. “But I do know it’s more likely than spontaneous rag-tag protesters pulling off a high level power assault.”

Glenn said that the media must press the Obama administration on the mission to recover weapons in Libya, and expose the possible scandal that the administration supplied the very weapons that killed the ambassador.

Here’s what we know:

  • Glenn Beck and Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu of Israel are friends and have been since the early days of the Bush Regime.
  • Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel have been friends since the 1970′s.
  • Both Mitt & Bibi have gone on Beck’s radio show.
  • All three want a war with Iran.
  • All three want Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States.
  • All three have enough money to pay a guy in California to create a movie to spark outrage in the Middle East.
  • Mitt Romney held a press conference lambasting President Obama for the US Embassy’s statement prior to the attack on the US consulate.
  • Glenn Beck and Pam Geller are political buddies.
  • Beck and Geller are connected to Fox News.
  • Pam Geller is a white supremacist who is also anti-Muslim, pro-Israel.
  • Pam Geller at the beginning of 2012 called for someone to create an anti-Muhammad film.
  • “Innocence of Muslims” was made in 2012. Connected to Geller?
  • Pam Geller is an anti-Islam filmmaker.
  • Pam Geller is Jewish, as is Netanyahu, and Mitt Romney & Glenn Beck are Mormons.

Ummmmmmm, kind of an incestuous bunch wouldn’t you say? So the question is: why would two of Glenn Beck’s staff members travel to Benghazi, Libya before the attack on the US Consulate there? What was their purpose for being over there? Were they part of the attack on behalf of Beck, Geller, Romney, and Netanyahu?

I’m sure Glenny will tell us because he’s such an honest guy. *rolling eyes*


Glenn Beck claims he was mistreated on an American Airlines flight

Oh booooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooo. Poor widdle Glenny got some sucky treatment (how many passengers can say good things these days about their flying experiences!) on a recent American Airlines flight. Apparently a flight attendant didn’t like Glenny. He slammed Beck’s soda can down on his tray and barked the word “breakfast” instead of saying, “God of the Mormon Militia, what would you like for us to make especially for you for your terribly long flight to sooth you in any way we can!”.


Bitch all you want Glenny. The reason why you were treated so “badly” is because you deserved it. You’re hateful and two seconds after starting your radio program this morning with this story, you were right back to your typical ways: lying about President Obama and New York City! I wished the flight attendant had throw your soda can at your head!

Glenny couldn’t believe the pilot didn’t come to his rescue. Why would the pilot do that? Is it because ole Glenny believes he was the most important person on that flight? Yep! What an asshole.

Looks like Glenny has reaped what he has sewn. Isn’t it great? I think he should be mocked wherever he goes!



A wingnut kills 14 in a Colorado movie theater…

…and you know what that means! It means Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh are to blame. Yes, that’s right: THEY’RE TO BLAME. Both of those assholes with a national microphone are causing the reich wing armed militias in America to go off the deep end. When will these two be arrested for terrorizing the nation!!!

She’s to blame too…


Soooo, how much Food Insurance did Peter-Keller-the-Glenn-Beck-Survivalist have in his mountain-side bunker before taking his life?

I hate right wingers. If you’re going to kill yourself, why kill your wife and daughter first? Why not be the lunatic you are and just fight the world yourself? Only a crazed Glenn Beck fan would do something like that: kill the innocent wife and child first! Hell, I bet Peter Keller had stocked up on Food Insurance as soon as Beck started promoting it on his right wing apocalyptic radio show years ago! All ‘survivalists’ need it, right? Funny how this guy considered himself a ‘survivalist’, but yet, he killed his wife and child and then took his own life before the SWAT team could get him. That isn’t surviving. Not a survivalist attitude in the least! He was a raging right wing murderer who had been caught and was hiding up in the hills with his Food Insurance packets to hide from authorities! Gees. A survivalist doesn’t go on a murderous rampage and then goes and hides. No no, a TRUE  survivalist lives his or her life prepared for the worst and doesn’t create his or her own ‘end times’ for crying out loud.

Makes you wonder how many Glenn Beck ‘survivalists’ are currently creating their own ‘end times’ scenario as Peter Keller did?

Our nation is not safe with these lunatics in it.

RIP Lynettee & Kaylene Keller. You didn’t deserve to die. Your husband and father did, though. I hope that asshole didn’t die by suicide. I hope his head was crushed by the falling debris when the SWAT team blew his bunker to smithereens!


Is Glenn Beck setting up Louis Farrakhan to take the blame for President Obama’s assassination?


Yesterday morning, Glenn Beck started his radio show out with an audio of Louis Farrakhan talking about Obama and “satan” and he told his listeners that what Farrakhan is saying is that Farrakhan is getting ready to assassinate President Obama.

Say wha?

Here’s a transcript of what Beck played for his listeners yesterday (found on Beck’s website) (emphasis mine):

[Farrakhan] “We voted for our brother, Barack. Beautiful human being with a sweet heart. And now he’s an assassin. They’ve turned him… into them. You didn’t hear me. They turned. They brought him to England. See? Oh, now he can stay in Buckingham palace. Nobody stayed there. Just a few presidents. Why him? Why? See, we know this enemy. Satan deceived the whole world. You talk about a man killing his own people when you lie to the American people saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who come to serve their country and send them to die in Iraq, in Afghanistan, over lies, that’s a murderer in the White House! Who will say it?

The funniest part about Beck playing this audio and making the whole thing out as the “creepiest moment of all time” bullshit is when Beck and his sidekick played the audio, they both realized in a second after it was done playing that Farrakhan was talking about George Bush, you know, our enemy>>>>satan! As soon as they realized that, his sidekick mentioned George Bush and then Beck said something to the effect of, “And then Farrakhan goes on to say that Obama must be assassinated”. Quickly, the show went to a commercial break.

Uh ha. Did you look like a couple of assholes? Yep! You did!

Seems to me Farrakhan is saying he’s upset that one of his “brothers” (meaning….an African American) has been brainwashed by the Great Satan and nowhere does he say that he wants Obama assassinated. He did say, however, if President Obama is killed it will be the Muslims who will be set up as the assassins when it won’t be them who did it.


What does Glenn Beck know about President Obama’s assassination? Maybe he’s setting up his robotic brainwashed anti-Obama worshipers to believe TODAY that Farrakhan wants Obama dead, is conspiring to assassinate the president, when really, it’s Glenn Beck and his Mormon Militia Men who will be behind the assassination? Hey could be. This is what Glenn Beck is very good at: putting the seeds of lies into the minds of the ignorant, so when there’s an assassination attempt or President Obama is assassinated, they will blame Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and will refuse to believe that it was THEM who tried or accomplished the assassination of our great president!


Here’s what I think is going on…..

Glenn Beck and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel are best buddies. Beck the Mormon would die on behalf of Israel. Kind of an interesting friendship don’t you think? Who is getting in their way right now in a full blown war with Iran? President Obama is. Who is setting America up right now to attack Iran using Israeli “intelligence” to fake the world out that Iran is a threat to the whole planet? Israel is. When was the last time we witnessed this kind of warmongering and lies? After 9/11 when George Bush and Israel used lies to get the whole world on their side to attack Iraq, you know, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at all!




How much does Glenn Beck know of the upcoming run-on-the-banks?


Don’t be fooled by Glenn Beck. He wants you to think that he’s just an innocent man in an innocent game and he has no idea what the future will bring, because he doesn’t have ties like George Soros does. Glenny wants you to believe that all the rants he did against President Obama for years now and how he wanted a different America for America was just all talk and he didn’t mean anything by any of it. All that community organizing he pushed on his worshipers (9/12 Project, Freedom Works, all those books he wrote, Restoring Honor rallies, his rallies in Israel, and all the stuff he wrote on his chalkboard!) was just a joke and had no end game. He didn’t want to change America at all he’ll tell ya! And he doesn’t want you to think that just because he supports Goldline and keeps telling his worshipers to buy those cheap gold coins that aren’t worth anything today or in the future, it doesn’t mean he’s not in on some future game where he and his buddies will win! Nope. He wants you to believe that it’s George Soros who is the one you need to be scared of. George Soros goes after REPRESSIVE REGIMES and ole Glenny goes after his own country just for shits and giggles!


Glenn Beck said on his show yesterday that there WILL BE a run-on-the-banks again like our nation saw in September 2008. He’s deflecting like he’s not involved, but what do we really know about Glenny and his relationships? Well, we do know he meets with the billionaire Koch Brothers and has numerous times over the years. He’s said he has many times on his radio program. When I think of the Koch Brothers, I think of the right wing tea tards who for years now have wanted the nation to fail so they can instill a fascist capitalist dictatorship for America and it’s the Koch Brothers who are leading the way with their money and power. It’s funny to me that ole Glenny knows of the upcoming run-on-the-banks. It’s almost like he has some inside information! Oh, but he wants you to think that the September 2008 electronic run-on-the-banks was an inside job (wha? but George Bush was president and he’s also a buddy of the Koch Brothers!!!) and he will talk about George Soros at the same time in the hopes that YOU will connect the two together! Yep, he’s doing it again! HE’S DEFLECTING AWAY AGAIN!

Here’s what I think…

I believe that Glenn Beck and the billionaire Koch Brothers were behind the run-on-the-banks in 2008 along with the Rothschilds and are preparing  the Doomsday Run On The Banks and they’re using Beck’s radio program to put it out there NOW that it will be Soros who is behind it! See?

Sooooo, what do you think about this? Why IS Glenn Beck so sure of the upcoming run-on-the-banks?

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