Glenn Beck wants to be the Animal Farm Community Organizer!


Oh wow, this is hilarious! I thought ole Glenny hated the idea of community organizing or anyone in the US of A working together for the common good in the community! Bah hahahahahaha! Oh jesus.

But he loves Ayn Rand and believes he is doing the work of Randjesus…

You can read all about BeckTopia over at Little Green Footballs (read the comments below the article! They’re hilarious!). My favorite comment is by jdoc1357: “Anyone else think this will end with a lot of dead bodies and empty KoolAid pitchers?”. So true! For this reason alone, I think Beck should be allowed to create his BeckTopia just so we can see them all kill themselves!

Or if you want to, you can CLICK HERE to get the info straight from the Horse’s Ass himself!

By the way, I thought Ayn Rand preferred wealth? And wasn’t she an Atheist?



Glenn Beck is becoming President Barack Hussein Obama….A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!



Isn’t that great? Glenn Beck announced yesterday morning on his radio show (and posted a letter to his Mormon Militia on his website about it) that he is officially a community organizer and is damn proud of it. Yep, gone are the days of Beck saying things like, “Obama is an EVIL community organizer who roams the streets looking to brainwash the masses into believing his agenda and who uses organizations like ACORN to help him out!”. See? Glenn Beck wants us to believe he’s a DIFFERENT kind of community organizer and he doesn’t want you to remember all the right wing fringe rhetoric that community organizers are losers and a detriment to the sanctity of our nation. He wants to evily brainwash you with his 2 national microphones today, with his books, and he doesn’t want you to think of his 100 Year Plan as anything similar to Mein Kampf! Okay?

Dick Armey’s “Freedom Works” is Glenn Beck’s ACORN & Moveon.org all wrapped into one! And don’t you forget it.

Van Jones would have been envious of Glenn Beck back in the day because Van didn’t have any power over the nation’s imbeciles to convert them to communism. Oh, but Beck has the power to convert the imbeciles to fascist national socialist power! See? Again, Beck has 2 national microphones (tv and radio) a day to brainwash the idiots into becoming violent and to overthrow the government, whereas, Van Jones had a megaphone and a soapbox to stand on.

From now on, we must call Glenn Beck a community organizer. He deserves it.

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