The guv’nah of Maine uses the word “supposively” in support of charter schools for the Koch Brother’s grandchildren!


Our guv’nah is a stupid drop-out asshole. He’s currently living on the taxpayer dole and is working hard to cut public school education, so he can pay charter school teachers three times as much, because he believes Maine children and the Koch Brother’s grandchildren deserve to be brainwashed with right wing “intellect”. So hilarious! (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE GUV’NAH USING THE WORD “supposively” instead of “supposedly”!)

He’s become the stupid monkey who sits on the lap of the Koch Brothers!

What an embarrassment.

And do you want to hear something even more funny? The guv’nah only talks to Mainers via YouTube or some other video. Why does he do this? It’s because he’s afraid of the Democrats videotaping him in public! Yesiree, WHAT A FUCKING COWARD THE GUV’NAH IS!

If he wants to fix Maine’s public school system, then I suggest he RESIGN HIS POSITION AS RELIGIOUS DICTATOR OF MAINE! The Forefathers did not want YOUR RELIGION to be pushed on the people and paid for by the people! We fought the Red Coats for this very reason you stupid fucking asshole!



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