Hillary Clinton got grilled by a bunch of right wing babies…

hillaryclintontakesstandonbenghaziforGOPchildren(image found on Democrats for Victory 2012′s Facebook page)

Embassy attacks under George Bush (anyone remember public hearings/investigations being done to find out what Bush knew and when he knew it? Nope! I don’t remember either!):

2002: U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked; 10 Killed, 51 Injured.
2004: U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan.Two locals killed, nine injured by suicide bombers.

2004: Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia. Five non-American consulate employees killed, seven Saudi security men killed

2006: Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria. One dead, several injured.

2007: Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens. From The New York Times:

2008: Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia. From The New York Times:

2008: Ten People Killed In Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen. 16 dead. From The New York Times

As Sen. Dick Durbin said at yesterday’s hearing: “I’d like to refer to five words for them to reflect on: Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. We were told by every level of government here there were Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that justified a war […] We’re still searching for those weapons […] We could have a hearing on that if you’d like.”

Yes, where were the hearings after 4,000 Americans were killed on our soil??????? How come no one asked why the Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, had stopped flying on commercial airliners the summer before 9/11/01????? So many questions should have been asked, so many people should have been fired (including Bush & Cheney!), but yet, anyone calling for an investigation or asking a tough question was deemed UNPATRIOTIC AND UN-AMERICAN!

Fuck off, conservaTARDS!

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