After 8 years of George Bush and his neocons destroying our nation in more ways than one, the republicans of our nation are now trying to rewrite those years to make themselves and their party feel better. It is time for we Americans who remember those 8 years very well to not allow them to do this! For instance…

Rush Limbaugh (the leader of the republic party/American Taliban) recently decided to rewrite the definition of a Banana Republic on his radio show when he found out President Obama did an Executive Order allowing Americans to have the freedom to access records of previous presidents (including George Bush, of course). To make himself feel better and to convince his listeners that George Bush’s EO to ban the access to these records/documents of previous presidents is WHAT A DEMOCRACY does, Rush Limbaugh said President Obama has now turned America into a Banana Republic, which as we all know, because of this free flow & access to information!

Another good example would be how Glenn Beck on his Wednesday, February 18, 2009 show (no link available) told his listeners that the people who brought us the economic stimulus plan and global warming are the same people who brought us the Holocaust! Yep, to make himself and his listeners feel better about how George Bush ruled America, Beck decided to put the tree-huggers & hard working Americans into the same category as Hitler, who spent a good portion of the end of his life eradicating the Jews from the planet and who rallied against anyone who was educated or was concerned about the environment!

And then there’s this example: former right winger, Senator Rick Santorum, has decided to slam Islam by saying the Koran was written in Islamic so we Americans cannot read it or have access to it! Yeah, yeah, as Think Progress points out, the Koran was written in Arabic. Oh boy. Of course, I went to my local library a few years ago and took out the Koran and guess what? It was written in English! Yep, it was translated into English just as the Bible is translated into all languages to reach more people. And Santorum thinks he’s the expert on Islam enough to give a lecture on it? Ha! Poppycock!

See? These are just a few examples of how the right wingers of the American Taliban are trying to rebrand and rewrite reality to make themselves feel better.


If you witness a right winger online, on the radio, or on your television trying to rewrite history or trying to rebrand a known term/definition, then please let us know in the comment section! Please make sure if at all possible to leave a link to the quote or article where you found it. Of course, there will be times when you won’t be able to because the comment was made by a caller on the radio and you refuse to pay the $50 to get the link. I won’t hold it against you, because I too refuse to pay Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or any other right winger to have access to their archives! To me it’s the same thing as financing the Nazis during WWII, which is what George Bush’s grandfather, Preston Bush, did and quite honestly…..I refuse to be a part of it.

Also, please let us know if you find the right wingers being HYPOCRITICAL TODAY compared to what they were doing and saying under George Bush for those 8 years. An example would be: THE NEOCONS TOLD US TO LOVE THE PRESIDENT RIGHT OR WRONG, BECAUSE BY DOING SO, MEANS YOU ARE PATRIOTIC AND NOT A TRAITOR, but now, some of these same people cannot bring themselves to worship President Obama. See? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Thank you so much in preventing the members of the American Taliban in rewriting/rebranding history to make themselves feel better and by not giving them the opportunity to rewrite George Bush’s 8 years of history too! We appreciate it. :-)



  1. Former Bush admin daily head public liar Ari Fleisher lies about the dishonesty in the run up to the illegal War in Iraq.

    Fleischer: On Iraq, ‘Saddam was the big liar.’»

    Lets test his theory,

    Saddam said he didn’t have any WMD’s

    Bush et al (including Ari lied and said he did)

    It turned out Saddam didn’t have the WMD’s the Bushco liars said he did.

    Ari’s excuse;

    It wasn’t just us that thought he had weapons of mass destruction. The Egyptians thought it, the French thought it, the Germans thought it the United Nations thought it, Bill Clinton’s CIA though it.

    But numbnuts nobody but the Bush liars and neo-con chicken hawk brigade started a war over their misguided fantasies. see creating a lie and calling it intell don’t make it more true when you foole other people into believing it.

    And the CIA under Bill Clinton didn’t push the aluminum tube lie, (Which the US DOE debunked before the War actually started)

    nor did they push the yellow cake from Niger lie;

    and they didn’t push the smoking mushroom cloud lie,

    Or the false connections between al Qaeda and Saddam lie dead eye still pushes.

    quit lying Ari it is a sin after all.

  2. I read that article about Fleisher saying it was Saddam who was the big fat liar, Clif, and thought to myself, “Yep! There’s a rewrite of history courtesy of a Bush neocon!”. So, thanks Clif for posting it!

  3. By the way, Phil Gramm who was the former Enron Senator who slipped in a 262-page amendment legalizing credit default swap and who worked for UBS bank, now has a Wiki link that does not include his time at UBS bank:

    He is one of the big key players in why our economy is the way it is (especially the free-for-all we’ve witnessed on Wall Street), but yet, ole Phily says he’s not to blame for any of it. Uh huh. Another rewrite of history!

  4. Kay haven’t posted in a while and have to say
    nice job on “Noise” it looks great.
    The revisionism started while the child man king,georgie # 2 was still in office.I noticed,the definition of right wing and capitalist from my pre-2000 websters has been
    changed in my ’02,’03,’06 dictionaries.
    I almost copulated on the picture box when the cons.repubs.kept repeating FDR caused the depression of ’29 a fricken mazin.It makes a mother trucker want to take the puss balls out for a good game of skeet shooting and not inform
    the fricken agender benders they are the skeet.
    And that blood thirsty Rove spiffed congress and dahm don’t you just hope the Dems send the Capital Goons after him.I can see it now..The Turd blossom is working hard on the set at
    fixed news he and BillO are spewing,the Goons track Turd down and corner him,BillO helps Turd Blossom resist by shooting off his mouth and the Capital Goons bludgon the two of them right there on the set.Turd Blosson telling all the dirty details during the blood letting.A guy can hope can’t he?mahaylo

  5. Hi Owl Farmer! It took me a second to remember who you were, did a scan of my past comments, and voila!, I know now. How are you????

    Yes, the American Taliban is really trying to rewrite their history and like Rove are claiming “executive privilege” when no longer in office! But, hey, they have all of us to keep exposing their untruths and we’re still having fun doing it! Ha ha, neocons.

    Nice to see you again, Owl Farmer! Stop by again. ;-)

  6. ….Oh ya Kay I almost forgot..The weapon
    the Capital Goons use to bludgon the pair with is
    the old tomb keeper himself Rupert Murdok,taking out three vicious birds of a feather,together.ya that work.cheers

  7. Thanks for adding your post to this list, Clif! Jindal is a fantastic representation of how the American Taliban is rewriting history in the hopes no one will bother to investigate what they say. Love it! :lol:

  8. Pretty darn hateful bunch comments I read here.

    Let me ask you a question. If every tax payer in your state paid $6,000 dollars for Obama’s bill of bacon, would you want your senators and reps to get $6000 back for your state. What’s wrong with that? If the federal government is going to take if from your constituents shouldn’t they try to get some back?

    This will cost every tax payer in my state $6000 and we’ll get back $1800 per tax payer. This is fair?

  9. Luckily when idiots like the individual who run this blog and Obama get into power they run the country into the ground so fast that they don’t last long. It is unfortunate that Liberal now means fascist and socialist rather than the Kennedy definition.

    (Edit by clif, only to the kool-aid swillin’ brain dead reich-wing dipshits, the rest of humanity KNOWS the lies told by cretins like Johan Goldberg and Glenn Beck are just reich-wing lies and GOPer propaganda ……………………………….

    BTW son, childish rants from reich-wingers like this is why the American people have voted the American taliban out of office two elections in a row)

  10. Really Uncle Sam Child? How has President Obama run America into the ground? List out the actual proof of how his policies have hurt America.

    The stock market went from 14,000 points to under 8,000 on January 20, 2009 at noontime under George Bush. How do you explain that?


    President Obama is spending money to create new jobs. How is that bad again? You’re worried about the 1% of pork in the stimulus and the 60% of earmarks by the Democrats & 40% of earmarks by the republicans in the budget? Wow. Time to grow up!

  12. Another TROLL “Uncle Sam” who is too uneducated to know what fascism is all about. It is the OPPOSITE of socialism.

  13. Exactly Grant. Of course, the trolls are on this thread to make sure no one reads the hypocrisy, irony, the rewriting of history, and the rebranding of common words etc., because this is what they do. They disrupt a thread by saying, “Look at the birdie! Pretty birdie! Everyone see the birdie! Awwww, what a lovely birdie!!!”, in the hopes everyone will forget about what the liberal wrote in the post above.

  14. Now the GOP is trying to rewrite the aftermath of Katrina by making it appear as if George Bush was the only reasonable rational one:


    I highly doubt George Bush EVER said this: “Rumsfeld, what the hell is going on there? Are you watching what’s on television? Is that the United States of America or some Third World nation I’m watching? What the hell are you doing?”


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