Lispy Lindsey is just so verklempt about Chuck Nagel he can’t grab the lacy hankies fast enough!

Johnny McCrazy has remained somewhat silent on Chuck Hagel, but we all know ole Johnny wants to bomb Iranians into prehistoric times and how his love for Israel overshadows his love of America, so ole Johnny will make sure Hagel gets an earful (those who don’t war-mong get no ‘yea’ vote from the war-mongers!)! And besides, Hagel worked on McCain’s 2000 presidential run and then Hagel joined Obama’s team from 2008 on. See? I’m sure Johnny will pull his skirt up over his head and will spit his pacifier out at Hagel!

Mitch McConnell (not shown in the picture) has his nylons twisted into a pretzel-shape over Chuck Hagel being considered by President Obama! What war did McConnell fight in where he still has shrapnel in his body? Oh wait! NONE!

Phil Graham (pictured at right) has no comment about Chuck Hagel because he’s been busy trying to screw America over financially, so he hasn’t had time!

And then there’s Joe Lieberman (goodbye you fucking asshole!!!!!!) who would have so many tough questions to ask Chuck Hagel if the American people hadn’t found Lieberman so repulsive and he was still in the US Senate! Oh really? What tough questions? You mean, “Hey Chuck. How come to you don’t want to kill & torture all Iranians and start a 20 year war with that country on behalf of Israel????”. Meh. Fuck off Joe!

My oh my, what a bunch of right wing sissies these boys are! Can someone get a douche because the US Senate needs a clean up on Aisle 4!



Sandy Hook children and teachers are going back to school today

So proud of them all! In the face of evil, they chose to continue on. BRAVO! I highly doubt any of these teachers want to be armed or to have armed guards everywhere around the school, because honestly, what civilized nation lives like that? That’s not living. That’s living in fear of the unknown constantly and is not healthy. Love is the most powerful energy in the whole entire universe and the following teacher, Mr. Wright, (thanks Clif for the link!) proves this…

I would love it if the Cro Magnon’s of our society would try using some love instead of picking up a semi-authomatic weapon to kill! Time to use words and compassion and this goes for Mr. Pak here in Maine who showed us all that he’s nothing but an evil man and if he didn’t have a gun, two young people would be alive today! Ugh.

TEA TARDS: your 2013 New Year’s resolution is this: USE WORDS! PUT YOUR STUPID GUNS DOWN!


The Tea Tard Pinocchios!


(image found on Facebook)

The #1 rule in the Tea Party Sharia Law is: LIE, LIE, LIE!

The Tea Tard Pinocchios are very good at it and they’re doing all that lying for the top 1% of the country to screw the middle class even further. President Obama sees through their bullshit and will call their bluff next year!




Christmas 2012


The mood in my house became very somber the moment I learned of the deaths of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary. I haven’t quite shaken the feeling either. And watching the fake compassion of Wayne Lapierre (lobbyist for the gun manufacturers!) makes my blood boil. May he rot on a sidewalk someday after a drive-by shooting (which he would support the shooter of course!) by a guy who is a member of the NRA!


I hope you all enjoy the holiday this year as best you can.

The New Year always brings such great hope to all of us, but watching and listening to the semi-automatic-gun-nuts in our nation over the past two weeks, I feel the New Year will bring more horror to the innocent. They want it. It’s profitable for them. Bastards. One good thing is the nation is watching them and taking notes. The GOP is sinking further into the abyss and they’re bringing it on all by themselves! Some good news there.



Little Olivia, 19 other children just like her, and seven adults died for NO GUN REGULATIONS!

Here’s little Olivia who was gunned down by a madman with a semi-automatic weapon while in her warm classroom on Friday…


The NRA-worshipers/gun-advocates sees little Olivia as a little witch who is making them look bad after this school massacre. She’s embarrassing the hell out of them! She and those killed along with her are supposed to be the ones who convinces you that the NRA is good (a lobbying group that makes sure no gun laws/regulations are passed), that the killer of Olivia had a 2nd Amendment right to shoot and kill the ‘enemy’ (he was protecting us from Olivia’s society, hence, acting as his own well-regulated militia!), and if you are caught mourning her death today, it means you hate America, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our nation’s Forefathers!


You’re evil. If you are not hugging your gun today, then there is something wrong with you they’re telling us all over the Internet. Wanting stricter gun regulations means you’re a HEATHEN according to the NRA-worshipers/Gun-advocates!

Olivia’s death was supposed to make you support NO GUN REGULATIONS!

Well, good. Call me a heathen then! I’m not scared! What I would like to see is a ton more strict gun regulations on the books and I’ve come up with a few of my own that will effect future gun-owner-wannabees:

**No more semi-automatic/rapid-firing guns to be sold to citizens.

**Six month waiting period for the purchase of a gun. During those six months, gun dealers will be required to do extensive background checks and put the person through an extensive mental health test.

**Increase the cost of a bullet to $100/each.

**Create a computer software system that tracks all guns from the moment they’re made to the moment they’re sold or when confiscated by police. All grandfathered guns (bought/sold before law went into effect) should be logged into the system too.

**No guns shall be sold at auction, at a yard sale, at a gun show, online, or anywhere. Only certified gun dealers can purchase a gun. The gun-owning citizen must sell his or her gun to a dealer who in turn will sell the gun to the public after doing extensive background/mental health checks.

**No more than two guns per household. Any American in possession of more than two will require a special permit through their local police department.

There isn’t a shred of evidence proving that if everyone had a gun and everyone started shooting that no one will die!

There are 330,000,000 Americans and there are 300,000,000 guns owned in our country, but yet, our nation is the most violent nation on the planet! PLEASE EXPLAIN why you believe Americans are safer with more guns in the hands of Americans.

One good thing about the pro-guns/NRA-worshipers is they’ve helped me clean out my Facebook over the last two days! GOOD RIDDANCE TO THOSE WHO ARE HUGGING THEIR GUNS WHILE IGNORING THAT 20 CHILDREN ARE DEAD!







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