Soooo, how much Food Insurance did Peter-Keller-the-Glenn-Beck-Survivalist have in his mountain-side bunker before taking his life?

I hate right wingers. If you’re going to kill yourself, why kill your wife and daughter first? Why not be the lunatic you are and just fight the world yourself? Only a crazed Glenn Beck fan would do something like that: kill the innocent wife and child first! Hell, I bet Peter Keller had stocked up on Food Insurance as soon as Beck started promoting it on his right wing apocalyptic radio show years ago! All ‘survivalists’ need it, right? Funny how this guy considered himself a ‘survivalist’, but yet, he killed his wife and child and then took his own life before the SWAT team could get him. That isn’t surviving. Not a survivalist attitude in the least! He was a raging right wing murderer who had been caught and was hiding up in the hills with his Food Insurance packets to hide from authorities! Gees. A survivalist doesn’t go on a murderous rampage and then goes and hides. No no, a TRUE  survivalist lives his or her life prepared for the worst and doesn’t create his or her own ‘end times’ for crying out loud.

Makes you wonder how many Glenn Beck ‘survivalists’ are currently creating their own ‘end times’ scenario as Peter Keller did?

Our nation is not safe with these lunatics in it.

RIP Lynettee & Kaylene Keller. You didn’t deserve to die. Your husband and father did, though. I hope that asshole didn’t die by suicide. I hope his head was crushed by the falling debris when the SWAT team blew his bunker to smithereens!


Mitt Romney wanted Ted Nugent’s support don’t forget…

Since Mitt Romney got what he wanted (a Ted Nugent endorsement back in March), let’s just see what it all means today….

  • Mitt Romney supports the idea of beheading President Obama after the November 2012 president election if Obama wins.
  • Mitty is totally fine with the idea of President Obama sucking on the end of Ted Nugent’s machine gun.
  • Mitty the Millionaire supports the idea of old men sleeping with under-aged girls.
  • Mitt thinks Hillary Clinton is a toxic-cunt just like Nugent does.
  • Mitt & Teddy share the love of rodent-killing.
  • Mitty wraps himseld in the Confederate flag.
  • Mitty (as well as Ted) believes all people in our country should speak English and should be shot.
  • Mitty & Teddy are in agreement that everyone over the age of 40 should still be wearing band t-shirts that smell like beer.

I think the Secret Service (you know, the ones that are actually doing their jobs with integrity by not hiring prostitutes THANK YOU!) should also be checking out Mitt Romney along with Ted Nugent, because anyone who wants Nugent’s support is wanting their own domestic terrorist group for themselves! See? That person is as dangerous as Ted Nugent is. Both should be in prison to keep the sanctity of our nation intact!


How many women has James O’Keefe raped, sexually assaulted, videotaped and stolen their panties as a prize for himself?

Man, oh man. The night of Andrew Breitbart’s death, he was on Twitter defending James O’Keefe against a guy named Neal Rauhauser (and Lamar White Jr.!). Neal wrote three weeks ago online, “I thought last night was just another of our periodic Twitter spats, but the stress of the recent revelations from Nadia Naffe regarding misbehavior on the part of James O’Keefe, and perhaps the half snarky revelations found in the Kookpocalypse torrent, which I released on February 6th, the anniversary of last year’s HBGary break in, appear to have been too much for him. Breitbart collapsed while out for a walk, minutes after his last tweet, was transported to a local hospital, and pronounced dead.“.

Defending James O’Keefe killed Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart died saying O’Keefe isn’t a felon and ole Breitbart’s heart couldn’t take it anymore. Breitbart just knew everyone was lying!

Uh ha.

Okay, Andrew. Whatever you say! You’re dead now and now the living still have some questions after Nadia Naffe wrote the following about YOUR BEST BUDDY FOREVER, JAMES O’KEEFE: Part I, My Time As An Accomplice To Convicted Criminal James O’Keefe and Part 2, The Barn Incident.


(image created by KayInMaine of White Noise Insanity)

Here are some questions I have of James O’Keefe:

How many women or girls have you videotaped without their knowledge in your mommy’s barn or in a place provided to you at the cost of the wealthy right wingers you work for?

How many women or girls have you videotaped sexually assaulting them?

How many women or girls have you raped in your lifetime and have you ever videotaped them while doing so?

How many women’s or girl’s panties do you currently own that are of strangers and not your sister’s sitting in the laundry basket down in the basement of your mommy’s house?

How many women or girls have you drugged by slipping something into their drink, so you could rape, sexually assault, hold against their will, and videotape the whole crime scene for your viewing pleasure later on?

Are you parents proud of you?

How deep is your paranoia and does your paranoia make you distrust women to the point of rage?

Have you ever gone to a psychiatrist to talk to him or her about yourself?


Is Glenn Beck setting up Louis Farrakhan to take the blame for President Obama’s assassination?


Yesterday morning, Glenn Beck started his radio show out with an audio of Louis Farrakhan talking about Obama and “satan” and he told his listeners that what Farrakhan is saying is that Farrakhan is getting ready to assassinate President Obama.

Say wha?

Here’s a transcript of what Beck played for his listeners yesterday (found on Beck’s website) (emphasis mine):

[Farrakhan] “We voted for our brother, Barack. Beautiful human being with a sweet heart. And now he’s an assassin. They’ve turned him… into them. You didn’t hear me. They turned. They brought him to England. See? Oh, now he can stay in Buckingham palace. Nobody stayed there. Just a few presidents. Why him? Why? See, we know this enemy. Satan deceived the whole world. You talk about a man killing his own people when you lie to the American people saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who come to serve their country and send them to die in Iraq, in Afghanistan, over lies, that’s a murderer in the White House! Who will say it?

The funniest part about Beck playing this audio and making the whole thing out as the “creepiest moment of all time” bullshit is when Beck and his sidekick played the audio, they both realized in a second after it was done playing that Farrakhan was talking about George Bush, you know, our enemy>>>>satan! As soon as they realized that, his sidekick mentioned George Bush and then Beck said something to the effect of, “And then Farrakhan goes on to say that Obama must be assassinated”. Quickly, the show went to a commercial break.

Uh ha. Did you look like a couple of assholes? Yep! You did!

Seems to me Farrakhan is saying he’s upset that one of his “brothers” (meaning….an African American) has been brainwashed by the Great Satan and nowhere does he say that he wants Obama assassinated. He did say, however, if President Obama is killed it will be the Muslims who will be set up as the assassins when it won’t be them who did it.


What does Glenn Beck know about President Obama’s assassination? Maybe he’s setting up his robotic brainwashed anti-Obama worshipers to believe TODAY that Farrakhan wants Obama dead, is conspiring to assassinate the president, when really, it’s Glenn Beck and his Mormon Militia Men who will be behind the assassination? Hey could be. This is what Glenn Beck is very good at: putting the seeds of lies into the minds of the ignorant, so when there’s an assassination attempt or President Obama is assassinated, they will blame Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and will refuse to believe that it was THEM who tried or accomplished the assassination of our great president!


Here’s what I think is going on…..

Glenn Beck and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel are best buddies. Beck the Mormon would die on behalf of Israel. Kind of an interesting friendship don’t you think? Who is getting in their way right now in a full blown war with Iran? President Obama is. Who is setting America up right now to attack Iran using Israeli “intelligence” to fake the world out that Iran is a threat to the whole planet? Israel is. When was the last time we witnessed this kind of warmongering and lies? After 9/11 when George Bush and Israel used lies to get the whole world on their side to attack Iraq, you know, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at all!




How John Boehner sparks economic progress: “Cut the C-SPAN video! Cut the microphones! We are not going back to work, because I’ve got a golf game to finish!”

Can’t allow the Democrats to speak on the floor of the US House, because “In Session” means a prayer and a gavel hitting the podium prohibiting anyone (especially one of those pesky Democrats who want to see progress in America!) from actually speaking when In Session!


From under the YouTube video above:

This morning, Speaker Pro Tempore Jeff Denham, under orders from Speaker Boehner, refused to allow Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn to speak on the floor and call for the payroll tax cut conference committee to get to work.

It’s time for House Republicans to immediately begin working with Democrats on a long-term agreement to extend the payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans—and avoid taking us to the point of brinkmanship once again.

Americans are out of work and we’ve got work to do, but Republicans are out of session. We can’t wait.

SHORTER BONER: “No tax cuts for you Middle Class! Tax cuts are only for the rich who don’t create jobs when there’s a black man living in the White House!”. See?


Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment?

Bah hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahahaha! But isn’t he the savior of the republic party who is going to save the world from Obama? Too funny! I’m sure the women he sexually harassed are still having nightmares about him touching them. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, any republican touching a woman unwantedly is an image no one wants to live with! Republicans are greasy-haired gross religious cultists. Only people who are the same in nature would welcome being sexually harassed!


Ole Herman says the charges against him aren’t true, but of course, being a republican, he has to say that to save face!

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