A wingnut kills 14 in a Colorado movie theater…

…and you know what that means! It means Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh are to blame. Yes, that’s right: THEY’RE TO BLAME. Both of those assholes with a national microphone are causing the reich wing armed militias in America to go off the deep end. When will these two be arrested for terrorizing the nation!!!

She’s to blame too…


MAINERS: Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Clear Channel, Premiere Radio Network, Rush Limbaugh Show, WGAN560…


(image found on Progressive Centralist’s Facebook Page)

Mitt Romney is the Head of the SNAKES when it comes to the men and the entities who are against women’s reproductive rights and all rights.  Maine women (and the men who support our rights!) can sign the following petition to pull Rush Limbaugh’s show from our airwaves here: CLICK HERE WITH GUSTO!

With this  in mind, it was no accident recently when Mitt Romney came to the defense of Rush Limbaugh’s comments calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” by saying out loud for women to hear all across our country, “…not language I would have used”. He was saying to Rush in effect, “Rush, you were right to label her those things, but I would have used different words than you did”. Seriously, WTF! Then, last night Rush Limbaugh goes on his website and issues an “apology” (not really!) to Sandra Fluke and saying essentially the same thing as his boss, Romney: “My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.”


Okay, so let’s recap, shall we Mainers? Here’s the lineup: Mitt Romney owns Bain Capital, he also owns Premiere Radio Networks (a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel) of which airs the Rush Limbaugh Show on WGAN560 which also airs shows by men who demean women, such as, Mike Violette of the Ken & Mike Morning Show. See? It’s all you need to know. Mitt Romney is the Head of the SNAKES.


Rush Limbaugh is a tiny bit paranoid at the moment…


From the Huffington Post:

A bomb squad was sent to Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach, Fla., residence Thursday evening after security personnel discovered a suspicious package on the premises, WPTV reports.

According to the Palm Beach Daily News:

Palm Beach Police spokesman Fred Hess said the package appears to not be dangerous or hazardous. He said it was delivered late this afternoon and was X-rayed, as is all mail sent to the Limbaughs’ home. When Limbaugh’s staff saw what appeared to be wires in the package through the X-ray, they called police.The package originated from a Pennsylvania man offering Limbaugh “a business opportunity,” police said. Inside was an “electronic [plaque] commemorating the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth.”

Now, why would Rushie be so paranoid right now? He’s been so nice to women lately on his radio show! He tells us he loves women for crying out loud! LOL

Good, I hope that fucking fat bastard spends his days paranoid. He deserves it!


After lambasting Anthony Weiner on the air, Rush Limbaugh is asked about his illegal-Viagra-Dominican-Republic scandal and comes unglued!


Yep, ole Rushkins came unglued today when asked about HIS SCANDAL by a caller on the air. Now why is that? Why would Rush freak out about anyone asking him about his “innocent time” in the Dominican-Republic back in 2006 when he got caught in the airport with illegal Viagra on return to the United States? Is it because there’s underage girls involved? Or maybe it’s boys! (you never can be too sure these days!) I don’t know, but we need to find out! I’m sure Rush being so Mr. Honest will tell us the whole story! And he’ll resign, because we’re being told this week by the tea bags that republicans always resign when they’re caught doing things they shouldn’t be. See?


Rush Limbaugh and one of his callers lied about the turnout at President Obama’s rally in Wisconsin

This is not surprising. Rush Limbaugh and his worshipers so badly want President Obama to fail that they’re willing to blatantly lie about the crowd size showing up to support our great president! The caller to Rush yesterday said that President Obama couldn’t get enough people to fill the building. And boy did Rush squeal with delight!  The caller said that not even college students wanted to go see President Obama! Well, turns out 26,000 STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND CITIZENS SHOWED UP TO SEE OUR PRESIDENT YESTERDAY….

(this video is close to 40 minutes long)

From Fox Business:

Obama drew more than 26,000 people Tuesday at the University of Wisconsin, where he appealed to young voters — who tend to favor Democrats but are less likely to go to the polls — to back his party. The mood was reminiscent of triumphant rallies late in his 2008 presidential campaign.

William Galston of the Brookings Institution called Obama the “best card that Democrats can play” to energize voters to stave off potentially steep losses in November. Polls show an enthusiasm gap, with Democrats less likely than Republicans to vote in the mid-term elections.

Uh oh. Someone is lying again and he has an “R” after his name! Speaking of that, have you noticed how Christine O’Donnell who said she could never lie to anyone (even Hitler if she was hiding Jews in her home in WWII!) is just lying her ass off!


Rush Limbaugh wants you to believe that a nuclear attack and hurricane damage warrants the same kind of emergency response


I don’t have the audio of this buffoon’s statement, but today on his pathetic hate-show, Rush Limbaugh was telling his worshipers that President Obama has stated if there was a nuclear attack in America or overseas, we should not expect any response from the Federal government within 72 hours. Makes sense to me, does it you? Considering the amount of people who will be dead and the nuclear fall out around the impact site, I bet it could be a few weeks before anyone could get near the area for crying out loud! Oh, but Rush Limbaugh used this to make Obama out to be an incompetent leader and one who wouldn’t care about you. He asked, (paraphrasing), “What would be the difference in response from say….a hurricane? I don’t know folks but I think our president wouldn’t be there for you if there was ever an attack on our nation!”. Oh yes! A hurricane is the same as a nuclear bomb! *cringe* *kicking that fat asshole in his groin*

Gawd I hate Ass Limbo.



If President Obama passes health care reform, Rush Limbaugh says he will move to Costa Rica where they have Universal Health Care!


(image created by KayInMaine of White Noise Insanity)

Take that President Obama! Bah hahahahahahaha! Rush Limbaugh is an America-hating, big, fat, slobbering, hypocritical, traitor! But hey, he’s in good company being the leader of the republic party. His buddy Rick Perry of Texas loves America so much he wants Texas to leave the union! See? How many more right wing idiots are out there? Actually, who cares! So long Rush! Lots of peasants down there in Costa Rica to tend to ALL of your needs! Sick phucker….


Rush Limbaugh tells us the health care system in a foreign land is THE BEST

Well, that’s good. Up until yesterday, most of us didn’t know where Honolulu, Hawaii was on a map and thought all that go there and inhabit that land were from Kenya, but thanks to the Leader of the Republican Party, Ass Limbo, we have been set straight. Turns out, this foreign land has the best health care system on the planet according to Mr.-$50,000,000-a-year, Rush Limbaugh! Hell, he even vacations in this foreign land too along with the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. So, it’s official now: FOREIGN LANDS HAVE BETTER HEALTH CARE THAN THE UNITED STATES DOES!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Now that we’ve been informed that the foreign land Honolulu, Hawaii has the best health care system in the world, how come the doctors, nurses, and specialists at the hospital still don’t know what caused the severe chest pains of Ass Limbo? Huh? I thought Hawaii had the best health care system in the world?

CONFUSED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a hospital overnight complaining of chest pains

*slapping my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud*


And can someone please explain to me why the head of the republican party was in a foreign land called Honolulu, Hawaii over the holidays? Maybe he’s a Kenyan! Hey could be!

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