Did Anonymous jam the GOP’s “ORCA” system the day of the election to keep Karl Rove from stealing the election for Romney?

Hey, could be! Nothing would surprise me at this point when it comes to Karl Rove and his dirty tricks! He was awfully confident Romney was going to win on election night. He was also literally shocked that Romney didn’t win the key states too. Poor Karl (along with his cohorts!). It’s very possible Anonymous foiled Rove’s 2004-like attempt to steal the 2012 presidential election!

I must have been living under a rock before the election because I don’t remember any mention of the ORCA system. The only time I heard about it was on election day when the right wing was saying how proud they were of their get-out-the-vote system. (Did you hear about it before then?) Apparently their ORCA system didn’t work out the way the GOP had planned. We all saw how Karl Rove reacted that night when the election he knew “for sure” was going to go to Romney in a “landslide” and then it didn’t happen. Anonymous believes that what GOPers were experiencing with ORCA was just a front (and as you can see by this person’s experience with it, the whole thing was a farce with obvious mistakes!) and the real ORCA system was attached to computers at polling places such as Ohio to steal votes for Romney and to steal the election for him.

Did you get that? The real ORCA was to steal the election with and the other ORCA that 30,000 Romney-worshipers were using was just a farce! Maybe this is why Romney had purchased so many fireworks for his “win” that night! LOL! He thought he and Karl had fooled even their own people!

Anyway, from what Anonymous has written in this letter, they got ahold of ORCA and drove a harpoon through it! Yesiree, they jammed the real ORCA on election day and Romney lost.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I hope it’s true and I hope Anonymous sends the codes and other information they say they’ve retrieved from Rove’s ORCA system to the appropriate authorities so we can see this image come to fruition finally….


What do you think? Think Anonymous did this? I can see a bunch of computer geeks doing such a thing.  I truly hope they did!


Karl Rove gets his ass kicked by Code Pink at his book signing!

You know Karl Rove is having a bad day when ONLY 100 people show up at his book signing and out of those 100 people Code Pink is there! Not only did Code Pink call Rove a war criminal, but they shouted over him so much that ole Karl had to leave his own book signing without signing one book!


From Los Angeles News (emphasis mine):

There were several heated exchanges between Rove and his critics before he decided he had enough and he left the stage.

He called one detractor a “lunatic.” He told several others repeatedly to “get the heck out of here.”

Bryan reported that security was apparently lacking and Rove was “left to fend for himself.”

Awwwww, no one was there to defend Karl Rove. I guess Rove know understands what the people of Iraq went through all these years after his Master lied our nation into an illegal occupation to kill innocent people all in the name of oil! Spit.


Is it bad that President Obama has kept some of George Bush’s people in their positions?


Nope, and I’ll tell you why. By doing so, President Obama has basically cut off the testicles of the right wing of this country, because as Karl Rove proved recently…..blaming Michael Teiter of the National Counterterrorism Center for the failures of the Christmas Day bombing attempt, he’s basically blaming George Bush!

Oh man I love it. What is the right wing going to run on this year during the 2010 mid-term elections when President Obama has kept in some of George Bush’s key people from his 8 years of terror and has kept a portion of George Bush’s policies in place? Huh? Anyone know?

George Bush’s policies don’t work and they’re un-Constitutional!

For a political party who is always touting how big and strong their ‘toolbox’ is between their legs and how it’s only the white republican who can save our country from sheer disaster, I guess it’s President Obama who will be holding up your testicles at the end of this year for the country to see! I smell some victory do you? Bah hahahahahahahahaha!

After the mid-term election is over and even if the republicans pick up a few seats in the Senate, President Obama is going to do a 180 degree turn from what he’s done over the last year. He will try to push through some real change and you watch…..the right wing will continue to block and they may be successful. And guess what? President Obama will then use the right wing’s “We Hate Americans! Don’t Care If You’re Safe Or Not!” meme against them in 2012!


Actions sometimes have consequences;


Actions sometimes have consequences;

Opponent of ‘You Lie’ Rep. raises $96,000 overnight

However congresscritter you lie;

Exposed: Obama speech disrupter received $240,000 from healthcare industry; Largest industry donor

Me thinks the you lie outburst was connected to the payola he received from health care lobbyists more than the delusions he is under about the claim he made which is demonstratively false;

From FactCheck.org:

One Republican congressman issued a press release claiming that “5,600,000 Illegal Aliens May Be Covered Under Obamacare,” and we’ve been peppered with queries about similar claims. They’re not true. In fact, the House bill (the only bill to be formally introduced in its entirety) specifically says that no federal money would be spent on giving illegal immigrants health coverage:


Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

Also, under current law, those in the country illegally don’t qualify for federal health programs. Of interest: About half of illegal immigrants have health insurance now, according to the nonpartisan Pew Hispanic Center, which says those who lack insurance do so principally because their employers don’t offer it.

Which means when the idiot screeched you lie he wasn’t being honest as well as violating the decorum required of congresscritters when ever the president Of the united states addresses the joint sessions of congress.

But then again he is from the state where;

South Carolina, where the Nullification Crisis even predates their traitorous activity during the civil war.

South Carolina first shots fired to start the Civil War

South Carolina Rep Preston Brooks almost beats US Senator Charles Sumner to death on Senate floor after Sumner gives Speech against slavery.

South Carolina gave us Senator Strom Thurmond…need I say more?

South Carolina ranks 48 out of 50 on the Americas Health ranking IE it is near the bottom.

South Carolina, where Karl Rove used the untrue smear that John McCain fathered a African-American baby, so bush could recover from his loss in New Hampshire, to use the bigoted racists (like the congresscritter) to win there.

South Carolina Rep Joe Wilson first representative to call first black president of the untied states a liar from the floor of the house!

But then again South Carolina ranks 47th in the nation on both the ACT and SAT, can’t expect too much from them can we?

After all they have re-elected congresscritteryou lie more then once.

Too bad the republicans haven’t been honest or truthful through out the debate,

They hyped disinformation and out right lies,

Sent people to deny Americans their first amendment rights to speak, when their congress critter held town halls,

They spread lies through the corporate owned MSM all for the continued obscene profits of the same corporations which have created the health care mess we are currently facing ….

What a bunch of WATBs, but then again they have always been that also.

As an addendum,

Opponent of ‘You Lie’ Rep. raises $405,000 in a day

This seems to be congresscritter you lie(R-idiotville) macaca moment.

The donor page is available here.

Now it is $596,029 9:10 PM


Karl Rove still carrying the water for the Bush liars

Ummm Karl? *pointing to picture below*


Remember when you were almost arrested for treason, Karl? Remember that? Now what would make an American citizen so pissed off that she would walk across the stage and try to slap some cuffs on ya? And remember all the times you lied for, protected, and carried the water for George Bush and his Mafia Cabal? Huh? Remember all that? And remember the time you were so elated when George Bush “won” the 2004 election when you knew damn well the RNC and Ohio’s Ken Blackwell had stolen the election in the middle of the night while Americans slept? Well, you have some nerve saying our current Vice President, Joe Biden, is a liar or a “serial exaggerator and blowhard”! In fact, Americans will never forget how much of a liar Dick Cheney the last vice president was! Holy cow Karl! Oh, but you, you’re still carrying the water for the Bush Cabal and want Americans to believe that they were much loved and would never ‘stoop to Joe Biden’s level’.


Americans still despise you and with good reason, Karl. It’s because you were a liar, a spinner, a serial exaggerator, and a blowhard hell bent on defending the crimes of the Bush Cabal. And you’re still doing it….carrying the water for your pathetic useless political party too.  You should be in prison along with them, Karl, and the fact that you’re free to roam the earth is an abomination!!!

By the way Karl, not many people in this country liked George Bush. In fact, we despised him, so the following conversation Joe Biden says happened:

“I remember President Bush saying to me one time in the Oval Office, Well, Joe, I’m a leader.’, said George Bush.

And then Joe Biden saying back to George:

‘Mr. President, turn around and look behind you. No one is following.’”

Yep, I can see it happening. The only people who followed George Bush are the current crop of neck drooling knuckle draggers like Karl and others who believe George Bush was the best and most loved president of our country’s history. And they’re still following him. The rest of us with functioning brains and compassion in our hearts did not follow him nor will we ever. The End.


Why have republicans like Paul Weyrich worked so hard to deny the right to vote to so many Americans?

To the reich-wing trolls Paul Weyrich died in December and may he ROT IN HELL;

Paul Weyrich – “I don’t want everybody to vote” (Goo Goo)

Weyrich is the father or reich wing republican anti-american voter suppression so they can steal elections instead of fairly winning them within the RULES

He just didn’t give a speech, he actively helped the right wing of the Republican Party create the dishonest machinery of voter suppression people like Harris in 2000 and Blackwell in 2004 used to deny United sates citizens from exercising the most basic right of a citizen, the right to freely choose their own leaders.

Things like;

Photo ID laws

The Republican Party has passed photo ID laws in seven states, including Indiana and Georgia. This disproportionately affects minority and elder voters who do not have driver’s licenses and lean towards voting Democratic. For example, about 12 retired nuns in South Bend, Indiana, were barred from voting in Indiana’s 2008 Democratic primary election because they lacked photo IDs required under a state law which the Indiana Supreme Court upheld in April 2008. John Borkowski, a South Bend lawyer volunteering as an election watchdog for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said, “This law was passed supposedly to prevent and deter voter fraud, even though there was no real record of serious voter fraud in Indiana.”

Purging voter rolls

In 2008, more than 50,000 registered Georgia voters were purged from voter rolls because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. At least 4,500 of those people must prove their citizenship to regain their right to vote. The state may make the burden impossible to meet. For example, the state of Georgia gave college senior Kyla Berry one week to prove her citizenship in a letter dated October 2, 2008. Unfortunately, the letter was postmarked October 9, 2008. However, Berry is a U.S. citizen, born in Boston, Massachusetts with a passport and a birth certificate to prove it. Wendy Weiser, an elections expert with New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice said, “What most people don’t know is that every year, elections officials strike millions of names from the voter rolls using processes that are secret, prone to error and vulnerable to manipulation.”

Just in case ya didn’t know, Georgia has a republican governor and Sec of State.

They were just following in the footsteps of Katherine Harris who did the very same thing in 2000 in Florida;

Florida Central Voter File

Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state, Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, distributed the scrub lists produced by the cleansing process to counties and ordered the 57,700 people identified as “ex-felons” to be removed from voter rolls. Together the lists comprised nearly 1% of Florida’s electorate and nearly 3% of its African-American voters.

the facts;

In Florida during the 2000 presidential election, some non-felons were banned due to record-keeping errors and not warned of their disqualification before they no longer had the right to contest it.

In other words, many people on the list were NOT even a felon, they just shared a name with someone from ANOTHER state who was a felon, or some people had their right to vote reinstated before she illegally stole that right.

But Harris succeeded to throw the election in Florida to Bush in 2000 by her traitorous activity of denying US citizens their constitutional right to vote. In a sense she stole the election before she helped steal the election by blocking the counting of all the votes.

2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal

In the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal, Republican officials attempted to reduce the number of Democratic voters by paying professional telemarketers in Idaho to make repeated hang-up calls to block Democrats’ ride-to-the-polls phone lines on election day.

2004 presidential election

Allegations surfaced in several states that the group called Voters Outreach of America had collected and submitted Republican voter registration forms while inappropriately disposing of Democratic registration forms.

What the shit stack said to do in 1980, prevent American citizens who might not vote for you from voting at all;

Michigan Republican state legislator John Pappageorge was quoted as saying, “If we do not suppress the Detroit vote, we’re going to have a tough time in this election.”

2006 Virginia Senate election

During the United States Senate election in Virginia, 2006, Secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections Jean Jensen concluded that the incidents of voter suppression appeared widespread and deliberate. Documented incidents of voter suppression include:
* Democratic voters receiving calls incorrectly informing them voting will lead to arrest.
* Widespread calls fraudulently claiming to be “Webb Volunteers,” falsely telling voters their voting location had changed.
* Fliers paid for by the Republican Party, stating “SKIP THIS ELECTION” was allegedly an attempt to suppress African-American turnout.

A particularly reprehensibly form of voter suppression practiced by republicans acting out the designs of voter denial for opponents of republican candidates;


Which under the National Voting Rights Act of 1993 (NVRA) should be illegal, but the Bush DOJ never enforced the law as usual.

Pre Election Day Operations New Registration Mailing

At whatever point registration in the state closes, a first class mailing should be sent to all new registrants as well as purged/inactive voters. This mailing should welcome the recipient to the voter rolls. It is important that a return address is clearly identifiable. Any mail returned as undeliverable for any reason, should be used to generate a list of problematic registrations. Poll watchers should have this list and be prepared to challenge anyone from this list attempting to vote.

* Shortly before the 2004 election, Palast also obtained a caging list for Jacksonville, Florida, which contained a high number of African Americans and registered Democrats. The caging list was attached to an email which a Florida Republican party official was sending to RNC headquarters official Tim Griffin.

Who BTW worked directly for Karl; Rove

* The Republican National Committee sent letters to predominately urban minority areas in Ohio. When 35,000 letters were returned as undeliverable, the party employed poll watchers to challenge the voters. Voting rights groups challenged the RNC in a case that went to the Supreme Court, but the RNC was not stopped from challenging those voters. Similarly, the RNC sent out 130,000 letters in Philadelphia hoping to cage voters there. Philadelphia is a city with a majority African American population that votes heavily Democratic. The Republicans were attempting to cage votes by people who were likely to vote for the Democratic candidates.

* In the Ohio court challenge, the RNC submitted a caging list that targeted urban and African-American areas in and around Cleveland.

* Journalists found evidence that the Republican National Committee (RNC) attempted to use caging to suppress votes in five states in the 2004 US presidential election. For example, in New Jersey RNC officials used caging lists to challenge absentee ballots and absentee ballot requests.

The reason I find caging particularly reprehensible, is because caging catches anybody who is NOT living at their home of record but registered to vote there.

Caging is designed to go after college students, a block of voters who historically normally do not vote republican,

BUT it catches another subset of the voting public in similar circumstances as to living at their home of record;

DEPLOYED MILITARY MEMBERS especially ones deployed to combat zones where mail sometimes takes upwards of six weeks to arrive and six weeks to be returned.

When the republicans cage a heavily democratic leaning district, they also deny the right to vote to the very people who are actively defending that very right.

During the Bush administration they even allowed voting suppression activist like Hans von Spakovsky and Bradley Schlozman to actively work within the Justice department lead by Alberto Gonzales, to work the anti-american ideas of Weyrich into using federal power to suppress the rights of American citizens to vote.

Republican based voter suppression, something Weyrich helped create and foster to help his extreme ideology to attack the country is a historical fact, People like Weyrich are traitors to the US Constitution, and our country.

And I have no quarter to give to traitors,

whether they use bombs like Timmy McVeigh did,

or the machinery of the Republican Party to subvert the US Constitution.

May they both rot in hell.


Nancy Pelosi gives us the rundown on holding the Bush Regime accountable for their crimes & abuses

A lot of liberals and neocons hate and despise Nancy Pelosi. I get that. However, over the two years she’s been Speaker of the House and as her time as a Congresswoman, I’ve given her more credit than most and I’m telling you…my support of Nancy got me in a lot of trouble online. Yep, I got kicked off blogs and told that I was a “jackboot licker of the Democratic Party”, you know, liberals online used my definitions of the neocons against me! Nice huh? All because I said for years that we must make the Democratic Party strong by unifying and by supporting Nancy, our Speaker of the House who is a liberal at her core? Oh boy.

Well, anyway…

Rachel Maddow interviewed Nancy Pelosi recently about how Sen. Patrick Leahy’s is getting ready to put together a Truth Commission to get to the bottom of the last 8 years of the Bush Regime. Pelosi completely supports it. (Rachel makes the comment on her show that Nancy not wanting immunity for those who will testify against the Bush Regime could be the deal breaker. We’ll have to wait and see. With pressure from the American people, I think Nancy will do the right thing by accepting immunity for those key witnesses!). Not only does she support it, but she feels REAL crimes & abuses were committed, and to protect and respect the Constitution….she would love to see legal action taken against any of the Bush officials! Maddow pressed Nancy on what she knew in 2001 that the American people didn’t know about torture being done in our name and Nancy said (what I have said for years now!) she was told things that was highly classified and because she could not (and still can’t) divulge what she knew to anyone, this is why some Democrats voted in favor of the Iraq war, the Military Commissions Act, the Patriot Act and so on and so forth, because Nancy was unable to say, “Don’t vote for it and here’s why!”.

So, despite what we’re hearing about how President Obama doesn’t want investigations of the Bush Regime to go forth, we must understand that we have members of Congress who do want to investigate. The American people want investigations and if I know President Obama like I think I do, then when he feels the excitement of the American people when these investigations start, he will be completely on board! I just know it.


Does Karl Rove remember when George Bush had the deficit between $9-12 TRILLION or is he intentionally forgetting?

According to Karl Rove, the republicans are the ones who are winning today! Yep, after losing the 2008 election and getting a big ole spanking from the American people, the republicans are feeling joyous for their continued obstruction of progress in America!

Karl Rove’s own words (emphasis mine):

Congressional Republicans lack President Barack Obama’s bully pulpit and do not have the majorities that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid enjoy. But they are playing their hand extraordinarily well.

Over the past month, House Republicans have used the stimulus bill to redefine their party, present ideas on how to revive the economy, and force congressional Democrats and the president to take ownership of the spending programs soon to be signed into law.

The first smart move House Republicans made was to raise objections to specific parts of the House stimulus bill. Pointing out that there is money in the bill for condoms, livestock insurance, refurbishing the National Mall, and other outlandish things revealed that it is a massive spending spree, not an economic stimulus.

Where was Karl Rove when his Savior, George Bush, racked up the deficit between $9-12 TRILLION DOLLARS? Huh? Where was he!!!! Oh that’s right. The republic party is dead and they have no new ideas, nor do they have the ability to take responsibility of their own actions, let alone, see their own hypocrisy. Karl Rove was busy laying naked with Georgie in the hopes Georgie wouldn’t notice how much money he and his Thugs stole over the years! Protecting George and blaming President Obama now for what Georgie & this Thieves wrought on our nation was first and foremost!

Let’s just sit back and watch the republic party of America put their noose around their neck while pretending to be the party who is ‘modern, rational, and who are the experts’, when really we know THEY ARE NOT! They are the same lame-o party that blames liberals for everything they do….

Laughable. Sooooooooooooooooo laughable.

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