Hey Gov. LePage! Go fuck yourself again!

OMG, the Blaine House Monster is at it again. He’s lashing out in all directions at the media (including blogs), because he hates the fact that Maine is a small state and people are talking about the real him and his buddies! Well, guess what Monster, we ain’t gonna stop. Pppllllllbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……

Here’s the Blaine House Monster having a tirade right before his first meeting with Portland officials concerning Maine’s waterfront and our lobstermen:

He seems a little testy, huh? All Mafioso are like this. They don’t like the truth getting out and they certainly don’t like it when the media is onto them!

Norm Olson is the Commissioner of the Marine Resources, he quit his post recently and he gored the Blaine House Monster with a lobster tickle stick when he did! Yesiree, it was beautiful. You can read Norm’s resignation letter by CLICKING HERE which made the Blaine House Monster cooked-lobster-red after he read it. Norm knows lobstering and the waterfront like the back of his hand and he was pissed because the Monster refused to listen to him and his concerns, refused to bend on anything, threatened him, and ole Norm decided it was time to throw the trap overboard with the Monster’s mouth in it!

Good for Norm, but bad for Maine. Why? Because now the Monster is lashing out like a crazed lunatic as seen in the video above! Wow. How many lobsters will he pull the claws off before this tirade is over? I don’t want to know. It’s bad enough that we have to boil lobster alive. I can’t even imagine what pulling the claws off lobsters will do to them! Poor things.

I hate the Blaine House Monster. He’s a crazed lunatic and he should not be living in the Blaine House. He should be down in Florida where he loves to kick around the old people, you know, like they’re his servants or something.

By the way, besides giving his 22 year old daughter a $40,000/year job working directly with him while living in the Maine taxpayer funded Blaine House, how many jobs has the Blaine House Monster created? I’m still betting none!


The new RNC Chairman once stated that he wanted Obama to be executed…

The tea bags are setting the tone! Yep, they sure are. So far, it’s okay to tell anyone who is darker than pasty white that they can kiss your butt and when it’s time to pick your new RNC leader, you must choose the guy who wants President Obama dead, because setting the tone is very important to tea bags!

Here’s the new RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, talking about how executing Obama should not be construed to mean anything else but that…

More on Priebus HERE.

And here’s Maine’s Messiah telling the Maine Chapter of the NAACP to kiss his butt…


LeRage says he has an adopted son from Jamaica, but some who know him believe this child is still a ward of the state and has not been legally adopted by him. So, which is the truth? Do we believe the lying son of a bitch in the Blaine House or do we believe those who know that in November of 2010 his son was still not legally adopted?

More right wing tone being set over the course of the week after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others were gunned down…

>Sarah “Blood Libel” Palin will be attending a gun rally after a whole week of telling us she’s all about non-violence and would never use gun scopes on any list she makes up against the Democrats! See?

>;Right wing libertarian Rand Paul is fine with increasing our nation’s debt, but hates the idea of poor children eating, needing shelter, or access to health care. See?

>Right winger Mike Lee thinks the labor laws we have in place right now protecting children are unconstitutional! Geee, really? Didn’t the Arizona shooter say a similar thing on his YouTube channel? He hates those Democratic laws that are in place! Hmmmm….

>Right winger Glenn Beck named 8 Jews as being the most dangerous people to ever live! But remember, when Helen Thomas said something mean about Israel, she lost her job because the right wing freaked out enough for her to quit! See? THE TONE HAS BEEN SET!

They’re setting the tone for the nation right now! Isn’t it great? Anything goes now!


FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin does not have a bullet in her head nor does she have a dead 9 year old child…

….but she does have some rabid supporters! Let’s go back and look at who truly supports Sarah Palin in America:


All of them believe (including Sarah Palin) that Obama is worse than they could ever be! See? Must be that ‘blood libel’ thingamabob they all adhere to!


Glenn Beck meeting with the Koch brothers and US Supreme Court justices Scalia & Thomas secretly?

Well, well, well….what do we have here? A secret right wing conspiracy to take over America and world domination via the extreme wealthy and powerful using Glenn Beck as their mouthpiece two times a day (radio in the morning and on al-FOXeera at night)?

YEP! And you believed Van Jones and Bill Ayers were the scary ones. Ha! Not even close!

From Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show last night….

Is it just me or is it laugh out loud funny that Glenn Beck has created all these false conspiracies against President Obama when really…..IT’S GLENN BECK WHO IS PART OF THE LARGEST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY OF ALL TIME (with an exception of 9/11/01 of course)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I smell Bilderberg but with a different name!

I bet I was correct when I wondered out loud the other day if Glenn Beck is poisoning himself to get sympathy from his worshipers and only went out West to meet with his World Domination Mormon Militia Members instead of getting “testing done” that he could have had done in either NYC or Connecticut!

If you listen carefully to Beck’s radio show, he’s always talking about secret meetings with rich people. HE HATES YOU POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS LISTENERS! He lives for The Haves and the The Have Mores just like George Bushitler does! (Georgie tells us he misses being pampered! Awwwwww, GO TO PRISON YOU WAR CRIMINAL ASSHOLE!)


Glenn Beck is being poisoned now? *rolling eyes*


If Glenn Beck is being poisoned, then I’m going to guess it’s Glenn Beck who is poisoning himself, because this is a guy who is paranoid about everything (he even once said the FBI was protecting him from a crazed gunman one night during one of his shows because a PSYCHIC told him his life was in danger!) while at the same time, he’s concocting up ridiculous chalkboard conspiracies against President Obama and the liberals in this country, so he needs to have his Mormon Militia Listeners feel sorry for him by concocting up a poisoning conspiracy (along with his loony sidekicks!) against him!

He says he’s going out West to have some testing done. He’s probably going out there to meet with the terrorist groups he’s formed with his 2 national microphones a day every time he opens his mouth! Seriously, how many MORE OF THESE KINDS OF INCIDENTS have to happen for Americans to realize that Glenn Beck is more dangerous than Hitler or George Bush? Huh?


Liz Cheney believes everyone but her daddy has blood on their hands!

My, my, my…..Liz Cheney speaketh again. This time she’s flailing about like Eva Braun on her wedding night (before the suicide!) as if everyone is to blame for what the man in her life did! But hey, when you’re the daughter of a War Criminal Nazi (he was responsible for the deaths of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis/Afghans!), I suppose you have to publicly blame everyone else for your daddy’s bloody hands. See?

When Lizard’s daddy revealed Valerie Plame as a covert agent during a time of war, Lizard was fine with that. She didn’t even blink! Hell, if her daddy had tortured, raped, and murdered a 10 year old girl, she wouldn’t have blinked either! Liz believed her daddy when he said exposing Valerie and her covert CIA company, Brewster Jennings, didn’t result in anyone dying, so therefore, it was all good and no blood on his hands. But! I did some research years ago and found over on the CIA’s memorial online a covert agent DID DIE IN 2003 and to this day I believe this person was most likely sitting in a spy session in Iran and was killed by the enemy thanks to her daddy and his Brownshirts big America-hating mouths!

Here’s the list of CIA personnel who have died over the years. In 2003, there was one star indicating an agent had died and even after death cannot have his or her name publicly revealed (click on image for larger view)….


Dick Cheney and his war criminals have blood on their hands! According to Lizard, the WikiLeaks founder is the one who does! Yes, that’s right. It’s okay for her daddy to lie a nation into illegal occupations, it’s okay if he exposes an American spy and it’s front company during a time of war, it’s okay for him to have an assassination list (to shut up that lady who exposed Osama bin Laden was really dead!), but it’s not okay….



If you mowed your lawn this weekend, you have blood on your hands according to Liz. If you have a blog that is not in favor of the Cheney War Criminals, then you have blood on your hands too. Hell, everyone is to blame but the bloody hands of America’s #1 Crime Unit: REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE!



BigGovernment.com wants you to hate black Americans

SIDEBAR NOTE RIGHT OFF THE BAT: Biggovernment.com is doing nothing to reduce the size of government. As Reagan implied once, big government is the problem! Hey, for once I agree with that asshole who ruined Ameirica!


Biggovernment.com blames black Americans for our problems. Just read down through their posts and you’ll see what I mean. They’ve been on a witchhunt since President Obama got into office, because they obviously believe he is to blame for George Bush’s policies and war crimes. For instance, here’s a paragraph written by “Capital Confidential” (oh the love of secret money!) in her latest post about ACORN protesters who protested a bank branch (she obviously sides with the banks! Most teabaggers do!) in Missouri recently (emphasis mine):

The group was professionally organized by former Missouri ACORN Midwest director Jeff Ordower, in addition to Hannah Allison, the paid organizer for Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, the newly branded spawn of the Missouri ACORN employees. The group had everything set up. The protestors get inside the building, disrupt the operations, ignore the complaints of office staff, and continue until the police arrive. At that point, the two white organizers negotiate with the police, while the mainly black crowd goes out to the lobby. As more police and building security arrive, the group heads outside, where the organizers speak in measured tones to the compliant local media.

Is the color of their skin necessary to point out? Probably not. But hey! When you’re all about creating the Country Club Party v. The Blacks of America and you want the Country Club Party to win, well then, I suppose you would have to!

Has Biggovernment.com exposed yet that Fox News and Andrew Breitbart are the ones who showed the public EDITED TAPES OF A FAKE PIMP & PROSTITUTE GOING AFTER ACORN and refusing to tell the whole story of how the ACORN employee right after these two schmucks left the building, HE CALLED A FRIEND TO REPORT THE CRIME HE JUST WITNESSED? Oh wait. The facts! That’s something Breitbart and his cronies don’t like to hear and I’m sure not one of them reported how James O’Keefe PLEAD GUILTY for being a right wing hack?

It’s all about the facts. The right wing hates them! Andrew BreitBARF stated once that he was going to go after President Obama like the left wing went after George Bush for 8 years. Really? Ummmmmmm, we went after Georgie with FACTS, Andrew. Where are your facts? Huh? YOU HAVE NONE! So don’t say you’re doing what the liberals are doing when we were the ones who screamed about the following TRUTH GEORGE BUSH TOLD DURING HIS REGIME YEARS, and you neocons SAID NOTHING!…..

Oh wait! Andrew is too busy blaming President Obama and ACORN for George’s illegal occupation! Nevermind. He doesn’t have time for facts!


Who are America’s terrorists again? Arab Muslims or right wing nutcases like Byron Williams?

Some days it’s very difficult to tell the difference between al-Qaeda members and the right wing nutcases in America. Seriously, right now I’m having a very hard figuring out of Byron Williams is a true blue Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Revolution supporter or if he’s a member of al-Qaeda!

Byron Williams (and his mother!) are wicked scared of the left wing Congress. Yes, that’s right. He’s afraid of health care for everyone American who wants it, he’s afraid of what financial reform will do to America’s CEO’s, and he’s afraid that George Bush might really be the cause of our nation’s problems, but yet, can’t seem to find a way to show that except to click his jackboots together and stretch his arm straight to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck his saviors!


Here’s a well armed Byron Williams (thanks Clif and Crooks and Liars for the video!) having a shootout with California police (it’s a 9 minute video taken by witnesses)….all because he’s scared of liberals, you know, the people in this country who want to make America a better place!…..

Can you say Beck-Palin-Paranoia?

Here’s Byron the Big Bad Right Winger crying and whining about his leg hurting after it was shot by police (he’s alive in serious but stable condition) right before he was arrested during his one man ridiculous revolution against something he knows nothing about….

And we want these wingnuts in control of the US House and Senate after the November mid-term election is done and over with? We want them in powerful positions? NO THANKS! I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND I KNOW WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS IN POWER AGAIN AFTER 8 YEARS OF BUSH & CHENEY…..IT WILL SUFFER!

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