Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

We as a nation have a lot to be thankful for this year. President Obama was reelected for a 2nd term! Woohoo! Of course, with every win there’s a defeat and we all know that Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts isn’t doing too good after his. It’s like he suddenly realized on election night that one has to connect to the little people in this country to win, so it’s not surprising to me to see him doing regular average things that Americans do, such as pumping gas (is he really pumping it or is he just standing there while he waits for his driver to return to finish it for him???), and then there’s these hilarious photos of the Romney’s enjoying a “roller coaster ride” (the front cart is a train! LOL!).

What’s next for Mitty to “prove” to the American people he’s one of us really? I bet he and Ann will buy a frozen turkey (no more fresh turkeys raised especially for them!), some frozen peas & carrots, will make their own pies instead of having their Official Baker make them, will make turkey stuffing from a box, and I bet they’ll mash their own potatoes too! Yesiree, it’s hard work being an average American! Lots of green bean casserole for them this year!

Poor Mitty.

He’s trying to make up for all the times he was an asshole to the voters of this country.

I don’t see this ending well, do you?

How long before we find him in the gutter with all those homeless people? Oh wait! Mitty has way too many homes to be homeless! I bet he and Missus go to the Cayman Islands each Thanksgiving to show how thankful they really are.

He’ll be fine. He has money to shelter from taxes and count which makes his heart pump like the Grinch’s!



I bet Gen. Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley, and republican US House Representatives Eric Cantor & Mike Rogers were hoping for a Mitt Romney win!

My, oh my, how the right wingers do turn!

(image created by KayInMaine of White Noise Insanity)

Let’s see here, what do we know:

We know right wingers protect their own.

We know Jill Kelley down in Tampa, FL was the one who started the FBI investigation by calling her local FBI department (a person she knew there) to report some ‘threatening’ emails she was receiving that were allegedly targeting Gen. Petraeus.

We know Kelley worked with the Wounded Warriors Project.

We know the guy at the FBI in Tampa who was investigating these emails had a republican friend in the US House of Representatives, Eric Cantor.

We know Cantor alerted the FBI in DC, but did not tell anyone on the House & Senate Intelligence Committee except for right winger Mike Rogers (who was overseas when he got the call from Cantor). US Senator Diane Feinstein (on the Senate Intelligence Committee) said she learned of the affair from the news.

We know ‘someone’ didn’t notify Attorney General Eric Holder or the FBI’s Director Robert Mueller. (It’s not clear if they knew or if they were kept in the dark like everyone else was.)

We know for two weeks all of these right wingers above had the information about Petraeus’ affair and the national security threat it posed and did nothing.


Why would they sit on this information?

Aren’t they all republicans doing the work of the baby jesus?????

I KNOW THE ANSWER!!! BECAUSE THEY WERE HOPING MITT ROMNEY WON THE ELECTION SO IT COULD BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG! This is why President Obama did not know of the affair and the investigation into Gen. Petraeus until the DAY AFTER THE ELECTION!


I’m telling ya! It’s like the Iran-Contra scandal except it involves sex outside the marriage, emails, and right wingers keeping their mouths shut until after the election is over!

In 2014, Americans need to clean the tea tard turds out of the US House & Senate!



VIDEO: Romney worshipers trying to tell us what he stands for, what he’ll do, and why they like him…

Hilarious! It’s like the Bush tea tards are now supporting Mitty the Mormon! They know nothing about him but like the suit he wears and he’s white & republican! See?


Idiots! Try reading today……YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING, FOOLS!


Mitt Romney picked up paper plates one time in a football stadium!

Yesiree bobcats! Ole Mitty wants you to know that he’s the most amazing Hurricane Clean-Up Guy to ever live because one time when he was in high school, he picked up paper plates and styrofoam cups in a football stadium! See? Hurricane clean-up and picking up a football stadium: SAME KIND OF DAMAGE; SAME KIND OF MUSCLE POWER!


I’m telling ya people….I saw him struggling to pick up those grocery bags filled with canned goods he and his campaign bought the night before to pass out to their worshipers, so he could get his picture taken looking like he was helping out the victims of Hurricane Sandy! HE’S A MACHINE, PEOPLE! Besides, do you know how much muscle power you need to bag all those groceries back up and then bring them back to the store to get your money back??????? SOMEONE GET THIS MAN SOME MUSCLE RUB!



Mitt Romney refused to answer one question about FEMA…

….but he did get upset with the number of questions the media said they asked of him! Yep, he refused to answer one time about his position on FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but when a person of the media yelled that 14 questions were asked of him and he had refused to answer them, it was only then that he responded! Yep, he questions that number (14)! See? He heard every question being asked of him. This is how he will be if he’s elected by the SCOTUS after Tuesday’s election: A REGIME WORST THAN BUSH & CHENEY’S!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s an interesting quote I found from August 2010 about Glenn Beck (a Mormon):

“He is a practicing Mormon and Utah LOVES, loves, loves him. He has become their National voice…their own Mormon superstar. They think he maybe just the man to fulfill the Mormon prophecy (that many believe) that a Mormon will rise up and save America and the Constitution, which is tattered and torn. Just watch how fast Beck with throw Palin under the bus in 2012 and support Mitt. Beck is just setting the stage.

People, and Christian’s, should pay attention. Beck’s sermon’s have a lot more to do with his attempt to return this country to what he believes is God’s desire………….A Mormon America.” ~ Femme on PolitucusUSA

I think this person is onto something! I truly believe Beck & Mitty (both Mormons of course) conspired the Benghazi, Libya attack and that’s why ole Mitty came out minutes after Sec. of State Hillary Clinton did her press conference when the Benghazi attack was breaking. It’s interesting that he had a prepared statement already done to do that press conference. No wonder he was smirking when he left the room that day! Fucking bastard!


Mitt Romney and his SERIAL RAPIST FRIEND, Greg Peterson….

(image found on AddictingInfo’s site linked below)

Awwww, isn’t that just the cutest picture of these two? One loves raping women and the other one loves supporting the right of the rapist over women! Yesiree, ole Greg Peterson is a Mormon and is a serial rapist, and ole Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts is in mourning today because ole Greg “took his life” after being let out on bail after being charged with 25 counts of rape. This picture is taken in the cabin where ole Greggy the Mormon raped some women. Mitty doesn’t seem to mind being there does he? Nope. He’s there to raise himself some money! RAPE MONEY! Maybe this is why ole Mitty support Mourdock, you know, the guy who believes that babies created after being raped are a “gift from gawd”? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so freaking cute! Just what we want for president of our country: a guy who palled around with a serial rapist and who is going around the country telling women that they have to keep that baby after being raped by his friend Greg who deserves to be a dad!

I’m glad Greg is dead. No more women to suffer now. Thank gawd!


Mitt Romney’s best buddy (also a Mormon) charged with 25 counts of seriel-rape has now committed suicide….

He committed suicide? Or was he killed by the Rmoney Campaign to keep their lovely friendship a secret?

From the link above (via DailyKos):

Peterson has billed himself online as a “close personal friend of the Romney family,” and posted video on Youtube of Romney speaking at a 2007 fundraiser at Romney’s home in Deer Valley. He contributed $2,300 to the Romney campaign that year. In addition, he posted several photos of himself and Romney on his Facebook page.

But Chaffetz, who said he has been at most of the Romney events in Utah over the last few years, said he never saw Peterson at any of them. “I seriously doubt” he is close with the Romneys, Chaffetz said. Peterson did attend a national call day in Las Vegas, where supporters were invited to come and make phone calls for the Romney campaign, Chaffetz said.


[VIDEO]: Mitt Romney hires a bunch of drunken assholes to sing “America the Beautiful”…

Looks like Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts hates America! Either that or his campaign is so in debt right now that they have to hire the local guys at the bar to sing one of our nation’s songs!

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