Hillary Clinton got grilled by a bunch of right wing babies…

hillaryclintontakesstandonbenghaziforGOPchildren(image found on Democrats for Victory 2012′s Facebook page)

Embassy attacks under George Bush (anyone remember public hearings/investigations being done to find out what Bush knew and when he knew it? Nope! I don’t remember either!):

2002: U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked; 10 Killed, 51 Injured.
2004: U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan.Two locals killed, nine injured by suicide bombers.

2004: Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia. Five non-American consulate employees killed, seven Saudi security men killed

2006: Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria. One dead, several injured.

2007: Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens. From The New York Times:

2008: Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia. From The New York Times:

2008: Ten People Killed In Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen. 16 dead. From The New York Times

As Sen. Dick Durbin said at yesterday’s hearing: “I’d like to refer to five words for them to reflect on: Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. We were told by every level of government here there were Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that justified a war […] We’re still searching for those weapons […] We could have a hearing on that if you’d like.”

Yes, where were the hearings after 4,000 Americans were killed on our soil??????? How come no one asked why the Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, had stopped flying on commercial airliners the summer before 9/11/01????? So many questions should have been asked, so many people should have been fired (including Bush & Cheney!), but yet, anyone calling for an investigation or asking a tough question was deemed UNPATRIOTIC AND UN-AMERICAN!

Fuck off, conservaTARDS!


The vile hatemongering domestic terrorist Michael Savage now needs Hillary Clinton’s help!

My my my…the right wing fringe of this country has no problem using their microphones everyday across this country to spew their hatred against blacks, women, gays, Jews, those they deem as a minority to themselves, and against the religions that don’t support their own whacked ideologies…all the while acting like a bunch of domestic terrorists….but suddenly when they’re feeling like a “victim”….they want those they’ve denegrated to help them out!

Hey Mike, here’s how Hillary Clinton viewed one of your own. You might want to rethink yourself! Hillary will not be jumping up to help ya let’s just say…



Thank you President Obama for appointing George Mitchell of Maine as a Special Envoy to the Middle East!

(picture credit)

Wow, today was a great day. First off, I got to witness President Obama signing all four executive orders to and him explaining before signing each one that…Americans are not barbarians…and we can still catch the bad guys without acting like the bad guys. I’m telling you….it was a fantastic moment after living through 8 years of Bush Terrorism on so many levels! We don’t have to break our laws to be able to protect ourselves.

You can watch President Obama signing his executive order to close GITMO within a year, here:

Is it just me or is it nice to have a president who explains what he’s doing in a coherent, rational, and sane manner without an evil smirky grin on his face where you get the feeling you’re going to get screwed again?

Secondly, I also watched Hillary Clinton as she was well received at the State Department (it was estimated to be a crowd of a 1,000 people OUTSIDE who cheered her when she got out of the car) today. One reporter on MSNBC said the State Department has been starving for years for great leadership and they’re thrilled that Hillary is going to be there for them to have REAL discussions about foreign policy, to finally have someone who will listen to them and their ideas, and to have debates where there is disagreement. Love it! I guess this means Condi Rice sucked eggs. Obviously (and we know she did!).

Anyway….a short time later, Hillary held her first press conference as the new Secretary of State and then George Mitchell was announced by her as the new Special Envoy to the Middle East. Holy cow! A thrilling moment. There were many times before Obama picked Joe Biden to be his VP where I had hoped he would pick George Mitchell (HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE), because I knew he would be a perfect fit, but that doesn’t matter now, because President Obama has put George Mitchell in his Cabinet! I knew he would. See? I can get it right sometimes. LOL

We Mainers have a special attachment to George Mitchell, not only because he was our former US Senator and the peace-maker for Northern Ireland, but because he does have this special ability to bring everyone around the table to work towards peace and has enough political savvy to get the job done. He has a quiet resolve. I think he’s unique in this aspect and he will be a fantastic voice in bringing about some peace (or rationalism!) to the Middle East. Something tells me he is going to be well received over there. I can’t wait to see what he does.

Here are George Mitchell’s remarks today upon accepting his new role on behalf of the American people and the Middle East (transcript from the Washington Post):

MITCHELL: Thank you. Mr. President, Madam Secretary, I’m grateful to you for your kind words and for the confidence that you show in me and in Ambassador Holbrooke.

It’s a great honor for me to be able to serve our country again, and especially to do so with my friend and distinguished colleague, Richard Holbrooke.

I don’t underestimate the difficulty of this assignment. The situation in the Middle East is volatile, complex and dangerous. But the president and the secretary of state have made it clear that danger and difficulty cannot cause the United States to turn away.

To the contrary, they recognize and have said that peace and stability in the Middle East are in our national interest. They are, of course, also in the interest of Israelis and Palestinians, of others in the region and people throughout the world.

The secretary mentioned Northern Ireland. There, recently longtime enemies came together to form a power-sharing government to bring to an end the ancient conflict known as the Troubles. This was almost 800 years after Britain began its domination of Ireland, 86 years after the petition of Ireland, 38 years after the British army formally began its most recent mission in Ireland, 11 years after the peace talks began, and 9 years after a peace agreement was signed.

In the negotiations which led to that agreement, we had 700 days of failure and one day of success.

MITCHELL: For most of the time, progress was nonexistent or very slow. So I understand the feelings of those who may be discouraged about the Middle East.

As an aside, just recently, I spoke in Jerusalem, and I mentioned the 800 years. And afterward, an elderly gentleman came up to me, and he said, “Did you say 800 years?” I said, “Yes, 800.” He repeated the number again. I repeated it again. He said, “Ah, such a recent argument. No wonder you settled it.”


But 800 years may be recent, but from my experience there, I formed the conviction that there is no such thing as a conflict that can’t be ended. Conflicts are created, conducted and sustained by human beings; they can be ended by human beings.

I saw it happen in Northern Ireland, although admittedly it took a very long time. I believe deeply that with committed, persevering and patient diplomacy, it can happen in the Middle East.

There are, of course, many, many reasons to be skeptical about the prospect for success. The conflict has gone on for so long and has had such destructive effects that many have come to regard it as unchangeable and inevitable, but the president and the secretary of state don’t believe that.

They believe, as I do, that the pursuit of peace is so important that it demands our maximum effort, no matter the difficulties, no matter the setbacks. The key is the mutual commitment of the parties and the active participation of the United States government, led by the president and the secretary of state, with the support and assistance of the many other governments and institutions who want to help.

The secretary of state just talked about our long-term objective, and the president himself has said that his administration, and I quote, “will make a sustained push, working with Israelis and Palestinians, to achieve the goal of two states, a Jewish state in Israel and a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security.”

This effort must be determined, persevering and patient. It must be backed up by political capital, economic resources, and focused attention at the highest levels of our government. And it must be firmly rooted in a shared vision of a peaceful future by the people who live in the region.

At the direction of the president and the secretary of state, and in pursuit of the president’s policies, I pledge my full effort in the search for peace and stability in the Middle East.

Thank you.


Hillary’s PUMA retards want a Blog Award

OMG, this is so beautiful. Thank you Tbogg of FireDogLake for bringing this to our attention.

Does everyone remember right out of the gate in the Iowa Caucus how Barack Obama & Mike Huckabee won it and how Hillary Clinton & John McCain panicked, because they knew in that moment that the country was sick of both of them? Well, apparently Jennifer Beagle, a New PUMA Extraordinaire, in the following video still believes Hillary Clinton was the real winner last year throughout the campaign, is still crying about it, and doesn’t even want to think about how John McCain & Sarah Palin got their asses handed to them (along with the rest of the republicans throughout the country!)?!!!!

Meet Jennifer Lynn Beagle a member of the New PUMAs…

Oh yeah! Award winning! Welcome to the past everyone courtesy of the Hillary PUMA’s who are still stuck in it! Oh, and they, the PUMA’s, believe their blog, The Confluence, deserves an award…..because really…..when you live in Delusion Land, what better way to prove it than to believe you are the Best Liberal Blog on the Internet and to think that you can beat Wonkette online! Hey wait a minute. Liberal? The Confluence is a liberal blog? Ummmmm, I’m sorry….but where are the liberals at this PUMA blog? There are none! That’s the beauty of it. Remember…..DELUSION LAND is overcrowded today. LMAO!

By the way Jennifer, have you met Harriet Christian yet? Do you remember her? She was the old freak who was just like you….an angry ole nobody who believes Hillary Clinton is the 2nd Coming of Christ and who felt a black man could not win in America. Bah hahahahaha! She too lives in PUMA Delusion Land and believes she is better qualified to fill Hillary Clinton’s New York seat over Caroline Kennedy, so to prove it, she’s thinking of running for Hillary’s seat! :lol:   It’s gotta be dark and dreary living in PUMA Delusion Land with this many freaks in it…

And notice how Jennifer Beagle has given PUMA a different definition. It used to be “Party Unity My Ass”, but has now changed to, “Party Unity Means Action”, which sounds so nice on the surface, but for some reason when I listen to Jennifer cry and speak, something tells me if she had her chance she would be the first American to pull the trigger against Barack Hussein Obama. Do you get that feeling also? The only action I’m getting from Jenny’s video is she wants Americans to feel bad for her! And it’s not working. Awwwwwwww, kind of like Hillary Clinton’s campaign (shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell Jennifer this).

So, the New PUMAs believe they can beat Wonkette in the sarcastically funny Best Liberal Blog category, huh? Bah hahahahahahaha! Ah yeah, okay PUMAs! Whatever. Americans do know one thing, though. You deserve to be awarded The Most Lame-o & Pathetic Americans of All Time award. Just push the neocons aside and line up to get your awards, PUMAs! Well deserved.

Vote for Wonkette please….just to make the WATBs of the New PUMAs continue to feel suicidal in their delusion that they are the most hysterical, funny, and most wonderful “liberal” blog on the Internet! They’re making Hillary proud one day at a time, no? Funny how Hillary Clinton’s campaign is still in debt. Apparently the PUMAs really didn’t support her, but have used her in their quest to ‘feel pretty’ so they can say over and over again, ‘pick me! pick me! I’m so pretty!’. Sad.


Has Hillary Clinton accepted the Secretary of State position yet?

<br />

(this picture really has nothing to do with the post…I just threw it in because it’s hysterical!)

Well, has she accepted the position yet? It appears her camp is saying she is going to accept the offer of Secretary of State, but I’ve not read anywhere (or missed it on the news) that she has officially accepted.

What is going on here? First off, I don’t like the idea of so many former Clinton people being picked by Barack Obama to serve in his White House. Secondly, Barack’s campaign for the presidency was pretty much leak-proof until now, so how the hell do we know it was the Clinton camp who leaked that she was being considered for the SOS position just to pressure Barack into picking her to show some dominance over him?  Thirdly, if she hasn’t actually accepted the position, when will she? And what if she waits until the day of the inauguration to announce she doesn’t want it…leaving Barack hanging?


I’m sure Barack Obama has a back up already planned for SOS, so I’m really not worried about him being left hanging if Hillary doesn’t accept the position last minute….but man!….what kind of game is Hillary playing right now? The Control Freak Game? Gawd. Anyone else feeling itchy over this whole thing? I’ve been trying to figure out her motive and the only motive I can come up with (besides the control freak aspect of it) is that she’s testing her true supporters to find out what they want her to do. And yes, there is the issue of Bill’s records that needs to be sorted through, but something tells me that he’s flunked already and Hillary is playing this waiting game just to be an asshole and is trying to get a feel from her supporters on helping her make the choice!

What do you think? Am I being paranoid or can I just assume she’s the next Secretary of State and her not accepting today isn’t a big deal?


PUMA moron from Massachusetts drowns in rainstorm shortly after this interview

Poor Ms. Elizabeth. She was really thinking at the time she was doing this interview with Larry King that she had made a difference in the world. Little did she know, her gawd….had a different plan for her! Here’s Ms. Elizabeth with her nose in the air right before she drowned in a rainstorm:

And don’t you get the feeling that Ms. Elizabeth was at the Democratic National Convention saying things like, “Hey you! Yeah you with the dark skin….fetch my bags and bring them to my hotel room! And you…yeah you….get me a latte while she’s doing that!!!!”.

What an asshole!

I guess it is really true that gawd works in mysterious ways. Will all PUMA’s meet the same fate and will any of them admit the reason why they can’t support Barack Obama is because of the color of his skin and has nothing to do with their love for Hillary or for John McCain wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade?

I bet they won’t. Expect more drownings!

(hat tip to Chenzhen for posting this video HERE)


Hillary Clinton to speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention

We’ll know by the end of Hillary Clinton’s speech if she was mentally at the Democratic National Convention or if she was mentally at the Republican National Convention next week, if you know what I mean.

I’m really hoping Hillary gives a rousing speech tonight pointing out EXACTLY what John McCain stands for which is: EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE DIEHARD (non-Operation Chaos Hillary supporters) HILLARY SUPPORTERS STAND FOR!

Jees. You’d think the diehad longtime Hillary supporters would have done the necessary research online to understand what John McCain is all about. The only way they’ll find out now is if Hillary points it out in great detail tonight!

If she doesn’t point out why McCain will be at least 4 more years of George Bush & Dick Cheney’s policies, then we’ll know Hillary is already mentally at the Republican National Convention and wasted everyone’s time tonight why she did a rehearsal for it. Spit.

Something tells me, though, she’s gonna rock! She needs to for the sake of the country. The End.


Barack Obama sent his text-message at 3am, so where was Hillary Clinton at that time?

Oh, probably sleeping with visions of sugarplums dancing in her head! And even the Sean Hannity supporters are thinking the same thing!

I thought it was brilliant that Barack Obama sent out his text-message at 3am to his supporters announcing his pick for the Vice President slot. Barack Obama and Joe Biden were definitely awake at 3am as was a good portion of the country waiting in anticipation for Barack’s “call”.  Hillary was most likely sleeping. Nice.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s supporters will now focus on helping her pay back her campaign debt which is now over $30 million dollars. Oh wait! The HC supporters are lazy and would much rather sit back and complain about that black man who is so “mean to them”! *rolling eyes*

If the Democratic Convention ends up being a bloodbath, I’m blaming:

Hillary Clinton supporters

Operation Chaos Fake Hillary Supporters Who Want To Divide The Democratic Party

The End.

Sorry, but it’s lights out now on the Hillary camp and the republicans of our nation!

Lights Out by P.O.D.  Here’s the lyrics…

It goes one for the money homie, two for the show.
We tore the roof off this mother now it’s time to blow.
Like we don’t need no water, don’t bother, we let it burn.
We keep the fire just a little bit hotter, that way you’ll learn.
Respect I earned, started with the clique that i hanged.
Respect I earned, ever since i got in this game.
Respect I earned, never wanting fortune or fame.
I’d rather have these south Diego streets knowin my name.

Chiggy-check, microphone check.
Chiggy-check, microphone check.
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
If you wanna you can check my stats.
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
Make way cause the kings is back.

We bang boogy through your system, subliminal.
We lyrical murderin like we criminals.
It’s life or death, medical decision.
We so dope out the lab that you need a prescription.
The hood is listenin, so for you that i wrote this.
Keep it underground, stickin to the streets like the homeless.
With the dopeness, recognize the real P.O.D.
Cause we triple O, oh triple, triple OG.

Chiggy-check, microphone check.
Chiggy-check, microphone check.
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
If you wanna you can check my stats.
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
Make way cause the kings is back.
Lights Out, Game Over.
If you really think you got it like that.
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
Word on the streets is the boys is back.

Lights Out, Game Over.
Make way cause the kings is back.
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
If you really think you got it like that.
Lights Out, Game Over.
Word on the streets is the boys is back .
It’s Lights Out, Game Over.
Worldwide homie pay respect.
Lights Out, microphone check.
It’s Lights Out, microphone check.
Make way cause the kings is back.
Lights Out.


Hillary Clinton is the one who actually wrote, The Obama Nation, not Jerome Corsi

C-SPAN this morning gave a considerable amount of time to Jerome Corsi to discuss his book, The Obama Nation, you know, the book that is full of lies about Barack Obama. At one point, it was noted that Mary Matalin was the one who helped produce this book.

Interesting. Mary Matalin is behind this book? Let’s look at the relationships for a minute here…

Jerome Corsi had Mary Matalin help him produce the book he wrote about Obama. Mary Matalin is married to James Carville. James Carville used to work for Bill Clinton’s campaign back in the 1990’s and they’re still friends. Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton and she was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic ticket this year. So therefore…

This means Hillary Clinton was actually the one who wrote the book and through her good pal Mary Matalin had her find the schmuck Jerome Corsi to put his name on the book to protect herself from being associated in any way shape or form to be being behind it.

Bill Clinton & Mary Matalin partying together…


See? The Clintons in all their Evilness are no different than the Bushes and the Cheneys. And we all know Mary Matalin was Dick Cheney’s right hand woman for years! Spit.

Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself. She is no different than the Fox News morons of our time. She has reduced herself to a complete right wing freak and the company she is keeping is a reflection of this fact. She’s nothing but a hateful, lying, stinking fascist Pig like those she currently hangs with.

And by the way….the reason why The Obama Nation has catapulted to the Top 10 over at Amazon and other places is BECAUSE THE RIGHT WINGERS ASSOCIATED WITH HILLARY CLINTON BOUGHT UP THE BOOKS TO GIVE THE APPEARANCE THAT THE NATION AS A WHOLE WAS DYING TO READ THIS BOOK. Hell, even Ann Coulter’s book’s “successes” have been achieved in the same way. It’s all smoke and mirrors when it comes to the right wingers and now they have Hillary Clinton leading the way for them!

Our nation can no longer survive a Clintonbush Nation. It can’t and they know it. This is why they’re going after Barack Obama because he’s not a DC TRAITOR like the rest of them and they don’t want to lose the Evil Grip they have on our nation they’ve had for 30 years now.  The fascist traitorous Pigs are running scared so they’ve got Hillary Clinton as their leader now. Scummy. The End.



Check out this Hillary Clinton supporter’s site…very Nazi-like


For some reason, I got 2 hits from the following site today, which is so funny, because I’m not a member of this website. But then it occurred to me! It was a hit, run, and cut and run! Yep. This site linked to my blog in the comment section (or maybe a post, not sure), but then will not allow me to post a response over there now because….

When I read the frontpage, it states this (some emphasis mine):

Welcome to Capital Hill. We hope you enjoy your visit.

You’re currently viewing our forum as a guest. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can’t use. If you join our community, you’ll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, a personal blog and voting in polls. We have many forums of interest that are closed to guests because we have experienced a great deal of harassment from Obama supporters.

By registering at Capital Hill you are acknowledging that you are 18 years of age or older and are not an Obama supporter.

You also acknowledge that all posts are the express opinion of the poster and are not representative of the administrator, moderators or ZetaBoards.

No registration using a proxy server will be validated.

Join our community!

If you’re already a member please log in to your account to access all of our features.

LOL Wow! Now that was nice and friendly, huh? After acting all neocon-righteous-like-with-a-tinge-of-Nazism, it says at the end, “Join our community!”. Oh please.

Here’s the page you get when you join their community (I’m sure half the Internet wants to!!! *rolling eyes*):

By registering at Capital Hill you are acknowledging that you are 18 years of age or older. The board is comprised of former Hillary Clinton Supporters who feel left behind by the Democratic Party. If you are an Obama supporter please do not register. Please be aware that all disrupters will be banned.

You also acknowledge that all posts are the express opinion of the poster and are not representative of the administrator, moderators or ZetaBoards.

LMAO! Wow. If you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter and you woke up today thinking you were on the correct path in life, think again! You’ve lost your freaking mind.


Those Hillary Clinton supporters are just so friendly. I guess they don’t want to hear from the Barack Obama supporters, but would love to have conversations with:


And the Hillary Clinton supporters wonder why those of us with rational thoughts see them as no different than the reich wingers of America from the past 8 years and can’t stand them?!!!!? Hysterical.

By the way, I didn’t join their little online Capital Hill KKK meeting, because quite frankly, I have enough trolls who come to my blog to know that I would end up itching, scratching, and using a twig to get the shit off my shoes left by these people when they’re around. They’re a shitty disease for sure! No thanks! Wallow by yourself in the green slimy goo that engulfs ya just like the neocons do!

Now Girls, go join the republic party now. Hitler needs you and so does Tonya Harding! Tonya has had enough public humility for any one person, so having you taking her place will be a gift for her. Have fun!

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