Mitt Romney and his SERIAL RAPIST FRIEND, Greg Peterson….

(image found on AddictingInfo’s site linked below)

Awwww, isn’t that just the cutest picture of these two? One loves raping women and the other one loves supporting the right of the rapist over women! Yesiree, ole Greg Peterson is a Mormon and is a serial rapist, and ole Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts is in mourning today because ole Greg “took his life” after being let out on bail after being charged with 25 counts of rape. This picture is taken in the cabin where ole Greggy the Mormon raped some women. Mitty doesn’t seem to mind being there does he? Nope. He’s there to raise himself some money! RAPE MONEY! Maybe this is why ole Mitty support Mourdock, you know, the guy who believes that babies created after being raped are a “gift from gawd”? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so freaking cute! Just what we want for president of our country: a guy who palled around with a serial rapist and who is going around the country telling women that they have to keep that baby after being raped by his friend Greg who deserves to be a dad!

I’m glad Greg is dead. No more women to suffer now. Thank gawd!


Mitt Romney is behind the Benghazi, Libya attack

Something stinks and it’s Mitt Romney! Remember that secret video where ole Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts talks down about the 47% of Americans? Well, the secret video was a lot longer than just that part, of course, and on it ole Mitty is asked by a British man about an Iran-Contra-hostage-like attack and ole Mitty said he would use any kind of conspiracy to his advantage to get elected!

Here’s the secret tape:

He would love to duplicate “that scenario” which means he loved what Reagan did with the Iranian hostage situation when Carter was running for reelection!

I’m telling you….Glenn Beck is somehow involved in the Benghazi, Libya attack too. He wants Mitty to win because he’s a Mormon too and would love nothing more than to have Rmoney in the White House! I did this post recently where I’m making this point and I had no idea Mitty was on audio stating that he would love to have the chance to reap the awards of a right wing conspiracy to help him get to the White House! Wowzer.

Where’s the liberal media on this one?????



Joe Biden used his smile like a cannon in last night’s Vice Presidential debate!

It’s hilarious this morning reading all the right winger’s responses to Vice President Joe Biden’s smiling in last night’s debate. Here’s some examples…

“Vice President Biden’s mom and dad taught him many things–but not manners.” ~ Rich Lowry, National Review & Fox News Contributor

“I think Ryan’s demeanor will play better at home than a rather manic and angry sounding Joe Biden who by the end was yelling and smiling at everybody.” ~ Erick Erickson, Redstate (really Erick? Biden was YELLING??????? What!)

“Completely rude and disrespectful behavior by an elder statesman. Laughing and smirking and interrupting. What a disgusting but perfect display of true liberalism.” ~ Jack Black over on Michelle Malkin’s site

Biden was not smiling because he thought all the topics were hilarious. He was smiling because he was sitting next to a young up-and-coming right wing liar who like Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts, is pathological in the Lying Department! Biden’s smiling was his way of saying he’s not about to take these lies sitting down. His smile was like a cannon last night! Lyin Ryan knows it too.

Joe Biden was fierce with the facts last night. I loved how he pointed out to everyone that Lyin Ryan has also asked for some of Obama’s stimulus money in the past. In fact, many of the republicans who voted against Obama’s stimulus package also PROUDLY participated in many yellow-ribbon-cuttings in their state that were funded by Obama’s stimulus money! Too funny.

It’s obvious to me Lyin Ryan knows nothing about Iran and is used to just spewing the right wing scare tactics and talking points on the subject. Biden creamed him with facts last night. Was great to watch!

What was your take?