The most ridiculous sip of water EVAH!

Marco Rubio apparently has been kicked out of the tea tard’s playground and is now representing the ‘conservatives’ of the country and did their rebuttal last night after President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Right in the middle of a 10 MINUTE speech, ole Marco grabs his water (for a capitalism shot! Gotta sell that Maine Poland Spring watah!!!) and takes a sip because his mouth was so dry! Seriously? He couldn’t talk for 5 minutes without feeling parched?????

What a whoosie. Can someone get the man a hand-fan next time!!!!


Other ridiculous moments: Ted Nugent being invited to sit among the non-Cro-Magnons and the Texan republican representative who invited ole Teddy the Tea Tard, Steven Stockman, was forced to remove his banner that he had put up inside the Congress! Yesiree, these southern right wing assholes tell us all the time how much they love and honor the US Constitution, but they have no respect for the institution of Congress by desecrating the walls of it, you know, the Congress that is established in the US Constitution!

I think BuzzFeed summed the night up best!


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3 thoughts on “The most ridiculous sip of water EVAH!

  1. If our crazy Texas teabag Congressman Steve Stockman had been around for Lincoln’s last SOTU he might have invited John Wilkes Booth to sit in the House balcony!!! Stockman was considered a nutjob when he was a ONE TERM Congressman elected in 1994. Gerrymandering helped him get elected to a newly created Texas 36th Congressional District last November, one of four new Texas districts created after the 2010 Census which was partly carved out of Rep. Ron Paul’s old district 14. He defeated 12 other candidates in the GOP primary.

    Like crazy teabagger CUBAN-American Sen. Ted Cruz (who was even too far REICH for Gov. Rick Perry during the primary), Stockman is just out to get his mug in front of as many cameras as possible.

    • So true, Grant! He totally would have invited John Wilkes Booth. These tea tards remind me so much of those who hated (and ultimately killed) President John Kennedy! Pond scum pieces of shit…

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