Ronald Reagan’s thoughts on AK-47s and other weapons…

reaganthoughtsonAK47s(thanks Grant for the image!)

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9 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan’s thoughts on AK-47s and other weapons…

  1. The military and civilians carried the same weapons when The Bill of Rights was signed. That’s is what the forefathers intended, that we all have military grade weapons. Snort!

    • And they had muskets. That’s what you nimrods should only have today! George Washington didn’t like calling upon the fat, Budweiser-drinking, blowhards back then. He much preferred to have a WELL-REGULATED military to call upon! Yes, he said, you lame people can have your guns for hunting and protecting your own property, but you can’t form a military outside the military to violently take the government over and make it into what you want.

  2. Some extremist teatard wingnuts have started calling Reagan a RINO.

    When Reagan is officially called a RINO like many called Eisenhower, and Reagan called Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller, you they aren’t long as a national political party..

    But they are getting so extreme even the patron saint of extremism and cluelessness, is not extreme enough for them.

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