The Tea Tard Pinocchios!


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The #1 rule in the Tea Party Sharia Law is: LIE, LIE, LIE!

The Tea Tard Pinocchios are very good at it and they’re doing all that lying for the top 1% of the country to screw the middle class even further. President Obama sees through their bullshit and will call their bluff next year!



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8 thoughts on “The Tea Tard Pinocchios!

  1. I hope President Obama’s plan is this: allow the right wingers to go over the fiscal sidewalk to which they will be blamed for raising taxes on everyone. In January, he reminds Americans that it was the republicans who are holding the nation hostage once again on the budget and debt ceiling. Then! (yay!) Then, President Obama moves forth his budget (hopefully staying at the $250,000 level!) which also includes unemployment insurance for those that need it, and he and the nation get to watch the republicans cry and have a fit once again because they don’t want to help out the middle class. Only then will the Democrats and a handful of republicans in each House pass a budget that helps the middle class and taxes the uber wealthy at Bill Clinton’s rate (3-4% higher than what they’re paying now!)!


    We must remember that and stop listening to them squeal and lie all the time! Oink, oink, OINK!

    • The GOP crybabies in the House “don’t like the Senate Bill so may SEND IT BACK!

      Eric Cantor said upon exiting the House meeting, “I do not support the bill in its current form,” as did most other Republicans who stopped to talk to reporters.

      “I would be shocked” if the bill were not sent back to the Senate with changes, said Rep. Spencer Bachus, a Republican from Alabama.

      “There’s not a lot of support for this bill as it is,” said Rep. John Campbell of California. “So the question is, what’s next?”

    • It did Clif! And did you watch crybaby Scarborough of Morning Joe this morning? He says this bill is proof that the Democrats loved ALL of George Bush’s tax cuts. Ummmmm, no Joe: we hated the tax cuts for the uber wealthy and never once bitched about tax cuts for the majority of the people! Jesus, he’s such a liar. Mika pointed out that it’s been Joe who has been referring to the Bush tax cuts as OBAMA’S TAX CUTS. LOL So which is it Joe?????

      The next course of action will be to lift the cap on Social Security: everyone pays and the only capping should be done on the uber wealthy and what they will receive.

  2. …and Senator Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling under Bush. So what’s your point!? Both sides talk out both sides of their asses all the time. Business as usual. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • Yes he did and his vote didn’t make a difference. Senators Susan Collins & Olympia Snowe do the same thing and have since the 1990′s!

      Only republicans talk out of both sides of their assholes. Stop projecting, “Rick”!

  3. Business as usual.

    For the first time since G H W Bush was president republicans have voted for the middle class and told the top earners and uber rich to pay their fair share of taxes. Not the bait and switch crap Reagan and Greenspan pulled in the 80′s cutting taxes for the uber rich while screwing over middle class and poor with a raise in SS taxes which they promptly raided to help close the budget gap Reagan’s plans opened up, which has NEVER been closed by any republican, but Clinton did very well, before republicans ripped the budget deficits open in 2001-2003.

    Far from business as usual.

    Republicans usually drive the government deep into debt, then screech like the cry babies they are for democrats to clean up their messes. at least this time they were forced to help clean up their own God damned mess they created in 2001-2003.

    Far from business as usual.

    • Did you see Grover Norquist trying to convince everyone that republicans did NOT vote to increase taxes on anyone? Bah hahahahahaha! HILARIOUS! The republicans are in a corner: now that they’ve raised taxes, they have to decide if they want to sock it to middle class on SS and Medicare (would be very bad for them to cut both!) or if they’re going to continue to spend (would be bad for their party extremists!)!

      I’m loving this. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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