Wayne Lapierre, NRA: Armed guards at school


This is what Wayne Hitler Lapierre wants for America!

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8 thoughts on “Wayne Lapierre, NRA: Armed guards at school

  1. The Republicans already cut out BILLIONS from education in the last Texas Legislature so where are they going to get the billions for armed guards? Haven’t heard anyone answer the question about where funding would come from. The high school where I taught had dozens of entrances and the campus covered several city blocks. We had to extend passing time to 7 minutes from 5 as many students couldn’t get from one side of campus to the other in the allotted time, especially if they needed a restroom break. So our campus would require dozens of guards to adequately patrol such a large campus. And schools wonder why they cannot find good teachers by paying them peanuts! Even then our poor teachers would spend hundreds out of their own pockets to buy school supplies that were in short order through the district office.

    • So typical of the reich wing to want bigger government by forcing the feds to come up with billions more to make American schools into war installations!

    • Did you hear Wayne LapDog’s reason for the armed guard not saving the day at Columbine? Because the SWAT teams didn’t overtake the school immediately. Meh.

  2. And today in Webster, NY a gun nut shot 4 fireman arriving to fight a fire, killing 2 and putting the other 2 in the hospital. Armed guards now at all fires???

    • A total FELON gun nut! Geeeee, now how did he get access to guns????? Hmmmmm? I thought the rules & regulations we have now are PERFECT and WORKING WELL! Oh please. My heart is aching for those firefighters and their families. What a travesty! :(

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