4 thoughts on “How Americans now view Wayne Lapierre of the NRA….

  1. Instead of armed guards outside every class room in America, EVERY SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD BE ADORNED WITH BULLET PROOF GLASS WINDOWS & DOORS!

    Spread this idea around!

    Lanza shot his way into the school. Had there been bullet proof glass in those windows/doors of the entry way, the glass would not have smashed and the school could have put the school on lock down instantly. Every school should be equipped with automatic locks (some may already be). With the auto-locks, Lanza wouldn’t have been able to get in.

  2. You know Kay if the requirement of trigger locks on guns had been followed in the Lanza household, the mother wouldn’t have been killed when her guns were stolen and 20 innocent little children and six very giving adults would still be alive.

    But the assholes running the NRA are against trigger locks.

    Simple trigger locks on the guns would have saved everyone in this case.

    Why does the NRA oppose such simple measures to keep the children safe?

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