Little Olivia, 19 other children just like her, and seven adults died for NO GUN REGULATIONS!

Here’s little Olivia who was gunned down by a madman with a semi-automatic weapon while in her warm classroom on Friday…


The NRA-worshipers/gun-advocates sees little Olivia as a little witch who is making them look bad after this school massacre. She’s embarrassing the hell out of them! She and those killed along with her are supposed to be the ones who convinces you that the NRA is good (a lobbying group that makes sure no gun laws/regulations are passed), that the killer of Olivia had a 2nd Amendment right to shoot and kill the ‘enemy’ (he was protecting us from Olivia’s society, hence, acting as his own well-regulated militia!), and if you are caught mourning her death today, it means you hate America, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our nation’s Forefathers!


You’re evil. If you are not hugging your gun today, then there is something wrong with you they’re telling us all over the Internet. Wanting stricter gun regulations means you’re a HEATHEN according to the NRA-worshipers/Gun-advocates!

Olivia’s death was supposed to make you support NO GUN REGULATIONS!

Well, good. Call me a heathen then! I’m not scared! What I would like to see is a ton more strict gun regulations on the books and I’ve come up with a few of my own that will effect future gun-owner-wannabees:

**No more semi-automatic/rapid-firing guns to be sold to citizens.

**Six month waiting period for the purchase of a gun. During those six months, gun dealers will be required to do extensive background checks and put the person through an extensive mental health test.

**Increase the cost of a bullet to $100/each.

**Create a computer software system that tracks all guns from the moment they’re made to the moment they’re sold or when confiscated by police. All grandfathered guns (bought/sold before law went into effect) should be logged into the system too.

**No guns shall be sold at auction, at a yard sale, at a gun show, online, or anywhere. Only certified gun dealers can purchase a gun. The gun-owning citizen must sell his or her gun to a dealer who in turn will sell the gun to the public after doing extensive background/mental health checks.

**No more than two guns per household. Any American in possession of more than two will require a special permit through their local police department.

There isn’t a shred of evidence proving that if everyone had a gun and everyone started shooting that no one will die!

There are 330,000,000 Americans and there are 300,000,000 guns owned in our country, but yet, our nation is the most violent nation on the planet! PLEASE EXPLAIN why you believe Americans are safer with more guns in the hands of Americans.

One good thing about the pro-guns/NRA-worshipers is they’ve helped me clean out my Facebook over the last two days! GOOD RIDDANCE TO THOSE WHO ARE HUGGING THEIR GUNS WHILE IGNORING THAT 20 CHILDREN ARE DEAD!







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44 thoughts on “Little Olivia, 19 other children just like her, and seven adults died for NO GUN REGULATIONS!

  1. From this day forward, I believe the NRA should be charged for the medical bills and/or to provide death benefits for every gun crime/murder that happens outside a person’s house! Why? Because they’re lobbying for NO GUN REGULATIONS!

    Need to also outlaw violent video games too! 99.9% of gamers aren’t violent, but those that commit mass murders are connect to violent games online!

  2. All the mass shootings since the US Congress under George Bush repealed the ban on assault weapons:

    November 2004 – in Birchwood, Wisconsin, a hunter killed six other hunters and wounded two others after an argument with them.

    March 2005 – a man opened fire at a church service in Brookfield, Wisconsin, killing seven people.

    October 2006 – a truck driver killed five schoolgirls and seriously wounded six others in a school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania before taking his own life.

    April 2007 – student Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people and wounded 15 others at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, before shooting himself, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the United States after 2000.

    August 2007 – Three Delaware State University students were shot and killed in “execution style” by a 28-year-old and two 15-year-old boys. A fourth student was shot and stabbed.

    December 2007 – a 20-year-old man killed nine people and injured five others in a shopping center in Omaha, Nebraska.

    December 2007 – a woman and her boyfriend shot dead six members of her family on Christmas Eve in Carnation, Washington.

    February 2008 – a shooter who is still at large tied up and shot six women at a suburban clothing store in Chicago, leaving five of them dead and the remaining one injured.

    February 2008 – a man opened fire in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, killing five students and wounding 16 others before laying down his weapon and surrendering.

    September 2008 – a mentally ill man who was released from jail one month earlier shot eight people in Alger, Washington, leaving six of them dead and the rest two wounded.

    December 2008 – a man dressed in a Santa Claus suit opened fire at a family Christmas party in Covina, California, then set fire on the house and killed himself. Police later found nine people dead in the debris of the house.

    March 2009 – a 28-year-old laid-off worker opened fire while driving a car through several towns in Alabama, killing 10 people.

    March 2009 – a heavily armed gunman shot dead eight people, many of them elderly and sick people, in a private-owned nursing home in North Carolina.

    March 2009 – six people were shot dead in a high-grade apartment building in Santa Clara, California.

    April 2009 – a man shot dead 13 people at a civic center in Binghamton, New York.

    July 2009 – Six people, including one student, were shot in a drive-by shooting at a community rally on the campus of Texas Southern University, Houston.

    November 2009 – U.S. army psychologist Major Nidal Hasan opened fire at a military base in Fort Hood, Texas, leaving 13 dead and 42 others wounded.

    February 2010 – A professor opened fire 50 minutes into at a Biological Sciences Department faculty meeting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, killing three colleagues and wounding three others.

    January 2011 – a gunman opened fire at a public gathering outside a grocery in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people including a 9-year-old girl and wounding at least 12 others. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured with a gunshot to the head.

    April 2 – A gunman kills seven people and wounds three in a shooting rampage at a Christian college in Oakland.

    July 20 – A masked gunman kills 12 people and wounds 58 when he opens fire on moviegoers at a showing of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

    Aug. 5 – A gunman kills six people during Sunday services at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, before he is shot dead by a police officer.

    Aug. 24 – Two people are killed and eight wounded in a shooting outside the landmark Empire State Building in New York City at the height of the tourist season.

    Sept. 27 – A disgruntled former employee kills five people and takes his own life in a shooting rampage at a Minneapolis sign company from which he had been fired.

    Oct. 21 – Three people are killed in a Milwaukee area spa including the estranged wife of the suspected gunman, who then killed himself.

    Dec. 14 – A shooter opens fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing several people including children.

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  3. Kay to see all the mass killings in this list is so very upsetting. The innocent children are the saddest victims. I just simply don’t understand this country’s love of mass assult weapons. This has to stop! Like everybody else, when I see the photographs of the children, I see their beautiful faces I can’t help but to think about 6 & 7 year olds that are in my life. How many more killings do there have to be before something is done?

    • Some of those babies had 11 bullets in their precious little bodies. 11!!!!!!! He wouldn’t have been able to do that kind of killing if he had to pack the powder and reload minutes apart!

    • It’s breaking my heart, Myra. Truly is a sad day for those families and our country. For the heathens of our nation, they’re rocking their guns to sleep and warmly caressing them. Spit. :evil:

  4. There isn’t a shred of evidence proving that if everyone had a gun and everyone started shooting that no one will die!

    There is a mountain of evidence that having far too many guns in far too many hands doesn’t end well.

    Intercity gangs, Iraq after the illegal invasion, Afghanistan right now, Mexico where drug gangs with guns rule, The Rock Springs massacre, The Thibodaux Massacre, Tulsa race riot, Waco …. and hundreds more just in the USA.

    • If guns are not useful tool for stopping violence then why do police carry them? And if guns are not the answer to stopping the violence why in the world would you want gun toting police officers to show up at the school when the crazy is shooting it up?

      If you’re okay with police who are trained, practiced, and competent with guns coming into the school what is your objection to teachers who are trained, practiced, and competent with guns carrying when they are at the school?

      • Because reich wing paranoid lying freak: the Forefathers wanted WELL-REGULATED MILITIAS to protect the people. Out of the 2nd Amendment came two: the National Guard and THE POLICE. You are not the police, you are not trained, and you are not what the country wants to defend it. Get it stupid?

        Teachers should not be armed. They’re not police officers. I love how you wingnuts suddenly love the teachers, want them armed…..AFTER YOUR PARTY HAS VOTED TO TAKE THEIR UNION RIGHTS AWAY! If teachers become police officers than their pay will double/triple and they’ll be able to retire 10 years early.

        What we need is less mental assholes in our country who are paranoid from the lies they tell themselves. Less GOP/Tea Tards: THE SAFER OUR NATION WILL BE!

        No more military weapons for you imbeciles. You’re making your children paranoid which is what al-Qaeda does with it’s offspring!

  5. For those screaming about violent movies and video games, it was brought up that teens and young men in Japan, the UK, Switzerland (that BTW has 75% gun ownership) and elsewhere around the industrialized World are just addicted to these violent video games as our population (even design them). However, those nations only have 100 or so gun deaths per year compared to the USA’s 11,000. The whole world watches Hollywood movies, too.

    I grew up in a family of guns (two of my grandnieces here in Texas have already shot bucks this season) but hunters DON’T use auto/semi-automatic weapons to hunt, they don’t use the hollow point bullets this gun nut did as that would destroy much of the meat that is their reason for hunting. Can you imagine what a bunch of such ballooning bullets did to these 6 year olds? No wonder it took hours to identify some bodies.

    My Dad belonged to both Ducks Unlimited and Izaak Walton League, actually conservation groups that promote sane hunting and fishing. My dad spent many an hour skeet shooting at his lodge. As a deputy sheriff, he used their range to practice shooting. However, never once did I hear him talk of NEEDING guns to protect himself from a popularly elected government. He knew some reich-wing comme positatus members and thought they were nuts! Such groups of conspiracist militia gave rise to whackos like Timothy McVeigh who also had no qualms about murdering 19 children for the sake of his sick political beliefs.

    • The Japanese people aren’t armed to the hilt. Americans are,though. Seems almost all the mass murderers since McVeigh are connected to violent video games. The murderer on Friday didn’t work, lived with his mother, and played online video games for many hours. I’m starting to believe there is a real connection here. Almost all gamers don’t become violent, but the wimpy looking kids like Lanza seem to be the ones who decide one day they want to be the shooter in the games they play and then act it out! Most likely suicidal and decides to go out “notoriously”. Sad.

      • For years, Engel has been right up on the front lines seemingly not fearful. I always enjoy his insight.

          • Not so much “released” as escaped! Engel and his crew were being transported in a mini-van by their Shiite-Assad captors when they came upon a roadblock checkpoint being run by rebel forces and a gunfight ensued. Two of the Shiites were killed and Engel and crew “got outta there!” Richard is one of my favorite journalists not afraid to go near danger to get a story.

    • However, never once did I hear him talk of NEEDING guns to protect himself from a popularly elected government.

      The ever popular Progressive meme that “it can’t happen here”… They said the same thing in Germany in 1936; German was arguably one of the most cultured countries in the world at the time.

      Hitler also won in a democratic election. The FIRST thing he did after taking power was disarm the average German Citizen.

      Every dictator of the 20th Century did the same when they took power, and the subsequent death tolls (of their citizens) killed more people then all the wars combined.

        • You are correct in that assumption, Kay; at least they won’t until after they have used superior firepower/numbers to accomplish the task.

          As to your list; Funny that you don’t find it at least…interesting, that in most of those cases, the incidents occurred in “gun free” (AKA target rich environment)zones…who’d-a-thunk that the shooters involved would have DARED break the law ?!?
          And that in at least three of those cases you cited were stopped by ARMED Civilians ?

          I am NOT Paranoid; I just believe that I have a God Given right to have the means to defend myself and my family. It is a personal responsibility, not that of the State, even assuming that the State even COULD so so in every instance.

          I defend your right to expect someone else to defend you, but please don’t abrogate my ability to defend MYSELF, thank you very much.

          I am a “small L” Libertarian, NOT Right Wing, and I come from a background where the term “Reich” is a very sensitive subject, seeing as a certain Reich put my father in a Concentration work camp. How about extending little of your PC compassion to me?

          • A FREE NATION SHOULD ALL BE GUN FREE. Get it stupid? Move to a country where the military has taken it over if that’s how you want to live!


            You’re a reich wing fascist Nazi. Get used to the label. If you don’t like it, go to your reich wing blogs that are asking to arm 6 year olds to train that generation to be the next al-Qaeda American Brotherhood!

          • I have a God Given right to have the means to defend myself and my family.

            You have heard that it was said, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. But I say to you, do not resist an evildoer. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. (Matthew 5:38–39,)

            But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; (Matthew 5:44)

            Put your sword back in its place…for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. (Matt. 26:52)

            Me thinks that the God you speak of might disagree with your characterization of his words.

      • The FIRST thing he did after taking power was disarm the average German Citizen.


        In 1919, the German government passed the Regulations on Weapons Ownership, which declared that “all firearms, as well as all kinds of firearms ammunition, are to be surrendered immediately.”

        Under the regulations, anyone found in possession of a firearm or ammunition was subject to five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 marks.

        Hitler was still a corporeal in the German army at the time.

        In 1928, the German government enacted the Law on Firearms and Ammunition. This law relaxed gun restrictions and put into effect a strict firearm licensing scheme. Under this scheme, Germans could possess firearms, but they were required to have separate permits to do the following: own or sell firearms, carry firearms (including handguns), manufacture firearms, and professionally deal in firearms and ammunition. This law explicitly revoked the 1919 Regulations on Weapons Ownership, which had banned all firearms possession.

        Hitler was far from power in 1928, but fighting the communists for it.

        FIRST German Gun Law in Germany after Hitler seized power in 1933, occurred in 1938

        The 1938 German Weapons Act

        The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law, superseded the 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. Furthermore, the law restricted ownership of firearms to “…persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit.” Under the new law:

        Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. Writes Prof. Bernard Harcourt of the University of Chicago, “The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition.”

        The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP party members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.

        The age at which persons could own guns was lowered from 20 to 18.

        The firearms carry permit was valid for three years instead of one year.

        Jews were forbidden from the manufacturing or ownership of firearms and ammunition.

        So after five years of absolute power, Hitler and the Nazis RELAXED the laws for gun control.

        BTW here is what Hitler and the Nazis actually did in 1933 right after seizing power;

        Jan 30, 1933 President Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor of a Nazi-DNVP coalition.

        Feb 2, 1933 Hitler meets with top military leaders, describes his plans to rearm Germany

        One day after the Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933, President of Germany Paul von Hindenburg, acting at Hitler’s request and on the basis of the emergency powers in article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, issued the Reichstag Fire Decree. This decree suspended most human rights provided for by the constitution and thus allowed for the arrest of political adversaries, mostly Communists, and for general terrorizing by the SA, the Nazi paramilitary force, of other voters before the upcoming election.

        Mar 22, 1933 Dachau concentration camp opens, begins receiving political prisoners

        Mar 23, 1933 Enabling Act, passed with help of Catholic Center Party, effectively hands the legislative powers of the Reichstag over to the Chancellor. Act permits Chancellor and cabinet to issue laws without a vote of Parliament and to deviate from the Constitution.

        May 1, 1933 Trade union offices are stormed by SA.

        May 2, 1933 Trade unions banned from Germany.

        Sooo far from the lies told by the right wing cry baby, the truth is Hitler followed the extreme right wing ideology pushed by the teatards for the rest of us.

        Destroying Unions, forbidding people they have ideological disputes with access to political power, and denying those they discriminate against any civil rights at all, after removing any challenges to their powers, then they hand gun rights BACK to their special little group.

        I like how right wing cry babys like this stupid foole lie so easily.

      • Nothing like pulling facts out of one’s ass (or Glenn Beck’s). Most revealing that our TROLL DELFTSMAN just makes things up. Even in Saddam’s “dictatorship” most every Iraqi home had weapons. It wasn’t for lack of guns that prevented a revolt against Saddam but a crack-down on freedom of assembly.

        Latin America has been awash in guns throughout history often under many dictators, mostly right-wing. Even Cuba allows private gun ownership with over a half million or 5 guns per 100 civilians.

  6. Gun stores here in SE Texas have already run out of AR-15 semi-automatic guns in a rush of gun nuts to “git their guns” before President Obama “takes them away!” There is now a 2-3 week back-order wait on such weapons. These are not sensible hunters who would never fill a deer with 30 hollow point slugs which would turn venison into inedible mush.

    Wanna bet most of these crazed buyers are racist rednecks?

    After a massacre in Tasmania nearly two decades ago, Australia outlawed many types of guns and hasn’t had a mass murder since. Australia as 1/30 of the number of murders by gun than the USA. In the same year that nearly 10,000 Americans lost their lives to gun violence, guns killed 17 in Finland, 35 in Australia, 39 in Britain, 60 in Spain, 194 in Germany, and 200 in Canada.

  7. There’s been a “high caliber” gun show every weekend in the Houston area of late so the nutjobs can do their “Christmas shopping”. Nothing like celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus like giving a KILLER gun. Just as long as “baby Jesus” doesn’t go to school! I’d think the gun stores that do background checks would rise up against these fly-by-night “dealers in death” who sell at these shows that ignore sane gun control.

    • BTW, the BROWN Convention Center is named after George R. Brown, co-founder of KBR (Kellog, Brown and Root) that made fortunes from wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. KBR was once a division of Halliburton.

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