Jon Stewart tackles those who say no American should be talking about gun regulations after a mass killing!

According to the right wing, there is no time to talk about gun regulations after the mass killing of 20 little children who are right now still laying dead in their own blood. Yup! No time is the time! See? When four Americans were killed in Benghazi, the right wing went ballistic! Oh how their compassion flowed! But 20 dead children in a classroom, well, they want you to STFU and respect the NRA!

I fucking hate the right wing and the NRA. Neither one makes our nation safe in any way.

By the way, the 22 children in China who were stabbed along with one adult? THEY ALL SURVIVED AND ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY! Don’t let the right wingers of your life or the NRA compare the China stabbing to the COLD BLOODED KILLING OF 20 AMERICAN CHILDREN WHO ARE STILL LAYING DEAD TODAY IN THEIR CLASSROOM THIS MORNING!

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10 thoughts on “Jon Stewart tackles those who say no American should be talking about gun regulations after a mass killing!

    • So true. Great quote. A statistic was shared on Maine Public Radio yesterday: there are 330,000,000 Americans and in our nation there are 300,000,000 guns owned. Jesus!

  1. Carolyn McCarthy is right,

    Today was not the right time to try to talk about the culture of gun violence we all are forced to live in;:

    Because to talk about it today, was far too late to save 20 young innocent lives.

    But to prevent the next time, we need to start.

  2. News coming out that Nancy Lanza was NOT connected to the school, afterall, in fact had once had issues with the school and had home-schooled her sons for awhile. It appears she was a ‘survivalist’who most often are the ones seeing black helicopters everywhere, anti-government REICH-wing types. Seems Nancy was worried about economic collapse and had been stockpiling food and weapons, probably out of rear that Obama WOULD TAKE AWAY HER GUNS. She had taken both of her sons target shooting where evidently they learned WELL!!!

    • She must have been a Glenn Beck worshiper too. :shock: She created her own monster in her son and died as a result of it! :shock: Apparently the killer had had an altercation at the school two days prior and at some point, we’ll find out what that was about.

      I wonder if Johnny McCrazy is seeing how the original story keeps changing after such an attack after each our goes by? Meh. I hate that man.

      • Like most “Breaking News” the “facts” change hour-by-hour in the fog of a disaster. Watching David Gregory who invited 30 PRO-gun U.S Senators to come on his show this morning to debate NYC Mayor Bloomberg and he got not ONE response. The weak senators also include blue-dog Democrats from “gun” states like Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid and Montana’s Sen. Jon Tester. Once again there will be NO legislation introduced in Boehner’s House of Representatives. Bill Clinton called for gun control dialogue at Columbine in 1999, but like always, his words were treated like a suggestion and he didn’t push for it either. The USA is as much living under the fear of the NRA jackboot thugs as millions of moral, well-meaning Germans were trapped by the Nazis.

  3. The “good ole” Republican DICTATORS here in Texas from Gov. Perry on down to the legislatures don’t want any gun control here, in fact some say we need everyone to walk around armed. After cutting billions from education, now some politicians are calling for spending what’s left of limited resources NOT on education, but making our campuses more “secure” with metal detectors, armed guards on every campus including elementary schools. The Houston Federation of Teachers president says that even though a gun-owner herself and not anti-gun, she is against turning our schools into armed bunkers.

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