Right Wing Outrages & LOL moments…

My oh my, how the right wing of this country is not having an easy time after losing the presidential election to a black Democrat! Wow. It’s like watching a bunch of circus clowns in a roll-over accident off the side of the highway and into a lake!

Heehee. Just envisioning the Clowns being ejected from the car…

Anyway, did you hear….





Seriously, could the right wing be more out of control than ever before? Oh wait! Yes they can! Now the RWNJ’s are saying that Tea Party II is coming and we all need to be scared!!!!

Grover Norquist can go to hell.

What did you hear this week that had you either cringing or LOL’ing about the right wing?




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26 thoughts on “Right Wing Outrages & LOL moments…

  1. Now the RWNJ’s are saying that Tea Party II is coming and we all need to be scared!!!!

    What more terroristic threats from a bunch of cry baby losers?????

  2. You missed-
    Dick Armey is getting a multi-million dollar severance from the Tea Party/Freedom Works because he can’t figure out where all the money came from.

    Ann Coulter says Republicans should be more liberal.

  3. Dick Armey claims he didn’t kmow his wingnut welfare came from the Koch sucker?

    I call bullshit on that one.

  4. Kay something BIG is amiss in Texas;

    Of Cancer and Crony Capitalism in Texas

    Republican Gov. Rick Perry and his cronies in and out of public office have diverted funds intended for cutting-edge cancer research into the campaign pockets of Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. You read that right. Proceeds from millions in taxpayer-backed bonds awarded by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) have fallen victim to corruption and cronyism. Cronies get the state money; the cronies give some of the money back to Perry and others.

    The agency might better be named the Crony Capitalist Research Institute as searches for cancer prevention, treatment and cure are sacrificed to the feeble political ambitions of a few petty politicians and greedy plutocrats. It is hard to imagine a greater moral failing. Unless, of course, you remember that Perry and his cronies are the very same people fighting against the expansion of Medicaid and the creation of health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. People are going to get sick and die because of the actions of Perry and others. That is not hyperbole or political spin.

    … hopefully both HONEST state and federal investigations will get to the bottom of this and the corrupt right wingers will go to prison.

  5. I don’t consider myself liberal nor conservative, but I just want to say that I really don’t get how any honest patriot can still support President Obama in light of the facts that his methods of fighting the so-called “War on Terror” EXCEED the extremism of Bush and Cheney. Not even those two bastards dared order the assassination of an American citizen without due process.

    Democrats who criticized Bush and Cheney over war crimes and unitary executive policies are hypocrites if they refuse to denounce Obama for being even worse.

    You can check my entry on this topic, if you’d like here: http://romuloadvocate.wordpres.....-republic/

    • Really? You’re concerned about Anwar al-Awlaki? Seriously? Here’s an “American” who took up arms outside our nation against America! Last I knew that was considered treason! Also, he wasn’t overseas on vacation. I could see your outrage if that was the case. He committed treason against our country and even Fox News didn’t label him as an innocent American who was killed innocently by the US: http://www.foxnews.com/politic.....ki-killed/

      President Obama is not ordering the torture of anyone. What the CIA does on it’s own is another story. If there are CIA agents torturing anyone, they need to be brought to justice!

      • Well, in truth, the question al-Awlaki being guilty of treason or any other crime was never proven in a court of law–and that’s my point. Sure, he probably was guilty, but I’m not so much defending al-Awlaki as I am the principles of our Constitution, particularly the 5th Amendment: “No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…”

        Al-Awlaki was a U.S. citizen and therefore a unilateral decision by the Executive to assassinate him was illegal, specifically, a homicide…

        And let’s not forget to mention that al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old, American-born son was also killed in a drone strike, but no one from the Obama Administration will explain or even admit this.

        Our country has been on the road to fascism for sometime. Look at the provisions in the NDAA about indefinite detention without trial, and how vaguely defined the idea of an “enemy” actually is. Americans need to wake the eff up and realize that this isn’t a partisan or “liberal v.s conservative” issue.

        That’s all I’m gonna say on this. You can read my full piece for my full argument.

        • So, have you reached out to the al-Awlaki family to give them your condolences on your good American friend who had taken up arms against his country of America?

        • So a better solution might be to INVADE Yemen (BTW, a nation we are not at war with), collaterally killing thousands of Yemeni innocents, destroying that nation’s infrastructure (like we did in Iraq) plus kill many AMERICAN SOLDIERS just to “neutralize” ONE TRAITOR. Invading a nation we are not at war with might be what Bush/Cheney would have done but NO AMERICANS were sacrificed taking out the traitor al-Awlaki who long ago gave up his “right” to be protected as an American citizen. I use the term “neutralize” as heard it used by police in Oregon last night talking about going in and possibly killing a 22 year old American who was murdering as many citizens as possible in a shopping mall massacre. Due process was not part of Oregon law enforcement language. Our police “neutralize” citizens all of the time when those perpetrators can cause greater damage/loss of life.

        • Well, in truth, the question al-Awlaki being guilty of treason or any other crime was never proven in a court of law–and that’s my point.

          YO shit for brains, when you are actively pursuing open combat, against people dedicated to kill Americans, operating in foreign countries, US courts are not the first choice this combat veteran would turn to.

          You sir are ideologically challenged, I disagreed with the entire Iraqi fiasco, but here I agree with the President.

          good riddance.

            • Connecticut police “assassinated” a 20 year old AMERICAN wihout DUE PROCESS!!! Of course he murdered 26 (so far) including 18 elementary age children. Watch the TROLLS who jump on the President for using drones now cry that Obama will “take away their guns” even though IN REALITY he hasn’t taken away ONE gun in his first term.

              • I thought those who owned a gun were the nicest people on the planet? Huh. Apparently the shooter took his own life (as of a radio report @ 5:30pm). I think his dead body should be dragged somewhere (possibly an ocean beach) so his family can come get their murderous-gun-toting-slimeball!

                • In a few days this massacre will be stuffed down the memory hole (with the help of the NRA) and we will be back to “murder as usual”!


                  During the Oregon Mall massacre earlier this week, MSNBC and CNN covered the story all day long but turning to Faux News, discovered instead they were talking about their fantasy “war on Christmas”. Of course that network is bought and owned by big guns/ammo interests.

                  If the gun nut really followed the 2nd Amendment he would have a flintlock musket that would take 2 minutes to reload between shots and therefore he would not be able to mow down kindergarten kids with his semi-automatic handguns.

                  • Grant, did you see this? A guy in a Mitt Romney mask robbed a Wells Fargo bank! LOL


                    Yes, the wingnuts are out in force screaming and crying, “Dooooon’t taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake away our guns! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”! Howie Carr of WRKO out of Boston was implying for hours today: GUNS ARE GOOD; unarmed children/teachers in school BAD.

  6. 1990 climate change predictions turn out to be accurate

    by Emma Woollacott

    In a blow to those people who believe that global warming predictions are just a lot of hot air, an international team has established that predictions made 20 years ago are turning out pretty accurate.

    The report compares predictions from the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report, published in 1990, with real-world global climate change data gathered since.

    It’s the first time that IPCC estimates have been compared with real world changes, and should give more credence to the organization’s increasingly alarming predictions. Its next set of forecasts – based on much more refined computer models than those of 1990 – are due next year.

    “It is important for scientists to go back and see how early climate change predictions are going,” says Professor David Frame, Director of the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute at Victoria University.

    “What we’ve found is that these early predictions seem pretty good, and this is likely due to the climate responding to concentrations of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere at a rate broadly in line with what scientists in 1990 expected.”

    The IPCC report predicted a rise of 0.7˚C to 1.5˚C by 2030, and of 0.35˚C to 0.75˚C by 2010. And, in fact, observations show that the actual global mean surface temperature has increased by between 0.35 and 0.39˚C – a figure that’s in reasonable agreement with the 1990 predictions, says the team.


    Wingnuts heads-a-’splodin’ when dey learn how WRONG dey been all these years.

    But this is the one where dey was so wrong that jus’ might doom all of us.

  7. Now that Michigan Republicans are attacking the MIDDLE CLASS and organized labor, there was talk today by labor calling for a recall of Gov. Snyder. But now the Republicans are talking of hurrying through a new law in their lame duck session to make it most difficult to recall a governor.

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