Gov. Paul LePage is a big baby

Seriously, how many tea tards do you know who are nothing but a big baby looking for a teet to suck on because they’re not old enough to form words yet? Well, if you haven’t witnessed one, then please by all means….let me introduce to you the guv’nah of Maine, Paul LePage! Yesiree bobcats, the man is always one step away from throwing his snot-covered pacifier across the room!

It was only last year when Maine’s stupid assclown guv’nah was using the media to say how impressed he was with RWNJ James O’Keefe’s secret videotaping of Mainers. He just loved the whole idea of it! But now? Oh what a difference a year makes! Guv’nah LeTeaTard is pissed that the Maine Democratic Party has sent a tracker out to record his every move, because he would much rather be honest in private and lying his ass off to the people of Maine when asked about his comments! See? And he hasn’t shut the fuck up about it either. Nope, at the Democrat’s swearing-in ceremony, he started the whole thing off by having a public temper tantrum! Funny, how he’s okay to have a public temper tantrum in front of cameras, Democrats, and others, but if there’s someone sitting near him with a hidden camera recording him that’s where he draws the line!

We in Maine feel bad for the guv’nah’s spokeswoman, Adrienne Bennett. She’s been hired by the guv’nah to make him not look like the big-crying-baby-tea-tard-fool he is and her biggest job is to make him appear like he likes Mainers more than the Canadians. She’s got her work cut out for her!

Can you imagine what the Blaine House Monster and Adrienne talk about in private? I wished a tracker from the Maine Democratic Party could find out! Would be very entertaining!

Good on the Maine Democratic Party for putting a tracker under the nose of the guv’nah. We know he’s a fool who can’t control himself. It was only last year at the Oxford Hills High School where myself and others protested him by sitting in the front row with protest signs for him to read. He couldn’t handle it. He clearly was becoming belligerent as time went on. Yours Truly is seen with her protest signs sitting there quietly as the guv’nah spoke. He couldn’t handle one of my signs that read, “The guv’nah is driving drunk with power! Take away his keys!”! That one forced him to tell some cockamamie story about drinking and driving after a father stood up and asked him a question about texting & driving (he had lost his daughter in a horrific car accident!).

The guv’nah is an easy target. He’s a public figure for crying out loud! Of course the media and the trackers are going to be keeping track of what he says so he can no longer lie to us Mainers! It’s sad that the guv’nah isn’t smaaht enough to understand this concept.

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