[VIDEO] Sen. Harry Reid about Rep. John Boehner: “I don’t understand his brain”

We don’t understand it either, Sen. Reid! Even after the White House put out a plan yesterday, ole Boner said the White House hasn’t put out a plan! The man is a drunken lunatic.

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10 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Sen. Harry Reid about Rep. John Boehner: “I don’t understand his brain”

  1. We’re still waiting for oBama and the Democrats to bring forth a plan that balances the budget. Even if the Republicans were to give oBama everything he is asking for he would still be borrowing $800,000,000,000.00 a year.

    You have to be economically retarded to not see that oBama’s plan is a joke. With what oBama is offering in spending cuts it would take a $10,000,000,000,000.00 tax hike to balance his budget. If you took 100% of what everyone earned next year you still wouldn’t collect $10,000,000,000,000.00

    Wake the fuck up and look at the numbers you stupid fucking cunt.

    • You’re the joke. You think balancing the budget is going to take one year. Nope! Thanks to 8 long fiscally irresponsible years of the Bush Regime, the budget has to be slashed (end the tax cuts for the rich, stop the money from going to Iraq, end Afghanistan, end No Child Left Behind, get rid of the Dept of Homeland Security that Bush started and put in place). President Obama is offering to cut Social Security etc, but as we saw…..John Boner had a crybaby-pacifier-throwing temper tantrum about it!


      Seriously, the assclowns of the repubic-hair party are what is wrong with our government & nation!

      What’s the republican’s plan? Oh that’s right. End the tax cuts for everyone. Make the middle class pay! Assholes. The uber wealthy have not sacrificed for the past 12 years. They’ve been given huge tax cuts during a time of war and it’s the middle class who has hurt the most. IT’S TIME FOR THE UBER WEALTHY TO PAY THEIR DUES TO THE COUNTRY THEY SAY THEY LOVE! Forcing big business to pay more in taxes will result in them spending their money by creating jobs.

      • Over the past four years your dearly beloved oBama has increased the debt by about $5,000,000,000,000.00 but you believe that somehow if we continue to follow his spend, spend, spend policies we are going to balance the budget? Damn! That’s some strong kool-aid you’re drinking.

        Blame Bush if you like. Truth of it is that Bush spent way too much money. Another truth is that in four years oBama has spent more than Bush did in eight.

        You are a stupid fucking cunt.

        • Hi SHIT FOR BRAINS. The Congress has kept George Bush’s policies in place and therefore, it’s THEIR FAULT! The president doesn’t make law or pass budgets, remember assclown?

    • Where is the right winger’s budget cut proposal? The president has offered his and it’s now up to the crybaby repubic-hairs in the US House & Senate to start acting their age!

  2. We’re still waiting for oBama and the Democrats to bring forth a plan that balances the budget.

    Yo shit for brains;

    Clinton BALANCED the budget and had a plan to completely pay down the debt.

    Bush and YOU asshole right wingers threw that plan out the window and went on a spending binge like a drunken whore after the navy carrier sails out to sea again.

    So step #1 return to the Clinton plan, and cut out all the WASTED money Bush blew in the illegal wars, and government give away to corporate welfare.

    Until we get the complete disaster that Bush and you right wing assholes created SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  3. Not surprised that the women-hating wingnuts like your TROLL Scott Richardson love calling a woman the “C” word. No wonder women voters helped put Obama over the top.

    I see after much public pressure that Boner, after appointing 19 all-white MEN as committee chairmen, did manage to put a Congresswoman in charge of the House administration committee where she will have some power over the House Cafeteria menus…IOW putting a woman in charge of the kitchen! For sure she will keep Styrofoam cups to keep enriching a friend of the REICH-wing Koch Brothers.


    • Women must remain in the kitchen? Is that the message after the 2012 election the right wingers want us to walk away with? Wow! They’re a party that never learns it’s lessons!

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