The embassy attacks under George Bush that didn’t result in the GOP clutching it’s pearls!

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11 thoughts on “The embassy attacks under George Bush that didn’t result in the GOP clutching it’s pearls!

  1. The very first question in this investigation should be asking every congresscritter personally on the record who voted no, why when Hillary Clinton asked for more money for embassy security, they personally voted against helping secure the US embassies over seas.

    • Until they give a satisfactory answer as to why when asked for more money for security operations, they have to shut the fuck up, especially the republiscumbaggers who are trying to politicize the deaths of four Americans for purely political gain, when they refused to help secure those Americans.

      Grumpy Pants McInsane included.

      • This is how the reich wing “proves” government doesn’t work by DEFUNDING SECURITY FOR OUR EMBASSIES and then when the embassy is attacked they will freak out as if they had nothing to do with it! AMERICANS ARE TIRED OF THEIR BULLSHIT. I HOPE THEY CONTINUE ON THE SUBJECT SO AMERICANS CAN SEE HOW MUCH THEY IGNORED WHAT HAPPENED UNDER GEORGE BUSH THE WAR CRIMINAL! They’ll sink further into the sinkhole they’ve made for themselves!

  2. It not the attack that has us angry. It was the cover up pbo orchestrated after the fact you stupid fucking cunt.

    • The only cover-up has been the one in your head that you made up! See? Other than that, normal rational Americans know that there were many US Embassy attacks under George Bush and yet, you ninnies never once questioned one of those attacks…………NOT ONCE! And liberals didn’t either!!!! So fuck off you dim LIGHT bulb!

  3. I would still love to meet clif face-to-face one day. :)

    And yes KKKay you are still a stupid fucking cunt.

    PS: How are you liking those court ordered classes you have to take because of your DUI? LOL! Stupid fucking drunk cunt.

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