9 thoughts on “Are you going to miss those that secede from the nation? LOL!

  1. No one really wants to secede. It is a protest, Goofy. People are just disgusted with the pathetic example of leadership emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • You mean you and your party are just a bunch of whiny ass titty babies??????? Where was your pearl-clutching under the Bush Regime? Oh wait! Georgie was a WHITE president so it didn’t matter what he did!

      I want to see you fascists self-seceding! :lol: :lol: :lol: The nation will be better off with you fascist Tories!

  2. None of the whiny REICHwingers will ever secede once they figure how much they will lose. After all it is mostly the wealthier blue states that keep many of the red states alive with farm, oil/gas subsidies, military contracts, etc. Texas, for instance, would lose its many military bases, NASA, contracts to military contractors in such places as Fort Worth. This secessionist cry is just the result of spoiled teabagger brats who didn’t get their way on election day.

    • Grant, you can move to my house in Maine and then when Texas secedes from the nation we can have a pajama party to watch the USA invade the new country of Texas for it’s oil! :D :lol:

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