I bet Gen. Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley, and republican US House Representatives Eric Cantor & Mike Rogers were hoping for a Mitt Romney win!

My, oh my, how the right wingers do turn!

(image created by KayInMaine of White Noise Insanity)

Let’s see here, what do we know:

We know right wingers protect their own.

We know Jill Kelley down in Tampa, FL was the one who started the FBI investigation by calling her local FBI department (a person she knew there) to report some ‘threatening’ emails she was receiving that were allegedly targeting Gen. Petraeus.

We know Kelley worked with the Wounded Warriors Project.

We know the guy at the FBI in Tampa who was investigating these emails had a republican friend in the US House of Representatives, Eric Cantor.

We know Cantor alerted the FBI in DC, but did not tell anyone on the House & Senate Intelligence Committee except for right winger Mike Rogers (who was overseas when he got the call from Cantor). US Senator Diane Feinstein (on the Senate Intelligence Committee) said she learned of the affair from the news.

We know ‘someone’ didn’t notify Attorney General Eric Holder or the FBI’s Director Robert Mueller. (It’s not clear if they knew or if they were kept in the dark like everyone else was.)

We know for two weeks all of these right wingers above had the information about Petraeus’ affair and the national security threat it posed and did nothing.


Why would they sit on this information?

Aren’t they all republicans doing the work of the baby jesus?????

I KNOW THE ANSWER!!! BECAUSE THEY WERE HOPING MITT ROMNEY WON THE ELECTION SO IT COULD BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG! This is why President Obama did not know of the affair and the investigation into Gen. Petraeus until the DAY AFTER THE ELECTION!


I’m telling ya! It’s like the Iran-Contra scandal except it involves sex outside the marriage, emails, and right wingers keeping their mouths shut until after the election is over!

In 2014, Americans need to clean the tea tard turds out of the US House & Senate!


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9 thoughts on “I bet Gen. Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley, and republican US House Representatives Eric Cantor & Mike Rogers were hoping for a Mitt Romney win!

  1. Now, right wingers such as Howie Carr and Glenn Beck have been talking about how NBC has some secret emails they were going to expose after the election about Benghazi. Hmmmmmmm, why did NBC wait to expose them? Or are these Petraeus emails the ones NBC has? Or…..maybe NBC thought Romney might win and held them back for that reason because they wanted to drop a bombshell on him????? Don’t know!

  2. Not only is this Petraeus debacle a right-wing cover-up, but it appears the FBI is acting like the KGB! Apparently,they find it okay to hack into a civilian’s (Broadwell’s) email account, to hack into the CIA Director’s email account too, and they’re totally fine raiding Broadwell’s home!

    Who granted warrants in this case? My guess is another right winger!

    Thirty thousand emails from Gen. John Allen to Jill Kelley too???? Unfreakingbelievable!!!!!


    I still would like to know why Eric Cantor did not alert the House & Senate Intelligence Committee on the matter when he learned of it two weeks before the presidential election.

    I would also like to know why Joe Scarborough (a right winger) of MSNBC knew (he stated it this morning on his show) of this whole debacle a month ago?

    And how come Glenn Beck (a right winger also) said he had heard of this situation around the same time Eric Cantor (a right winger) was learning it?????

  3. “Generals Gone Wild” is positively the best new reality show on TV! Riveting entertainment – two thumbs up!

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