Poor Karl Rove….

Poor Karla! He still thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, but it turns out, we liberals have always been right about him: HE’S THE DULLEST STUPIDEST BULB!

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5 thoughts on “Poor Karl Rove….

  1. Sooo,

    according to the piece of human excrement …. KKKarl;

    even Gawd

    didn’t want willard as president???????


    Gawd ain’t pulling fer the reich wingers any more according to KKKarl

    PS Did you see how cheap R money really is?

  2. Somebody ought to tell right wingers it wasn’t anybody but republicans who suppressed the vote.

    Incredible …. R-money

    the supposed great business guy,

    buys an untested computer program

    from microsoft none the less,

    NEVER tests it properly

    doesn’t properly train the people

    who are supposed to work it,

    and has no freakin’ back up plan????

    Thank GAWD, Karma hell the freakin’ hindu gods and budda doing the freaky monkey that clown was never allowed any where near the white house.

    If he cannot run a campaign after 7 years of trying how in the hell did he think he could run a nation??????

    Outsource all of us to china?

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