Election Night 2012 is looking good so far!


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27 thoughts on “Woot!

  1. Fox News calls Indiana for Rep. Joe Donnelly

    Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) appears to have won the senate seat of Sen. Dick Lugar, defeating state treasurer Richard Mourdock.

    Mourdock’s campaign fell apart late last month after he claimed that pregnancies resulting from rape are “a gift from God.”

    akin’s next, thanks teatards for losing the senate a second time with your drooling right wing ignorance.

  2. akin’s a gonner;

    Claire McCaskill wins

    BTW projections are declaring Tammy Baldwin a winner over Tommy gut medicade and social security Thompson.

  3. Kay the fascist wingnuts all are getting a message,

    fuck off and die already.

    This is America NOT klukluxistan

  4. Last night I was at my county Dems office and was telling a few Dems there that I thought the reason why many Dems didn’t have their Obama signs/Dem signs out on their lawns is because they were going to be quiet this year, meaning: they sat back while the republicans made absolute asses out of themselves and then will punch the hell out of them when they get to the ballot box! I WAS RIGHT! LOL

    What a great strategy….

  5. I have two daughters and soon will have a granddaughter,

    tonight is looking good for their future;

    right wing drooling ideologues

    not so much.

  6. and they know it;

    On CNN, Candy Crowley says the Romney campaign has stopped answering calls and emails within the last hour.

  7. Traveling for most of this month all over China with 60 world travelers, nearly all being Aussies or Brits. Most seem happy that we re-elected President Obama. CNN International on my hotel TV here in Beijing has interviews from all over and seems most of the world is happy we didn’t get an “unknown” Romney who might bomb Iran and thinks Russia is the biggest “threat” to the world (instead of al Qaeda!).

    • I’m sure the world breathed a sigh of relief last night! :D The wingnuts are saying that because Obama was elected last night, the stock market plummeted today as a result. :roll: :roll: Investors see the right wing blocking for 4 years with them still being in charge of the US House! That’s why some investors sold off today. Who the hell has faith in a party to do the right thing when the party is so screwed up like the GOP is!

      • People around the world are not blaming Obama for a drop in the US stock market as the Japanese, Hong Kong, German, French, and British markets had already started dropping BEFORE the USA results were known. The reason for the one day blip is mostly due to problems in the Eurozone….Greece, Italy, and Spain on the brink of recession/depression. The US stock market often FOLLOWS what happens elsewhere. Oil took a big dip yesterday, too, which may mean gas at the pump dropping but of course the REICH will stay quiet about that. They only loved high gas prices when they thought it was going to hurt President Obama.

        • Grant, did you hear Jay Leno’s joke about the stock market dropping the day after President Obama won reelection? He said it’s because Rmoney withdrew all his money and said, “I’m out of here!”! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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