19 thoughts on “President Obama!!!! Reelected!!!!

  1. I congratulate you on your happiness Kay. I hope you’ll understand when I say “I told you so” when the bovine excrement hits the rotary air device as it is now bound to do.

  2. Watching the great news from my Beijing hotel room where we can get CNN. Traveling with 60 world travelers, nearly all either Aussies or from the UK, they expressed joy that President Obama was re-elected. They identify Romney as Bush/Cheney “warmed over” and don’t want anymore of the neocon crowd that helped ruin even their nation’s economies.

    • What a night!!!! I went to bed after midnight and then my body woke itself up to the sound of my president’s voice! He was giving his acceptance speech. I laid there and cried!!!!! I have not heard Rmoney’s speech yet.

  3. Where are all of the gloating TROLLS, Kay? They are probably putting on their camo, oiling their guns in order to march behind Donald Trump to physically take back the White House! Don’t like democracy then how about a little coup ‘d etat to force one’s will? I am glad President Obama won the popular vote by a couple of million and got a sure marjority in the Electoral College so we won’t have a brouhaha like in 2000 with the Supremes deciding the election.

    Maybe if Mitt had been a REAL person and not a hollow flip-flopper. If he had been more like his daddy, who was at least much more honest, he might have done better. With the big turnout by Hispanics, blacks, women, maybe the Republicans will learn you can’t win only by catering to pasty white male bigots. The voter suppression funny business may have back-fired on the Republicans, pissing off many to turn out to vote in defense of voting rights.

  4. Here’s what Vince of the Facebook page, The Pragmatic Progressive Page had to say this morning:

    It must be morning on the East Coast, because the trolls are out in force. Dear Romney voters…your guy lost. He lost big. The American people voted, and despite all the lies and attempts to stop the voting, the Democratic process put President Obama back in office.

    So as TRUE Patriots (as you claim to be) and TRUE lovers of the Constitution (which you love to shout) and REAL Christians (which you say you represent), it’s time to put on your big-boy pants and act like adults. Or, here’s a better idea…being hateful, fearful and ignorant seems to have not worked for you TWICE now in electing a leader, the smart thing to do is to sit back and perhaps ask yourself “I wonder what it is about Hate, Fear and Ignorance that is turning away the majority of America?” If you need help finding the answer…we’re here to help you. =)

    And be comforted in the fact that President Obama has made it clear he is willing to work with ‘your side’, something your side would never try to do, but that’s fine, our guy is evolved. That’s why he won. Think about it…if possible. – vince

    • Just read that 7 seats in the Texas Legislature flipped to Democrats, in part thanks to increase Latino and women vote participation. The racist misogynist “Party of Lincoln” in Texas is still in control but our state is expected to become a “swing state” in upcoming elections. Pasty OLD WHITE MEN are losing their grip! Nice to think that so many billionaires like the Koch Brothers (and Linda McMahon) wasted so much of their money. At least they “distributed” their billions to support workers in the media/print industries.

  5. Greatest comment from election night;

    Tweet from Alec Baldwin :

    You know your party is in trouble when people ask, “did the rape guy win”, and you have to ask, “which one?”

  6. Want to know the most interesting election result not being talked about?

    Puerto Rico wants to become the 51st state of the US

    Voters in Puerto Rico have supported a non-binding referendum to become a full US state.

    The measure will require approval from the US Congress, but President Barack Obama has said he will respect the vote.

    Well won’t that just fit well with Lush limpball’s Bill’o and InsaHANNITY’s world view?

    If voted in, 2 Senators, 5 US Representatives, 7 electoral votes.

    Likely all Democratic Party at least for now.

    If House votes “NO”, they #$%$ off Hispanics even more. See 2014 & 2016 & … as their numbers grow.

    If House votes “Yes”, D majority gets closer to a super majority in Senate,

    House gets much closer to 50:50 split and the 2016 R nominee has to win one more state to win the election.

    One that is not aligned with their anti-brown people attitude.

    One where “english” is NOT the official state language.

    Rock —– House Republicans —- Hard Place

    Interesting election.

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