Mitt Romney picked up paper plates one time in a football stadium!

Yesiree bobcats! Ole Mitty wants you to know that he’s the most amazing Hurricane Clean-Up Guy to ever live because one time when he was in high school, he picked up paper plates and styrofoam cups in a football stadium! See? Hurricane clean-up and picking up a football stadium: SAME KIND OF DAMAGE; SAME KIND OF MUSCLE POWER!


I’m telling ya people….I saw him struggling to pick up those grocery bags filled with canned goods he and his campaign bought the night before to pass out to their worshipers, so he could get his picture taken looking like he was helping out the victims of Hurricane Sandy! HE’S A MACHINE, PEOPLE! Besides, do you know how much muscle power you need to bag all those groceries back up and then bring them back to the store to get your money back??????? SOMEONE GET THIS MAN SOME MUSCLE RUB!


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12 thoughts on “Mitt Romney picked up paper plates one time in a football stadium!

  1. Simply Incredible ……

    He compares a football game at his exclusive 1%er high school to the extreme tragedy tans of millions went through this week.

    and totally ignores the tragedy by simply claiming clean up is picking up a little trash, NOT losing everything from a life time of hard labor, something he has NEVER done for a single day in his over pampered life.

    I have one question for the imbecile;

    How many dead bodies were laying in his lane??????

    How many mothers were searching for their children ripped from their arms in R-money’s lane?

    What a useless douche bag (unless you are Grover drown the goberment in a bathtub Norquist who knows R-money is an empty suit working for the 1% against the rest of us…….

    • I was just watching the video of the mother who had three sons but only has two now. OMG! Crying my eyeballs out!!!!! Every hurricane reeks such devastation. Hurricane Sandy is no different!!! :(

    • Suffering to Mitt Romney is losing value in his money! Gawd I hate that man more than beets and liver. If he’s chosen next week, America will be doomed. :evil:

      • Well, when Cheney had his hand up Bush’s ass, the republican propaganda network helped obfuscate the fact Bush Co traitors outed a NOC CIA agent in a time of war.

        Plus they are the only corporate owned subsidiarity we call the MSM owned By two foreigners, and Australian and a Saudi national, why would they remain patriotic, when their only true loyalty is to the tea-baggistan part of the GOPer corruption cult.

        • Don’t you love hearing the right wing ninnies spewing that Bush & Cheney outing a CIA agent during a time of war wasn’t a big deal? :lol: Hey wingnuts, what you’re forgetting is once Plame was uncovered SO WAS HER CIA-CREATED COMPANY SHE WORKED FOR CALLED BREWSTER-JENNINGS…………….WHO WAS IN IRAN WHEN THE TWO DUMBASSES AT THE HELM OF OUR COUNTRY REVEALED HER NAME & ASSOCIATION WITH THIS SPY COMPANY!

          We knew what Iran was doing with their nuclear program UNTIL the Bush Pigs exposed the whole thing! Now we’re just guessing and relying on Israel for the information! ugh.

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