Mitt Romney refused to answer one question about FEMA…

….but he did get upset with the number of questions the media said they asked of him! Yep, he refused to answer one time about his position on FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but when a person of the media yelled that 14 questions were asked of him and he had refused to answer them, it was only then that he responded! Yep, he questions that number (14)! See? He heard every question being asked of him. This is how he will be if he’s elected by the SCOTUS after Tuesday’s election: A REGIME WORST THAN BUSH & CHENEY’S!

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Here’s an interesting quote I found from August 2010 about Glenn Beck (a Mormon):

“He is a practicing Mormon and Utah LOVES, loves, loves him. He has become their National voice…their own Mormon superstar. They think he maybe just the man to fulfill the Mormon prophecy (that many believe) that a Mormon will rise up and save America and the Constitution, which is tattered and torn. Just watch how fast Beck with throw Palin under the bus in 2012 and support Mitt. Beck is just setting the stage.

People, and Christian’s, should pay attention. Beck’s sermon’s have a lot more to do with his attempt to return this country to what he believes is God’s desire………….A Mormon America.” ~ Femme on PolitucusUSA

I think this person is onto something! I truly believe Beck & Mitty (both Mormons of course) conspired the Benghazi, Libya attack and that’s why ole Mitty came out minutes after Sec. of State Hillary Clinton did her press conference when the Benghazi attack was breaking. It’s interesting that he had a prepared statement already done to do that press conference. No wonder he was smirking when he left the room that day! Fucking bastard!

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9 thoughts on “Mitt Romney refused to answer one question about FEMA…

    • No wonder why Mitt refuses to answer so many questions as Mormonism is one of the most secretive CULTS in the world. Only Mormons “in good standing” are privy to what happens inside of their temples. Ann Romney’s Episcopal parents and family were not allowed to enter the Salt Lake Temple to witness the wedding of their daughter.

      Mitt’s life appears to be “staged”….even his “relief tour” of yesterday that just happened to occur at the venue in Ohio where it had been scheduled way before Hurricane Sandy. The Romney campaign even went out the day before and bought $5000 worth of food to stage the event. Attendees were asked to take some food from the Romney campaign pile then turn around and give it back to the Romney campaign to give the illusion of “giving”. Mitt even got his hands dirty carrying a case or two of canned goods of HIS food to a truck. Just like Ryan washing CLEAN dishes for a photo-op at a soup kitchen, the “event” in Ohio was just as staged and phony.

      • Can you believe this guy named Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts??? He can’t even hold a real benefit for the victims of Hurricane Sandy! HE HAS TO BUY ALL THE CANNED GOODS SO HE CAN HAS HIS PICTURE TAKEN SHOWING THOSE DUMBASSES GIVING HIM CANNED GOODS TO “help out”! :lol: :lol: :lol: He’s spent his whole life using his and daddy’s money to buy himself an image that is not even close to who he really is: a heartless, hallow shell of a man!

  1. Come on now… Say it with me… President Romney.

    Sounds good doesn’t it? It sounds like a nation beginning to recover and heal. Get used to saying President Romney because he will not lose.

    • LOL You mean the recovery President Obama has orchestrated over the last 4 years? You betcha! If Romney is selected by the SCOTUS to win, our nation will go backwards which will be great for you Neanderthals! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. After a couple of days REFUSING to answer reporters if he still wants to shut down FEMA if he would become president (like he said he wanted to do in the primaries when he wanted to APPEAR to be severely conservative). NOW, today he FLIP-FLOPS to go after moderate Independents by reversing himself, and NOW FAVORS FULL FUNDING OF FEMA!!!

    No wonder Ted Kennedy used to call him “Multiple Choice” Mitt! With him you can check answers, “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” and depending on the day, each can be correct.

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