Mitt Romney’s best buddy (also a Mormon) charged with 25 counts of seriel-rape has now committed suicide….

He committed suicide? Or was he killed by the Rmoney Campaign to keep their lovely friendship a secret?

From the link above (via DailyKos):

Peterson has billed himself online as a “close personal friend of the Romney family,” and posted video on Youtube of Romney speaking at a 2007 fundraiser at Romney’s home in Deer Valley. He contributed $2,300 to the Romney campaign that year. In addition, he posted several photos of himself and Romney on his Facebook page.

But Chaffetz, who said he has been at most of the Romney events in Utah over the last few years, said he never saw Peterson at any of them. “I seriously doubt” he is close with the Romneys, Chaffetz said. Peterson did attend a national call day in Las Vegas, where supporters were invited to come and make phone calls for the Romney campaign, Chaffetz said.

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6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s best buddy (also a Mormon) charged with 25 counts of seriel-rape has now committed suicide….

  1. Also friends with right wing serial rapist, Greg Peterson, is Mitt Romney AND Jason Chaffetz!

    Jason Chaffetz? He’s mentioned in this Issa DOCUMENT DUMP ARTICLE:


    Something very incestuous is going on with this bunch of right wingers! I still believe the AMerican right wing is behind the Benghazi, Libya attack to set the Obama Admin up!

  2. You can bet that if Richard Mourdock had a 13 year old daughter RAPED, he would not FORCE her into 9 months of sometimes illness, take a chance on her dying in labor, in order to preserve life….especially if the rapist were brown/black skinned.

    However, as a member of the American TALIBAN he wants to impose his religious views on everyone else. What next, murdering pregnant daughters for bringing “dishonor” to their families, shooting young girls in the head only because they wish to go to school?

    • Republicans have highly developed the “art” of telling LIES. As a Republican voter until age 33, I am so glad I left that party 40 years ago or as I like to say, “the party left me!” Most of today’s Republicans dishonor the party’s founder by still calling the G.O.P. (aint’ GRAND anymore, either) the “Party of Lincoln” since it has also gone most racist.

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