Mitt Romney is behind the Benghazi, Libya attack

Something stinks and it’s Mitt Romney! Remember that secret video where ole Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts talks down about the 47% of Americans? Well, the secret video was a lot longer than just that part, of course, and on it ole Mitty is asked by a British man about an Iran-Contra-hostage-like attack and ole Mitty said he would use any kind of conspiracy to his advantage to get elected!

Here’s the secret tape:

He would love to duplicate “that scenario” which means he loved what Reagan did with the Iranian hostage situation when Carter was running for reelection!

I’m telling you….Glenn Beck is somehow involved in the Benghazi, Libya attack too. He wants Mitty to win because he’s a Mormon too and would love nothing more than to have Rmoney in the White House! I did this post recently where I’m making this point and I had no idea Mitty was on audio stating that he would love to have the chance to reap the awards of a right wing conspiracy to help him get to the White House! Wowzer.

Where’s the liberal media on this one?????


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3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney is behind the Benghazi, Libya attack

  1. Just like the 1998 PNAC report the neocons in the George W. Bush administration were behind, that posited that in order to invade Iraq, to get the American people behind them, that our nation might need another “Pearl Harbor”. Then, surprise, surprise, we got 9/11/01 attacks and of course from the get go, it was blamed falsely on Iraq, not Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

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