[AUDIO]: Mitt Romney telling businesses to scare their employees into voting for him….

Start listening at the 24:00 mark to get the full effect and to hear him telling businesses that they have a right to tell their employees that they’ll suffer consequences if they don’t vote for Romney.

We’ve heard the Wall Street Candidate’s buddies doing this:

The Koch Brothers are using intimidation and so are David Siegel and Arthur Allen.

This intimidation is no different than how Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts intimidates his female Chinese workers by saying: “If you don’t stop bitching about the pay and the fact you can’t see your family until you’ve finished your work for me, I WILL FIRE YOU!”.


The Wall Street Candidate keeps showing us his true colors! Voting for him means you want a fascist dictatorship of our America!

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10 thoughts on “[AUDIO]: Mitt Romney telling businesses to scare their employees into voting for him….

    • Oh really? You’ve been unemployed for 4 years now? LIAR! Mitty will let you keep your job but he will agree with the company that you should be only making .50cents/hr with no benefits so the company can see a good bottom line!

    • Yo dippy shi-ite, tell that lie to the people who work for GM, Chrysler, their suppliers, dealers, and local small businesses who make money from all those workers.

      Damn son, pull yer head outa yer ass and see reality for a while.

        • The trolls don’t READ anything credible. It’s less work to just LISTEN to Faux News and right-wing hate radio jocks. Employment has risen for 31 straight months, car sales, housing starts just keep getting better. But the REICH is cheering for FAILURE of Americans in hope they can ruin our black president’s quest for re-election.

  1. What a bully does, make people vote for you or you hold them down and “cut off their hair”. :twisted: Now Tagg Romney is so mad at President Obama that he wants to punch him out!


    Ann Romney was on “The View” today (Mitt refused to take “the risk” and sit with those “sharp-tongued” wimmen according to his statements). Ann says her husband and sons never have served in the military but they ALL did their required Mormon “missions” saying that LIKE THE MILITARY, they learned to “serve” and “give back”. Yes, I am sure the Romney boys feared all those IED’s and bullets parting their gorgeous hair every day. BTW, here are the dangerous places the Romney boys “served” the Mormon church.

    Tagg “Fist City” Romney served in Bordeaux, France.
    Matt Romney served in Paris France (just like his Daddy).
    Josh Romney served in Leeds, England.
    Ben Romney served in Australia.
    Craig Romney served in Santiago, Chile.

    Living in Utah in 1974 building condos in Park City, I had some “Jack Mormons” working for me (name for outcasts from the Temple for drinking/drugging/forbidden sex acts and worse….not giving 10% of their income to the church). They would remark that WHERE a young Mormon serves a mission often has to do with the wealth of parents since the Mormon church doesn’t like parting much with its vast wealth. Instead the church asks each young Mormon missionary to pay his own way (the reason they often ride bikes to save on owning a car in many instances). Poor Mormons often just serve close to their home communities where they can get by more cheaply, but the richer the parents, the farther away they may send their child. Maybe a bit of one-up-man-ship for families where they might get bragging rights for being able to afford to send a son to a faraway, exotic place.

    In the two years Mitt was in Paris (while so many of his peers were dying in the Vietnam War), according to Mitt in his autobiography, he became demoralized unable to convert the French (maybe two converts in 30 months) but his father sent him a letter, “Despair not, but if you despair, work on in your despair.” Seems the Catholic French didn’t like a Mormon kid telling them they had to give up wine, smoking, and oral sex!

    • OMG, she really said that because they served as “missionaries” it was no different than serving in the military? Wow! These Wall Streeters will lie and deceive at the drop of a hat! :shock:

  2. Okay,this will probably sound crazy,but does anyone remember that fairly old movie The Dead Zone with Martin Sheen starring as a candidate running for president?I swear,sometimes when I have watched Mitt Romney speaking on t.v.,I have an awful feeling run through me and Martin Sheen’s character he played in the movie flashes before my eyes.Eerie.

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