Joe Biden used his smile like a cannon in last night’s Vice Presidential debate!

It’s hilarious this morning reading all the right winger’s responses to Vice President Joe Biden’s smiling in last night’s debate. Here’s some examples…

“Vice President Biden’s mom and dad taught him many things–but not manners.” ~ Rich Lowry, National Review & Fox News Contributor

“I think Ryan’s demeanor will play better at home than a rather manic and angry sounding Joe Biden who by the end was yelling and smiling at everybody.” ~ Erick Erickson, Redstate (really Erick? Biden was YELLING??????? What!)

“Completely rude and disrespectful behavior by an elder statesman. Laughing and smirking and interrupting. What a disgusting but perfect display of true liberalism.” ~ Jack Black over on Michelle Malkin’s site

Biden was not smiling because he thought all the topics were hilarious. He was smiling because he was sitting next to a young up-and-coming right wing liar who like Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts, is pathological in the Lying Department! Biden’s smiling was his way of saying he’s not about to take these lies sitting down. His smile was like a cannon last night! Lyin Ryan knows it too.

Joe Biden was fierce with the facts last night. I loved how he pointed out to everyone that Lyin Ryan has also asked for some of Obama’s stimulus money in the past. In fact, many of the republicans who voted against Obama’s stimulus package also PROUDLY participated in many yellow-ribbon-cuttings in their state that were funded by Obama’s stimulus money! Too funny.

It’s obvious to me Lyin Ryan knows nothing about Iran and is used to just spewing the right wing scare tactics and talking points on the subject. Biden creamed him with facts last night. Was great to watch!

What was your take?

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17 thoughts on “Joe Biden used his smile like a cannon in last night’s Vice Presidential debate!

  1. Biden’s grin was akin to holding someone’s forehead while they try to hit you!

    Loved it.

    Did Lyin Ryan give us detailed plans on what he and Mutty want to do with Medicare & Social Security? Nope! It’s still a secret! They want you to elect them to office to find out! SCARY!

  2. Who wants to bet that the visceral reaction the right wing is having this morning to Biden’s smiling is because in their own childhood, their father would smile at them when they were lying or screwing up?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. I liked that Biden included Ryan as ONE of the Congressional Republicans who VOTED TO DENY increasing several hundred of millions for the SECURITY of our hundreds of consulates around the world. The REICH is saying that the President and Biden “should have known” that two persons asked an UNDER-secretary in the State Department for more security. Does the White House know what is going in all of our hundreds of embassies and consulates around the world? It’s not like there is anything else on their plate. Biden knows more than he can tell because unlike Ryan who can throw out accusations, true or false, Biden is restricted using CLASSIFIED information and Benghazi is still under investigation.

    • Remember how Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts was yelling, belligerent and being disrespectful of President Obama and how he interrupted Obama and Lehrer every other second? Well, funny how the right wing has forgotten! Today they’re saying Uncle Joe was disrespectful! HILARIOUS! :lol: :lol: :lol:

      What a bunch of whiny ass titty babies the right wing is!

  4. The smiling was just fine. The manic Jack Nicolson in the Shining routine was a bit unnerving though.

    I certainly hope that when Joe is let into the Oval Office, like when he’s called to take BO (the dog not the President) out for a walk, that they keep the “nuclear button” secured until he leaves.

    Can you imagine?

    • For 8 years, Americans didn’t sleep a wink because Dick Cheney was a failed-heartbeat away from being president of this country! It was bad enough that George Wingnut Bush was running it! Can you imagine how calm the American people feel today knowing Joe Biden with a good decent heart is a strong heartbeat from the Oval Office? I, for one, am so relieved!

      A Romney/Ryan ticket in the Oval Office would be like Wall Street running the entire country on behalf of al-Qaeda! :shock:

    • Who wants sybil on steroids Willard any where near the oval office, he cannot figure out who he is and what he wants to do except for steal more from people who actually W-O-R-K for a living,

      let alone let Lyin’ Ryan close to anyth8ing like the nuclear button.

      Clowns like these two AND you are the real reason the country has declining ever since the right wing has tried to starve the beast to give more to the uber rich the vast majority who do no actual physical work, just figure out more elaborate schemes to defraud the working public and middle class and then buy right wing politicos to front for them for sto-opid sheeple like you to brown nose follow.

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