Check out Romney’s slight-of-hand the other night at the debate…

Two strategies were happening the other night:

1. Mitt Romney would sneak in notes to go after the President with (the rules of the night stated no signs, props, notes, etc).

2. President Obama would remain calm to emphasize the lunacy of Mitt Romney.

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7 thoughts on “Check out Romney’s slight-of-hand the other night at the debate…

  1. What is so interesting about this is after the debate was over and Mitty was on stage with his family, he went back to the podium a couple of times to make sure he had taken all his papers! Too funny.

    He cheated Bain Capital companies, he’s cheating on his taxes, and he will cheat in front of the American people. :shock:

  2. The more calm President Obama was….the more belligerent Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts got! I kind of like this strategy. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Remember the “bulge” under George W. Bush’s suit coat on his back during a debate? There were charges after his first debate with Sen. John Kerry that he had a radio transmitter on his back to send answers to a hearing aid hidden in his ear. The REICH was outraged that anyone would accuse Dubya not being smart enough to answer questions.

    And of course Sarah Palin once had notes written on her hand. The REICH has been laughing at President Obama for “losing” this debate because he didn’t have a teleprompter. So, did Mitt have “prompts”? Certainly, not HONEST Mitt! Honest Abe Lincoln he ain’t. But with its steady march into racism, the Republican Party ain’t the “Party of Lincoln” anymore, either.

  4. Romney Cheated????

    say it ain’t so;

    He will of course but we all know R-money lies alot.

    Like all right wingers do.

  5. I posted this on Facebook and got a comment, that it was not a cheat sheet, but a handkerchief. The person told me that Mitt doesn’t need a cheat sheet as he “just makes stuff up” anyway. :roll:

  6. I do agree a bit with your #2. With 27 fact-checked LIES coming at the President like machine gun fire, I do think he may have been taken aback wondering which LIES to confront. Plus, he knew what the latest incarnation of Mitt had been saying on the campaign trails but wasn’t prepared for the NEW LIES.

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