So what did you think of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney?

President Obama could have been more energetic, but his responses were terrific to what Romney was saying all night. When Romney kept repeating the “$716 billion” meme, President Obama explained how the “cuts” strengthened Medicare and were supported by AARP. Romney couldn’t refute that fact!

We did learn that Romney can lie with gusto! He laid out the same ole tired right wing talking points.

President Obama needs to hammer him next time. He needs to make points using Bain Capital, using the 47% meme, and he needs to make sure he doesn’t allow Romney to lie again without being corrected!

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8 thoughts on “So what did you think of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney?

  1. “Facts matter & Mitt Romney is unwilling to give them to the American people. CNN’s David Gergen: “Romney was just sort of flat out lying”" (found on Twitter)

    Yes he was lying, but he did it with gusto, so that made you think he was telling the truth and is strong. The bully on the playground believes the same thing….

    • I did think there was some “Etch-a-Sketching” going on, with Romney embracing his own Romneycare which usually sends the teabaggers off a cliff. However, Romney can go left, now, but the teatards will still vote for the WHITE man.

      Romney, being unemployed, running for six years, has had many weeks/hours in “debate camp” whereas the President has been having to run a nation and campaign at the same time. One sign of “prep” was that Romney had “points” and was full of “first”, “second”, “third”, etc. The President seemed unprepared, even tired. I know a Mormon can’t take caffeine or might go to hell, it did seem that Romney was on something.

      The President needs to bring his “A-game” in the next two debates or else Romney will win (if not by outright the fraud of voter suppression). With the short memories of the American voter, at least the next two will be closer to the election.

      Romney could have bombed and yet the wingers at Fox and Rush would have said it was a great show. At least liberals will face the truth. Folks all over MSNBC, Bill Maher, etc. were most upset. I am upset. Yet, I don’t want a president who will kill BIG BIRD…like the few million going to PBS/NPR is bird feed compared to the big budgets.

  2. We still do not have specifics from Romney. The debate confirmed for me that Romney has not shown leadership and telling the truth. The President knows what he is doing, just like a cat, play & have fun with the mouse, but later go in for the kill.

  3. The “liberal” media like the alleged MSNBC is falling all over itself putting on REICH-wing guests today gloating over their “victory” in Denver. Andrea Mitchell seems to love having on her show John Sununu who repeatedly talks over her, pushes his talking points as if it is HIS show, and especially is condescending to her. Is it for ratings? Maybe it is Sununu’s outrageous remarks like “Barack Obama needs to learn how to be an American”. Today, Sununu said that Obama’s performance last night didn’t surprise him as the President is “LAZY and INCOMPETENT”. When Andrea asked him if really meant to call our President “LAZY”, Sununu didn’t back down and repeated over again that Obama is “LAZY and disengaged”. You do know he is a black man, don’t you??? Would a WHITE president be subject to so many racist remarks?

    Why does MSNBC have on such radicals as guests? For sure Fox News rarely gives a real liberal any voice unless you call Juan Williams and Alan Colmes “liberals.

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