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  1. He’s the son of a wealthy man who is wealthy now and who dreamed of never being part of Hard Working America! He’s spent countless years moving his money around, finding the loopholes, and doing everything in his power to not have to pay taxes to the country he says he loves. He never used his own money to drive the companies into the ground that Bain dealt with. Rmoney was superior in WARPED CAPITALISM!

  2. Ann Romney told Jay Leno that Mitt is “cheap”, so cheap that when they leave the house for a few days, he’d turn off the hot water heater. Then when they would return, awaiting for the water to reheat, everyone had to take cold showers. So he is really obsessed about money.

    • Sounds like a fake story, unless they heard by talking to the “poor people” on Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire that when they go back to their winter homes in another state, they have to turn everything off! If this is true (he does actually turn off the water heater when they’re gone from one of their many homes for a few days), then the man needs mental help!

    • Hi Bozo, Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts gave $4 million ONLY to the Mormon Church. That’s not considered charity to most people in this country! He couldn’t give directly to a soup kitchen? He gave his “charity” to the church he belongs to who hate the gays? :lol:

      You would think he wouldn’t want to help anyone with his millions because he sees them as the moochers of the 47% of this country who don’t deserve even food or shelter. He says they’re victims because they choose the Standard Deduction on their taxes. Anyway, he gives to his Cult Charity in the hopes he can be the Dear Leader of it someday! What a wacko….

      I bet you don’t even earn a paycheck, let alone, help your friends & family who are in need!

      • A MORMON must give 10% of their income each year to the church to remain in good standing. So the Romney’s aren’t exactly making their “charitable” contributions because they want to, especially when even Ann told Jay Leno that Mitt is “cheap”…IOW, loves the almighty dollar!

        Every Mormon Temple around the world has a high fence around it and a guard house at the gate. In order to gain entrance to a Temple where valid baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc. must take place, a Mormon must present a “Temple Recommend” signed by his Bishop and Stake President (“stake” is what a Mormon calls similar to a diocese). These “clergy” determine a Mormon’s personal “worthiness.” Since Temples are only built in major cities scattered over the world, Mormons attend most services in their local “ward” (church building) where they sing, hear sermons, scripture from Holy Bible PLUS the Book of Mormon. But the required sacraments can only be received by traveling (sometimes a great distance) to a Temple.

        To pass the test to enter a Temple, the Mormon “in good standing” must be a full tithe (10%) payer; eschew all alcohol, nicotine (smoking/using tobacco) and illicit drugs (latter listed by the Mormon church) including caffeine, so a good Mormon can’t have partaken of many chocolates, colas, coffee or tea; they must not possess any “anti-Mormon” literature (like the Jehovah Witness Watchman Expositor); if the Mormon has already “received his/her endowments,” (like baptism and essential rituals) then the authorized Mormon Temple undergarments much constantly be worn. A righteous Mormon must live a “life of chastity” observing sexual ordinances that condemn masturbation, fornication, adultery, and homosexuality. Those who successfully comply with these and a host of other questions, receive the coveted “temple recommend,” a card which certifies their worthiness and allows them entrance pass the guard house into a Mormon Temple.

        A non-Mormon “gentile” can NOT enter a Mormon Temple. Ann Romney’s parents and family members, being Episcopalians, were not allowed to attend Ann’s marriage ceremony in the Salt Lake City Temple. Only Romney family members and Mitt’s Mormon friends were allowed at the wedding.

        My brother had a Mormon bishop for a neighbor in Houston and when a Temple was built here, he was invited to an “Open House” at the just completed Temple where non-Mormons could tour the new building (the latter are called “gentiles” because Mormons think they are the lost tribe of the Jews). After the Open House, before the Temple could be consecrated and thus SEALED forever from everyone except Mormons in good standing, the church removed thousands of square feet of new carpet and replaced it. You see, the “unholy dirty feet” of the gentiles at the Open House had corrupted the first carpet that was laid!!

        As a contractor, I have built custom homes for Mormons which always included a giant pantry room as Mormons must always keep a year’s supply of food in storage. Some of the food comes from Mormon warehouses and possibly is processed in Mormon factories. I will admit that Mormon peanut butter is the best. :D I have been given a few tins of it and there is a layer of peanut oil on top which stirred into the butter makes it delicious.

        I worked in Utah in 1974 building ski condos in Park City. The economy was doing poorly that year (under Nixon) all over the nation except in Utah where the Mormon Church seems to own everything, like the Deseret Savings and Loan, the Zions National Bank. Utah Mormons have an economy often divorced from the U.S. economy because the immense church treasure is kept in large part in their church-owned banking institutions. The Mormon Church also owned the biggest chain of department stores in Utah, ZCMI (Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution) which after more than a century (founded by Brigham Young) was sold to May Company this past decade and which have been renamed now as Macy’s. The major newspaper in Utah is the Mormon-owned Deseret News.

        In Utah, Mormons seem to run everything even though the percentage of their population has fallen to 62%, especially with an influx of Catholic Mexicans but Mormons are working hard to convert them, too. The Church is most wealthy due to it TITHE requirement. Also, young Mormon males must do two years of missionary work around the world PAID FOR not by the church as much as by the missionary’s own family and friends. So the church gets wealthier by growing but also by not paying for this important missionary work. I was told that WHERE a young man does his mission is a bit of “one-upmanship” with poorer Mormons often having to “work” close to home, remaining in the USA/Canada/Mexico mission assignments. However, wealthy Mormons might send their sons to more expensive, exotic places like Rio, Tokyo, or like Mitt Romney being sent to Paris, France.

        Other church denominations often “recommend” tithing, but the Mormon Church DEMANDS it. The Church has grown to over six million members in part due not only to door-to-door proselytizing, but also by prohibiting birth control, thus growing the church promoting big families.

        When I was a contractor in Utah, had several “Jack Mormons” working in my crews. They had been shunned, kicked out of the Mormon Church. I liked them as they worked hard, played hard, and could drink one under the table after work! I also learned much about Mormon history from them, especially the craziness of the cult from which they had been banned.

        • Total schizzel. You make it out like Mitt has no choice but to pay. Unlike government the church cannot force him to remain or demand a huge exit tax. He is free to leave on his own terms if he were to so desire.

          If Mitt Romney wasn’t a charitable person he would quit the church and keep his money. Mitt Romney is a VERY charitable person.

          And what of “Jack Mormons who could drink one under the table after work.” Is that something to which we should all aspire!?

          • Mitty doesn’t want to leave his cult. That’s why he’s paying his dividends to it in the hopes he gets the biggest planet out there in the universe after he’s dead. He’s only charitable to his own future. He could care less of the 47% of this country. All he truly cares about is the top 2% and those who say nice things about him at his cult.

            Mormons are scary in belief, in how they make everyone a Mormon after death no matter what that person’s belief is, and they only care about their own well-being!

          • My “Jack Mormon” workmen were REAL people. They were not alcoholics but did know how to let their hair down and have fun. They were RESPONSIBLE (like didn’t drink and drive) and were always there on Monday morning to put in a heavy week of hard construction work. Unlike Mitt…the spoiled rich kid, these guys had callouses on their hands. Of course if Mitt COULD drink, wouldn’t it be boring to be in his company listening to him telling us how great he is? Give me a REAL person over a boring plastic hollow man, anytime.

            Mitt’s grandfather and great grandfather moved to Mexico so they could break U.S. law and have up to five wives at one time. There still a whole branch of Mitt Romney’s family living south of the border, like his second cousin Leighton Romney, and about 40 other relatives descended from religious polygamist Mormon pioneers who first traveled to Mexico 125 years ago. These days, the Romneys of Mexico live in two remaining settlements: Colonia Juarez and Colonia Dublan, 175 miles south of the border.

            BTW, if George Romney was not yet naturalized before Mitt was born, then would Mitt be a legal resident of the United States? Of course Mitt was born on American soil just like Barack Obama and that should settle it. But IF I was a “birther”!!! :evil: George claimed to be a citizen because his parents were Americans living in Mexico, but since they left Utah BEFORE it became a state, technically were they “Americans”?


            • To say “Mitt’s grandfather and great grandfather moved to Mexico so they could break U.S. law…” is just plain silly. U.S. law applies in the U.S. & Mexican law applies in Mexico. If they were in Mexico they were not violating U.S. laws.

              And what is the obsession with judging one candidate by his father but not the other. I can just imagine the outrage if this were a two way street. OMG! His father is a foreigner and a Muslim. OMG!

              And you know that baptism thing? Why would I care? My body is nothing more than a vessel and after I die I couldn’t care less what happens to it. Bury it, burn it, baptize it, curse it, dissolve it, whatever… After I leave it my body is nothing but left over waste material. I’m especially curious why anyone who claims to be an atheist would care at all about some loony baptizing them after they are gone. If there is no god how could it possibly matter?

              • We can do whatever we want to to your dead body? Cool!!!!! As an atheist, I WOULD LIKE TO STAY THAT WAY AFTER I DIE. Get it moron! Probably not. We can’t even rub two sticks together to get those synapses to fire!

                Does Mitty have dual citizenship because his father never relinquished his Mexican citizenry?

              • Before Utah could be admitted to the Union as a STATE, the Mormons who at the time were about the only people living in that territory, Utah was required to abolish polygamy. So the Quorum of Twelve Apostles (the Mormon supreme authority who act like the Pope in that they can change anything) only then made polygamy illegal. Some Mormons, in order to skirt the new Utah law, moved to the Arizona territory and some on to Mexico where there were no laws against polygamy. Romney’s ancestors didn’t break U.S. law as they moved to Mexico just before statehood to AVOID it. IOW, the Romneys then believed that marriage was between ONE man, and a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman….. Mitt’s great grandfather was able to keep his five wives in Mexico. George Romney left Mexico with his monogamous father and mother during the Pancho Villa Revolution. Since George’s parents were not U.S. citizens and George was born in Mexico, there were questions when he ran for U.S. President in 1968 if he was “natural born” which was briefly discussed in the U.S. Congress.

                In Googling, never have been able to find IF George W. Romney was ever naturalized or if so, when. If he had not been naturalized before Mitt’s birth, Mitt would still be a U.S. citizen because he was born on U.S. soil, the same as Barack Obama except Barack had at least a parent who was a citizen. In 1968, even though the U.S. Congress had Democratic majorities in BOTH houses, the discussion of George Romney’s eligibility to run for president hardly made a blip. But then George was a white multi-millionaire.


                So unlike the years now of continued speculation by the loud-mouthed birthers still contesting Barack Obama’s U.S. birthright, even trying recently to keep him off ballots in Kansas and Arizona!

  3. Some of the rich don’t think they need to bother with serving our nation. No Romney for four generations now has ever served in the U.S. military. Mitt bragged that his 5 able-bodied sons in a way are “serving” their nation by working hard to get their Daddy elected president. Serving WHOM????

    Mitt isn’t even an “Economic Patriot” by hiding his money overseas so none of it will be taxed to support our active military, even worse….our veterans, many of them suffering from severe burns, amputations and the mental trauma of battle.

    • His daddy was born in Mexico. *slapping my hand over my mouth* They’re really not loyal to America, Grant! That’s why Mitty has his bazillions offshore vacationing in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland!

    • By the way, Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts is hoping to kill, burn, amputate, and cause more mental trauma on our soldiers because he’s promising ole Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel he will get his illegal war with Iran! Sound familiar? It should. George Bush did the same thing for Israel when he illegally invaded Iraq after sending Colin Powell to the UN Council to use cartoon pictures (just like Bibi did with his ACME-looking picture of a bomb the other day at the UN!) to lie our nation into that illegal war!

    • J. Willard Marriott is also a big shot in the Mormon church hierarchy, a member of the North America Northeast Area of the Quorum of Seventy which serve the highest hierarchy, The Quorum of Twelve. Note, they are all MALE.



      I guess this is kind of like the Mormon “College of Cardinals”!!!

      So Mitt will throw money towards a fellow cultist like “Willard” Marriott. Would a President Romney steer government contracts to Mormon-owned companies?

      BTW, if you ever stay in a Marriott Hotel, in your night stand will be a copy of the Book of Mormon….you know that phony text that says that Jesus didn’t actually ascend into heaven soon after his crucifixion in Jerusalem, but INSTEAD traveled (like Superman?) to upstate New York to preach to Native Americans. Funny how the New York tribes don’t have any legends that a Jewish “God” once lived among them, preached to them, nor baptized any of them.

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